Modified Advertisements

These are a bunch of advertisements which I've modified to showcase various TG products I'd like to see. For some reason, they generally seem to have a futuristic slant...I suppose it's probably just wishful thinking on my part. (I know I'd sure like to see some of these products created...)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of TG authors for helping provide inspiration for a few of these images. Stephanie's various "DNA" stories gave rise to the idea for the retrovirus that is mentioned, and the Nu-Gen bodysuits are taken directly from some of P.J. Wright's stories. In the realm of my imagination, I envisioned some rivalry between these companies which becomes evident in a couple of the ads. And with options like these available, I figure the clear victor here is the consumer. <grin>

  1. Disney World is no longer the happiest place on Earth
  2. Move over, Jessica Rabbit!
  3. You can change your pants. They can change your genes.
  4. I like the service, but this place sounds a little disreputable...
  5. Some things will never be in style. (At least I hope they won't!)
  6. At least we were spared seeing what the shoes look like
  7. And now for a brief public service announcement
  8. Hmm...interesting product. I'll take ten thousand boxes, please...
  9. This is perhaps not the best way to end a date
  10. "My vacation was great! Although I basically just hung out at the beach..."
  11. Just try not to rub her the wrong way
  12. Actually, shouldn't that be someone more comfortable?
  13. I guess not everyone would find that a pleasant surprise
  14. The real trick is in knowing how to accessorize
  15. Wow...a lot of people don't even like sharing a toothbrush
  16. A little from column A, a little from column B...
  17. Act now, and they'll throw in a pedicure for free!
  18. A good example of the rarely-seen sci-fi romantic comedy. <grin>
  19. So does this mean he gets to change his mind, now?
  20. Sure, it looks like fun, but try finding clothes with wing holes
  21. Who said it's not nice to fool Mother Nature?
  22. Mother's Day is going to be interesting around that household.
  23. The start of a new ad campaign? (With thanks to Bill Hart for letting me get away with it)
  24. Sure it's fun, but having two wardrobes is such a pain
  25. Yes, but can she dance on the head of a pin?
  26. I hear the Brothers Grimm are even starting their own travel agency
  27. know, the grass does look greener over there...
  28. Three guesses and the first two don't count
  29. Hel-lo casual Friday!
  30. First lesson: this is a bra...
  31. It's like a cross between a beaver and a koala bear
  32. Some motivators work better than others
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