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Anybody who has ever played Dungeons and Dragons probably remembers the good old "Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity." In addition to that old chestnut, here are a few other items that can give your character a new perspective on the opposite sex.

Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity

Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity

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Kerisis's Girdle of Femininity
Kerisis's Girdle of Femininity
TSR 1992 Fantasy Collector Card 146
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 2

XP Value: -
GP Value: 1,000
Kerisis has been attempting to have this girdle removed for some time, but no remove curse or wish spell has yet worked. Her rage at this inconvenience has even sent her into the demiplane of Ravenloft for a time, but the warping of magic there has not helped her cause. She has looked to Bilkon for an answer, but his magic was ineffective. Kerisis even attempted to enlist the help of the evil Mazrikoth, but he only attempted to seduce her--a thoroughly revolting idea even if she really was a woman! Kerisis may just have to get used to the idea of being female, but she hasn't given up yet. Meanwhile, Kerisis has been going by the alias Kerisa.

Bhumiya's Ring
Bhumiya's Ring
Fantastic Treasures

Effects: When ring is placed on finger, the wearer changes sex. Ring may be removed with loss of finger.

Bhumiya's Ring is used by the trickster god/goddess to cause dismay at a wedding, according to Indian belief. Bhumiya replaces one of the rings the bride or groom will wear, and when the magic ring is placed on, the wearer changes sex.

The ring cannot be removed except by the loss of the finger, but this will not reverse the process. Another ring of Bhumiya must be found if the wearer's original sex is to be restored.

Appearance: The ring is plain gold, with no markings. It will magically take on the size and appearance of the nearest ring to it, regardless of its nature or how far away it is.

Value: 2,000 gold pieces.

Arrow of Polymorphing
Arrow of Polymorphing
Dragon Magazine 135
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 1

One variant of the Arrow of Polymorphing is the type which will transform the victim into a randomly-determined monster. The victim will behave as a monster of the appropriate type. The list of suggested monster types is rather brief (ranging from werewolf to five-headed hydra), but includes the medusa, as this goblin apparently just discovered.

Johydee's Mask
Johydee's Mask
Book of Artifacts
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 2

This artifact was created at the request of Johydee, a high priestess serving a goddess of truth and justice. She commissioned the mask from an old hermit who was rumored to once have been a great illusionist. Using the powers of the mask, Johydee assumed the guise of the leader of a band of thieves who had been terrorizing the region. Sowing distrust among the thieves, she succeeded in getting them to fight amongst themselves and leave the nearby village in peace.

In addition to giving the wearer immunity against gaze attacks, it also allows them once a day to assume the disguise of any humanoid creature (including voice, mannerisms, clothing, and equipment) for up to 12 hours.

The mask also has a curse. If worn for too long, the wearer may come to believe that they actually are the person they are impersonating. The chances of this are a cumulative 2% per hour, and can only be undone with a wish.

Dryad Cordial
Polyhedron Magazine 19
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 1

This potion is made from the distilled essence of a dryad's tree, and the process for making it is only known to certain druids. The purpose for the potion is to allow the dryad to leave the vicinity of her tree, ostensibly to assist a druid.

If a woman drinks the potion, she falls into a "beauty sleep", wherein all physical blemishes and imperfections are removed, and she becomes magically attractive to males of her own race.

If a man drinks the potion, he also falls into a "beauty sleep" of sorts, and is transformed into a woman. He becomes physically weaker, and the effects will last from one to five weeks.

In the case of multiple uses, the duration doubles with each use. Additionally, there is a chance for a woman to actually become a dryad, with the chance increasing for each use. Should a man continue to drink the potion, the effects can become "permanent and unremovable" with each additional dose.

Girdle of Gender Alteration
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 2

XP Value: -
GP Value: 1,000

When a character puts this girdle on, nothing happens. When it is removed, however, he or she has become a member of the opposite sex, although this fact is apparent only to observers and not to the wearer. The girdle functions only once.

Throne of Transformation
Crown of Ancient Glory
Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 4

XP Value: 13,000
GP Value: 65,000

This bizarre artifact is a special item in the possession of Ala, the Seawitch of Narvendul. With use of the proper command words, anyone sitting in the chair is transformed (polymorphed) into an ocean osprey, a young girl, an old man, an old woman, a gaseous form, or a wolf. The transformation is purely physical and the user (victim) retains his or her own personality and character traits. In the case of animals, though, speech is not possible.

By returning to the throne, the individual is able to return to his or her former condition. The chair can only function once per day, rendering one change only.

If a character takes the throne without employing the appropriate command words, the transformation occurs in a random fashion. Without the proper command words, only remove curse, followed by a wish, can restore a person to his or her natural state. Polymorph spells cannot transform victims of the throne.

Spell of "Change Sex"
White Dwarf Magazine (?)
(Detailed description taken from The Red Dragon's Lair)

A fifth-level spell for the Houri/Gigolo character class in AD&D:

Change Sex (Alteration)
Range: 60 yards
Components: V,S
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 1 person/creature
Saving Throw: Neg.

With this spell a Houri/Gigolo can alter the sex of any creature. This is such a traumatic change that, unless the victim has submitted to the change voluntarily, he/she/it will be automatically confused for 1d10 turns, and also there is a 5% chance that it will cause permanent insanity. The Houri/Gigolo can use this spell to change their own sex with no ill effect. The duration is permanent unless a successful dispel magic or another change sex is cast.

"Girl Suit"
Dream Park RPG, R. Talsorian Games

Based on the "Dream Park" novels by Larry Niven and Steve Barnes, the Dream Park RPG stands as perhaps the ultimate postmodern gaming experience. In it, the players take on the roles of visitors to a high-tech amusement park in which they participate in realistic, live-action roleplaying experiences. The characters' characters can choose to play as alternate races, species or genders by donning a full body costume with specialized nerve-stimulation interfaces. The "girl suit" used to change genders is briefly mentioned in the rules, noting its brief appearance in The California Voodoo Game novel.

So, if you're looking for a game where you can play a burly construction worker who in turn plays a svelte elven sorceress, look no futher. (And if the players in your group are good enough role-players to actually pull that off, drop me a line, 'cause I want to play with you guys. <grin>)

Dryad Spell of Reincarnation
AD&D Player's Handbook

The 7th level Druid spell "Reincarnate" offered the possibility to revive recently-deceased characters in a random new form. Although this was generally some type of animal, the possibility existed for the player to be brought back to life as a Dryad, which might make for an interesting twist if the character was originally male.

Wild Surge
AD&D Tome Of Magic

One of the new discoveries presented in the Forgotten Realms books was the existince of "wild magic." Powerful and unpredictable, this type of magic is the specialty of the Wild Mage, which is offered as a new character class. Spells cast by these characters are often either more or less powerful than expected, and are occasionally punctutated by a "wild surge," which briefly opens a doorway through which raw magical energy pours. These surges are completely random in their effects, which range from the spectacular to the bizarre. Based on a random die roll, possible wild surge results include:

  • Target changes sex
  • Caster and target switch personalities for 2d10 rounds
  • Caster and target exchange voices until a remove curse spell is cast

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