Gambit #13-14, 16-19, 21-24; Gambit Annual 2000

Brunette woman wearing a bed sheetDuring the course of a time-travel story, the X-Man known as Gambit travels back to 1891 to perform a task for the Thieves Guild. He is accompanied by Jake Gavin, the shapeshifting mutant known as Courier. To investigate a doctor acting as an obstetrician, Gambit convinces Jake to "go undercover," against his better judgement. Unfortunately for Jake, the doctor turns out to be Mr. Sinister, who wastes little time in experimenting on the shapeshifter. Gambit comes to his rescue, but not before Jake's cellular structure is locked into his latest form´┐Żleaving him stuck as a woman.

Courier on the phoneAfter returning to the present day, Jake (now sometimes referred to as Jacqueline or Jackie) remains trapped in her feminine form. Although uncomfortable as a woman, she seems to adapt pretty well to her new circumstances, and continues in her role as a courier to people in power, including the mysterious New Son.

Courier appears to have become a supporting character in the Gambit series, and appeared in several issues. Although the Gambit series seems to have run its course, Jackie remained female all the way through the end of the series. I suppose we can always look forward to a cameo appearance in one of the X-books...

Cover to Gambit #13

  1. You can't be serious...
  2. Gee, I don't see what Jake is so upset about
  3. A "gifted actor." Or "actress," as the case may be
  4. That would be pretty terrifying
  5. Things don't look too good for Jake...
  6. Gambit assesses the situation
  7. Oh, yes...very cohesive <grin>
  8. Looks like Jake is going to be shopping for dresses for a while
  9. As if the identity crisis weren't enough to deal with
  10. Oh, good...we just helped create a super-villain.
  11. Time to say their good-byes
  12. Maybe Jake does want to stay a woman...
  13. Back to normal...more or less.
  14. He's so cute when he's angry
  15. Courier makes a decision
  16. Back on the job (although this time in a dress)
  17. Jake gets to be his own dream girl
  18. You think you're confused...
  19. A little bit of defiance...but only a little
  20. The latest in office attire for the fashionable transgendered shapeshifter
  21. Chatting with the boss
  22. He didn't exactly choose the lowest-profile X-Man for the job
  23. What do you suppose the bathroom in that place looks like?
  24. A side of Xavier we've never seen before
  25. Business as usual
  26. Spandex would look pretty nice on Jackie, at that
  27. Hey! I resemble that remark!
  28. Superhero carpool?
  29. Jackie's getting pretty comfortable as a woman if that's what she's lounging around in
  30. Putting the clues together
  31. A late-night phone call
  32. Oh, crap.
  33. Jackie risks her manicure for Remy
  34. Epilogue
  35. He has that effect on women
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