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Howard Stern and Denis Rodman as brides
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Mad's Etiquette Guide to Same-Sex Weddings
Mad #357, May 1997

It's nice to know that Mad is there to cover those tricky etiquette questions that Miss Manners wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Man fantasizing about dressing up
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A Mad Look at Cross Dressing
Mad #362, Oct 1997

Several short cartoon vignettes about cross dressing brought to you by Sergio Aragones, the man who brought us Groo. (Be warned...these files are big. The first one is almost 330k, and the second is about 165k. I couldn't bring myself to shrink them down any further, but the wait is definitely worthwhile.)

Male-looking transsexual

Hallmock 1998 Holiday Catalog
Mad #376, December 1998

Here's a Christmas ornament you aren't likely to see in stores any time soon. (I would be interested in seeing their version of the angel tree-topper, however.)

Woman laying on hospital bed and smiling

Mad Visits an Organ Transplant Hospital
Mad #272, July 1987

A small clip from a two-page spread showing a visit to an organ transplant hospital. Why can't science be like this?

"Sex Change Operation" game

Sex Change Operation
Mad #375, November 1998

An interesting variation on the old "Operation" game. I wonder if Milton-Bradley has a market in Sweden...

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