Pictures With TG Captions

Pictures and images which have had a TG caption added to them.

  1. Men at work?
  2. We need a distraction...
  3. Some things magic can't change
  4. Combining your interests is a good thing
  5. Another victim of the Medallion of Zulo
  6. The Medallion has a new owner
  7. Quick! Click this link and then look down! (Trust me.)
  8. Putting right the thong panties that once went wrong
  9. Genie with a hearing problem or a twisted sense of humor? You be the judge...
  10. In the future, practical jokes will get more entertaining
  11. Losing his penis was nothing next to losing the Nintendo
  12. A couple of mechanics get some body work done
  13. I wonder what kind of batteries that remote takes...
  14. The ancient Egyptian gods knew how to get the girls
  15. Dr. Jekyll has another go at it
  16. Well, how much bigger were you hoping to be?
  17. They're a darn sight more angelic, that's for sure
  18. That's gratitude for you
  19. They grow up so fast, don't they?
  20. This is what happens when your e-mail gets out of control
  21. Well, if the spirit moves you...
  22. "There's Something About Kirk." Hmm... Naaah. <Grin>
  23. And when you say the magic word, your skirt falls down
  24. More quality programming from WIZ-TV
  25. They didn't mention that in the travel brochure
  26. Hey, if it makes you look that good, I'd certainly wear one
  27. This is how they coined the phrase "royal pain in the butt"
  28. Next time, just sign a check for the United Way
  29. June Cleaver never looked like this (And check out the job requirements!)
  30. And what's worse, she took away his castanets
  31. Oh, sure she looks hot...
  32. Take a picture and see what develops
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