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Broderbund software recently came out with the "Totally Mad" collection, a 7 CD compilation of all of the Mad magazines ranging from 1952 to 1998. A few searches came up with a wealth of TG comics over the years. Not all of them are particularly flattering, but a few of these are classic.

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Woman primping in elevator

Colorized Version

On the Elevator
Mad #72, July 1962
Colorized version contributed by Doug Farrell

I'm pretty sure that the guy who played R2-D2 got started this way, too.

Person on psychiatrist's couch

Mad Psychoanalysis Primer
Mad #112, July 1967

Gee, it sounds like a perfectly normal and well-adjusted family to me.

Two women dressed alike

The Mad "Fad and Fetish" Primer
Mad #119, June 1968

Fad or fetish? A little from column A, a little from column B...

Two crossdressed couples

America's Going Drag
Mad #124, January 1969

Well, of course people are going to think this is odd...that guy's purse looks like a lampshade!

Ad for "Camp Drag"

Specialized Camp Ads We're Bound To See
Mad #143, June 1971

Oh, sure, it sounds great, but there's no lake, and I hear there are lots of really big mosquitos.

Woman looking at a man in a dress

A Mad Look at the Clorox Commercial
Mad #203, December 1978

What I find so improbable about this is that she let the dress go for only fifty bucks.

Man changed into a woman

Change Machine
Mad #208, July 1979

I don't know about you, but I'd be on the next Greyhound to Miami if I thought I'd find this waiting for me.

Alfred as Tootsie

Tootsie Role
Mad #240, July 1983

Dustin Hoffman may not have made the most attractive woman in the world, but he was a supermodel compared to this.

Boy making an announcement

Same Words, Different Circumstances
Mad #283, December 1988

Definitely should have waited until dessert to spring that one.

Robin holding up a bra

Villains Awaiting Batman's Return to TV
Mad #298, October 1990

Okay, this one seems unlikely, but after they picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to be Mr. Freeze, I'm figuring pretty much anything is up for grabs.

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