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Jenny's Other TG Site
Yes, this gets top billing...I'm allowed to play favorites when it comes to shameless self-promotion. <grin>
Site Description
The Mantraverse Devoted exclusively to the TG comic heroine Mantra, the first TG heroine to get her very own comic book!

TG Fiction and Image Sites
These sites contain transgender fiction and/or images (as well as other media):

Fiction? Images? Pay Site? Site Description
X Fictionmania The number one place on the net for TG fiction and stories (with a few by yours truly, too <grin>)
X     BigCloset TopShelf TG fiction site with many writers and stories about crossdressers and TG characters
X     TG Storytime Feature-rich environment for TG fiction with stories by hundreds of different authors
X     Crystals's Story Site Very nice archive of TG fiction stories by hundreds of authors
X     Sapphire's TransGender Fiction Archive Great TG fiction archive with several ongoing stories and eBooks from dozens of authors
X     TG Fiction related to TG, TS, TV, Fantasies, Transgender literature, Sisification, Femdom, Forced Feminization, and more
X     Nifty Erotic Stories Archive Huge TG fiction archive
X     Transformation Story Archive Stories related to transformation (not just TG)
X Yes Mags, Inc. Huge online store selling almost every kind of transgender fiction imaginable
X   Yes TG Stories Subscription site providing a number of new TG stories every month
X   Yes Reluctant Press One of the mainstays of printed TG fiction, now on the web with stories available for purchase in print or downloadable in digital format. You can preview many of the books for free, to see if you enjoy the book.
X   Yes Sandy Thomas TV Fiction Over 200 paper and e-books of illustrated TG fiction!
X X Partial TGComics Femur's gender-mix site that features artwork comics and stories from a variety of artists...definitely worth a look!
X X Partial Six Pack Site TG comics and artwork, as well as professional illustrated TG stories from Sick Puppy Press
X X Yes Forced Crossdresser Fantasies Many art galleries and thousands of sexy feminization pictures and artwork...tons of great comics, illustrated stories and art!
X X Yes Lustomic Original full color and retro black & white forced fem comics by a variety of artists
  X Partial Petticoat Punishment Art Carole Jean's site that features artwork and commentary from various classic petticoat punishment stories
  X   Lana's TG Sci-Fi Fantasy A fun site with graphics (and sounds!) from TG movies, TV shows, books and media

TG Webcomics
These have exploded in recent years, but here are a few of my favorites:
Site Description
Bloomin' Faeries Sexy and funny weekly webcomic featuring the mischievous and naughty pranks & curses of faeries upon unsuspecting (but always deserving) humans
El Goonish Shive A strange comic about a group of teenagers and the bizarre, often supernatural, situations that they face. Includes a continuing storyline with non-linear joke comics on the side. WARNING: Often ignores the laws of Physics.
Venus Envy A typical high school romantic comedy, with the welcome addition of lesbians, crossdressers, and of course transsexuals. The story follows Zoƫ, a teenage male-to-female transsexual, as she comes of age, tries to keep her secret, and tackles life's challenges.
Eerie Cuties
comedy horror that follows an array of classic monsters attending Charybdis Heights High School - See more at:
Comedy horror that follows an array of classic monsters attending Charybdis Heights High School
The Wotch Comic by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson about a girl named Anne who got magic powers this one time at band camp, and her friends, and their adventures
The Wotch: Cheer Wotch spinoff with football jocks turned into cheerleaders
Misfile The story of a girl who was a boy, a Harvard-bound genius missing two years of her life, and the pot headed angel who did it to them via a Celestial filing accident.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Parodies the tropes seen in magical girl series and follows male high school Kanazuchi Yuuki, who has been chosen by an animal mentor to be the next Valkyrie
Giant Girl Adventures Follows the story of Giant Girl, a former superhero, stuntwoman, globetrotter and treasure hunter

Other Sites
Sites that don't really fit into any other category, but are still worth a look!
Site Description An extremely comprehensive catalog of transformations (not just TG) in movies, television, books, comics and other media
Transgender Forum Blogs, news, editorials and more about the TG community

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