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Woman making a funny face

A TV Ad We'd Like To See
Mad #313, September 1992

I'm afraid to ask if he's "got milk."

Fred Flintstone in a baby doll nightgown

Fredericks of Sandusky
Mad #316, January 1993

I'm really, really sorry for this one. Really.

Crossdresser underwater

Transvestite Scuba Supplies
Mad #316, January 1993

Princess Ariel he ain't.

George Washington in drag

Great Moments in History
Mad #326, March-April 1994
Mad Special #123, September 1997

See, now if they'd taught us stuff like this in history class, I would have paid a lot more attention.

Man lusting after woman

A Mad Look at Sexual Harrassment
Mad #330, September 1994

Here's a lesson in "truth in advertising." I'm not sure what the lesson is, however...

Frightened-looking man

Mad Special #114, July 1996

Oh, I don't isn't so bad...some Nair, a pair of control-top panty hose, a little work with some tweezers and...oh, who am I kidding, anyway?

Transvestite and man in car

Typical Night in New York
Mad #352, December 1996

I guess some people only see what they want to see.

Patrick Swayze in "To Wong Foo"

Drag Movie Critics
Mad #354, February 1997

The girls from "To Wong Foo" critique Mel Gibson's latest film.

Han and Chewie in a drag bar

Star Wars Playsets You May Have Missed
Mad #354, February 1997

I'm just counting my lucky stars we were spared seeing Yoda in a miniskirt.

Guy dancing around holding a dress

A Day in the Life of a Survivor - Kid Division
Mad Special #120, April 1997

Personally, I think this would have been funnier if his parents decided to be supportive of his new "hobby."

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