Modified Images

Here are a bunch of images which I've modified to give them a TG spin. Usually this consists of either modifying an existing image, changing a caption on a comic, or adding a new caption to an image. Suffice to say that these are an outlet for my creative side. <grin>

Damsel in DistressIn the "credit where credit is due" department, I'd like to give thanks to Bethanne Dawson for coming up with my original inspiration for my doing these. Her "Sir Timothy" image caught my imagination because it was a great TG image, but on the surface it was just a picture of a maiden talking to a dragon--it was the caption that sold it. It apparently made its way into an Empathy Press cartoon, where it was noticed by both Robin Douglas and Sapphire. From there, the image was colorized and cleaned and was eventually put on Sapphire's web page, which is where I first saw it. (Suffice to say, this appears to have been a team effort...this little image has seen more hands than a palm reader.)

I'd also like to give credit to Fictionmania which brought the concept of the "captioned TG image" into full bloom, and to Robo for taking it even further on his site.

So, enough with the history lesson. On with the pictures!

Comic and Magazine Covers
Comic and magazine covers that have been graphically modified.

Captioned Pictures
Pictures with TG captions added. Fun and easy!

Re-captioned Comics
Comics with modified captions.

Graphically modified advertisements for TG products I'd like to see.

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