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Hammy and Zoe in a sandbox

Hammy and Zoe
Baby Blues strip, 3/11/01

Playing around in the sandbox, the kids learn about gender roles.

Girl looking at a boy carrying a purse

Hammy and Zoe, again
Baby Blues strip, 8/27/01 - 8/31/01

After her little brother Hammy starts carrying a purse, Zoe has some difficulty accepting it. Seems that nobody else does, though.

Shocked boss reacts to an employee's announcement

Dilbert strip, 3/12/01

Oh, like this is the worst thing that could happen.

Man wearing a dress looks at himself in a mirror

Foxtrot strip, 1/5/20

Personally, I think he made the wrong choice. <grin>

Man behind a podium wearing a dress

Shoe strip, 4/9/01

This joke was old when vaudeville was young. (But I'm not above presenting it here. <grin>)

Woman with big hairy arms on the phone

Speed Bump
Speed Bump strip, 7/4/01

On the plus side, I'm sure her husband will have a wonderful time getting a manicure.

Man in drag

Zits strip, 3/11/01

Idle hands are the devil's playground. However, idle hands plus a bunch of women's clothing and a sleeping victim is a fun afternoon. <grin>

Man ogling a woman in a bar

Lieutenant Zerblat
Piranha Club strip, 4/30/01 - 5/15/01

Before invading Earth, the nefarious Grelzaxians go undercover in an attempt to assess Earth's technology. Their initial efforts don't work out too well, but you have to give them credit--I mean, if I had access to a transmutator, I'd never get any work done.

Man with large breasts points at his head

Baldness cure?
Daily Mail, 3/5/02
Contributed by Black Sheep

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that female hormones play into this cure somehow.

Donald Duck dressing as a woman in front of his nephews
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Donald Duck
Donald Duck strips, 1938-1949
Contributed (and translated!) anonymously

Here are some great contributions. These are some classic Donald Duck strips from as far back as 1938 that have Donald disguising himself as a female. (I should point out that although the captions have obviously been digitally retouched, these aren't recaptioned's just that the originals weren't in English, and the contributor thoughtfully translated them for our benefit.)

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