Other TG Comic Book "Heroines"

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Captain America
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Captain America and Paladin
Captain America #390-391

Depending on how charitable you're feeling, this one either gets an honorable mention, or "biggest letdown after a great lead-in." After being captured by the arch-villainess Superia, Captain America and his ally Paladin are subjected to the "feminization treatment" to transform them into women. Unfortunately, they're saved before things get interesting. However, as a consolation prize of sorts, we do get to see them crossdress a little (although you'd have a tough time telling).

This one is still a personal favorite, if only for the great setup. Obviously it would have been better to see them transformed, but it still raises an interesting question: Cap and Paladin clearly weren't the first ones to get the "feminization treatment"...how many guys do you suppose went before they did?

Woman with short blonde hair in tattered clothes
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Exposure #1

After a vampire savagely attacks a convent, the police arrive to try to put together what happened. However, one of the survivors is not all that she appears.

Female cheetah-like creature with a man's head
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"Abraxas and the Earthman"
EPIC Magazine, April 1983
Submitted by Columbine

Okay, here's a weird one for you. Columbine brought this to my attention after pointing out this particular story had a race of mantis-like surgeons called the Xlexu who were almost certainly the inspiration for the Xixchil that were mentioned in the last update. This story also a bizarre TG element. (Thanks again to Columbine for providing the scans, as well as the much-needed context.)

In this story, two humans�Falco and Isaac�have been captured by a race of aliens who sail through space in ships like gigantic baobab trees, hunting whales (which also swim around in space). The nasty leader of the sailors, Rotwang, has a Captain Ahab-like vendetta against Abraxas, an enormous, old, cunning red whale. He wants the humans because the Xlexu can hook up the two halves of their brains in tandem to put them in a sort of visionary state, where they can detect the presence and location of the whale herd.

Falco has been decapitated, and the Xlexu have kept his head alive. He goes through most of the story as a talking, disembodied head. He and Sphinx, who you'll see in the first scan, have formed a strange sort of romance. Just before the first scan, Rotwang has sworn on the Eye of Truth (he had to cut one of his eyes out for the oath) that he will get Falco a new body if Falco helps him against Abraxas. However, even with the Eye of Truth, we soon learn that Rotwang can be trusted to be an utter bastard. Not to worry, though�in this story death is not forever, and Falco and Sphinx eventually live happily ever after.

Naked brunette woman holding up a sheet


(The images for the lovely Jake/Jackie Gavin, a.k.a. Courier, have been moved to her own page.)

Woman in bed covered with a sheet
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Jacob Shaw
X-Men: The Hellfire Club #3

In this flashback story set in 1915, we learn about Jacob Shaw, one of the ancestors of the Hellfire Club's Sebastian Shaw. Cunning and devious, Jacob enlists the aid of Mr. Sinister to usurp his brother Esau, who has just been offered membership in the Club's Inner Circle. Mr. Sinister injects Jacob with a syringe, and we see that he has been given the power to change his form. Jacob then kills his brother and takes his place. Here, we see Jacob "getting close" to another member, Waltham Pierce.

Woman looking at her body in surprise
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Wetworks #28, 41

Here we have a couple of images featuring Jester, the shapeshifting member of the Wetworks team. In the first image, we see him living up to his name as he plays around with one of his teammates. In the other image, Jester learns that it takes more than just appearance to impersonate someone.

Woman in a plaid shirt and jeans
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Wolverine #113-114

In this story, Wolverine's old teacher Ogun returns as a spirit with the ability to possess people's bodies. Apparently Ogun has a weakness for the ladies, since he first possesses the X-Men's Jean Grey, and then Wolverine's employer and friend, Helen Bach. Finally, he takes over the form of Lady Deathstrike before escaping.

Woman dressed in Grecian headband


One of the former incarnations of the heroine Promethea was really a man in her secret identity. Since this character has made a number of appearances in the book, these images have been moved to a separate page that features Promethea.

Redheaded woman wearing a suit


The images for Roger, a supporting character in the Promethea book, have also been moved to the Promethea page.

Man's head on a woman's body
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Boris the Bear, #11

Here we see the evil Noloss in clever disguise as the Iron Maiden. However, the disguise doesn't seem to fool our hero.

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