TG in RPGs (Characters)

The following are TG characters taken from various (and sundry) role-playing sources.

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TSR 1992 Fantasy Collector Card 304

10th-level Amazon Wizard
RACE: Human
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil
EQUIPMENT: Bracers of defense AC 0, girdle of femininity, horn of blasting
BACKGROUND: Kersis was once a male, but one day, as he was tending to the identification of various items for his party, he mistakenly donned the wrong girdle and became a very unhappy woman. Now she's trying to find someone to remove the girdle, but has had no luck so far. Until she can change back, Kerisis is determined to be the most manly woman alive.

TSR 1992 Fantasy Collector Card 683

4th-level Rogue
RACE: Human
ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral
EQUIPMENT: Short sword +1
BACKGROUND: The man, Jallin, is a thief who specializes in gems, but he is actually not a man at all. "He" is Teela, the daughter of a noble family from the Hold of the Sea Princes. She ran away from home, sailing to Greyhawk aboard one of her father's ships, and joined the thieves' guild. She is posing as a male so that she'll be harder to find. So far, she's been successful.

Villains Unlimited (A sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited)

Villain or Anti-Hero
Facade is a strangely noble villainess who has been on the crime scene in the Orient for a few years now. Unknown to all, the buxom beauty behind the mask is a gentleman named Jack Nagano. Jack is a female impersonator who has avoided discovery and arrest by making his criminal alter ego appear to be a woman. So who would suspect a man?

Marna/Llywelyn, Queen of the Amazons
Polyhedron Newszine, Issue 19

The magazine contains a D&D adventure titled "...And The Gods Will Have Their Way." In it, the PCs are charged with finding the once-and-future King Llywelyn, and returning him to the throne. During their quest, they find their way to an alternate plane where they encounter Marna, an Amazon Queen who turns out to be a clone of the dead king, magically enspelled to appear as a woman.

Since her memories have been erased, Queen Marna is initially unaware that she is King Llywelyn, and the PCs must convince her of her true identity. Once they do, she removes the magical headdress that creates the illusion that she is a woman, and then returns with the PCs as the king reborn.

(Which kind of begs the question...didn't she ever take off the headdress before?)

Lung Hung - Male

Lung Hung (Red Dragon)Lung Hung - Female
VOICE of Doom, A Champions Adventure

The leader of the villainous VOICE organization, Lung Hung is a 700-year-old mutant with powers resembling those of a classic Gothic vampire. A closely guarded secret is that this patriarchial individual is really a woman.

Wu Keng "woman"Wu-Keng: The Night Watch
The Book of Crafts, a supplement for the Mage RPG

The Wu-Keng are a secret society of Chinese magicians which have existed in one form or another for the last 3000 years. During this time, they have faithfully served ancient spirits, which unbeknownst to them are powerful demons seeking to control mankind. 2200 years ago, the ancient spirits intervened to spare the lives of the Wu-Keng from the wrath of the First Emperor by aiding in their escape by disguising them as women. As payment and punishment for this, the spirits ordered the Wu-Keng to maintain their female disguises during their servitude to the demons over the coming centuries. Thus, the Wu-Keng are a sect comprised entirely of men who dress and live as women.

Limited to taking female roles in society and trained in the arts of guile and subterfuge, the Wu-Keng generally take positions adjacent to those in power. Some are nannies to upper-crust Hong Kong families, noodle cooks, maids, nurses or butchers. Others avoid physical labor, becoming tutors, personal secretaries, fortunetellers or librarians. Since Wu-Keng retain their male genitalia, it is unusual for them to initiate sexual relations with those persons they watch over, but some of them have been known to use Life magics to alter their bodies to be able to seduce a male.

Top Secret: The Rasmussen Files
Dragon Magazine #47, March 1981

In an article relating to the old "Top Secret" RPG (think James Bond), basic bureaus and special agents were discussed. When randomly determining the sex of an agent, the table gives a 49% chance to be either male or female. The other 2% have an additional talent to impersonate the opposite gender:

Agents with a roll of 99-00 on the table above have the additional talent of being a male/female impersonator, with a 75% to 95% to fool anyone, even at very close distances. (Don't laugh: The Chevalier d'Eon, a male, served as Maid of Honour to Tsarina Elizabeth of Russia quite successfully while on an espionage mission.)

I must say I find it rather interesting that they don't define what "very close distances" means. ("Just how close were you able to get to the Senator?" "Very close." <grin>)

AsenatihAsenaith Waite
Call of Cthulhu core rules
Submitted by mtm

"She was dark, smallish and very good looking except for overprotuberant eyes; but something in her expression alienated extremely sensitive people.... One of the Innsmouth Waits, and dark legends have clustered for centuries about crumbling, half deserted Innsmouth and its people."

- HP Lovecraft
The Thing on the Doorstep

The dying sorcerer Ephraim Waite magically exchanged minds with his daughter Asenaith in order to preserve himself. Desiring to regain a male body, Asenaith/Ephraim married Edward Darby, a wealthy but weak willed poet and dilettante. Edward killed Asenaith when he realized what was happening but though dead, Ephraim was able to complete the mind transfer, trapping Edward in Asenaith's corpse. Asenaith/Ephraim is powerful and completely insane.

STR 12 CON 14 INT 18
DEX 13 SIZ 10 San 0
APP 13 EDU 23 POW 18

Hit Points 12

Fist/Punch 60% 1D3 damage
Head Butt 50% 1D4 damage
Grapple 35%
Dagger 45% 1D4+2 damage

Curse of Azathoth, Mind Exchange, Mists of R'lyeh, Raise & Quell Storms, Wither Limb and any 6 Call/Contact spells

Arabic 60%, Cthulhu Mythos 72% Drive Automobile 70%, Library Use 70% Occult 55%, Swim 85%

Exalted coverExaltedHarmonious Jade
Exalted core rulebook
Exalted Storyteller's Companion

In the game "Exalted" by White Wolf, the Exalted are warriors of the gods. According to the rules, "The diving might that empowers Celestial Exalted is inextinguishable--when a Celestial Exlated's body dies, the fragment of divinity flees into a new body whose destiny is great enough to accomodate it. This act is not reincarnation so much as transfer of power--the spirit carries few memories, and the new Exalted retains her personality and free will."

A short vignette in the main rulebook gives us a little background into the Exalted known as Harmonious Jade, who breaks into the tomb of her former (male) host to retrieve her magic bow:

Harmonious JadeThere, at the center of the tomb, lay a brilliant golden casket. It stood taller than Harmonious Jade's waist, and worked into the lid was the effigy of a beautiful man. It was carved from gold and decorated in the most brilliant and lifelike of enamels. His skin was dark, as Harmonious Jade's was, but he was willowy where she curved. He had a boyish face and a snub nose, and the hair that spilled across his shoulders was as thick and black as a horse's mane. He was proud and handsome, and she both reeled and rejoiced to see the face she had once worn.

Her hands lifted the lid, and she slid it aside and lowered it, slowly, until it leaned upright against the sarcophagus. She looked into the casket and saw the bones and ash that the effigy atop it had become. And in the center of the casket lay a brilliant bow. Its body was of ebony and teak, and the inserts were of orichalcum. It was decorated with the golden heads of eagles, so that the arrows would soar as far and fast as one. The setting on the front was empty, but the Hearthstone on her breast would fill it nicely.

Harmonious Jade looked into the casket and thought, That was me, once. She reached into the coffin and wrapped her hand around the bow's grip. She drew it out and said, "And this is mine, again."

And the great darkness of the world grew just a little brighter, as the hero and her bow were reunited.

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