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Man looking in mirror with female reflectionSpirit Possession
Heaven & Earth Game Master's Guide
Contributed by Champina

In the new "Heaven and Earth" RPG (devoted to horror and the supernatural), there is a section devoted to Spirit Possession that describes the various types of spirits that may be encountered and their ability to possess and influence the actions of the living.

Spirits cannot possess those whose peronality differs radically from the spirit, and only then can they influence them on a subtle unconscious level, often through dreams. (Thus, finding a receptive "host" may take months or years.) Possession itself can be as simple as requesting it of the host, or more often, tricking them in some way into fulfilling some set of predetermined conditions which results in the spirit's control over the victim's body. Victims of the possession rarely remember the incident while under a sprit's domination. Once possessed, they cannot recount subsequent events unless the spirit allows.

<The image of the mirror above accompanies the text, but isn't explicitly described. However, it seems to imply that the mirror contains a female spirit who will possess anyone who touches the mirror.>

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