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Man wearing a wedding dress

Cornered strip, 4/29/00

She may throw out her back trying to carry him across the threshold...

Man with breasts yelling into a well

Wishing Well Mixup
Oui magazine
Contributed anonymously

Normally, these fall under the category of "be careful what you wish for," but this guy really was asking for it...

Robin in drag threatening Alfred
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A Change of Costume
Batman newspaper comic strip 2/11/46 - 3/23/46
Contributed by Dove Sherman

In these reprints from the 1940's Batman comic strip, we see Batman and Robin go undercover at a costume party. However, since it's a couples-only affair, Robin ends up in a costume not entirely to his liking.

Boy wearing a girl's costume
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Encyclopedia Brown, Girl Detective
Encyclopedia Brown newspaper comic strip 2/19/79 - 2/24/79
Contributed by Zoe

Anybody else remember Encyclopedia Brown? (Kind of like the Hardy Boys, only with shorter stories where you could guess at the solution. As I recall, there weren't as many smugglers, either.) Well, here we get to see Encyclopedia on the case with his father at a costume party, where "going undercover" takes on a new meaning.

Between this entry and the one before it, I take it that teenage detectives must have some kind of drag costume rite of passage thing. Either that, or their mentors just think they look cute like that. <grin>

Man putting on earrings while tired woman looks on
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Adam and Laura
Adam comic strip
Reprinted in "Life Begins at 6:40" collection

An interesting little dream sequence where Adam and Laura switch roles for a day.

Guy in lingerie looks at himself in a mirror

Fashion Statement
Playboy, October 2000

See, this is why I find it so hard to buy clothes for other're never quite sure what they're going to like.

Man talking to a young woman putting on her makeup

Fatherly Advice
Playboy, September 2000

There's a "Leave it to Beaver" joke in here somewhere, but I'm not going in after it...

Woman looks at man in ballerina costume

9 Chickweed Lane
9 Chickweed Lane strip, 6/5/01

What's the big deal? It looks like a great costume to me...

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