Liberty Meadows Comics

Frank Cho's "Liberty Meadows" syndicated comic strip has had a number of TG moments popping up over the last few years. Here are some of the entries I've been able to track down.

Cartoon character gawking at a male pig character with breasts

A Nice Set of Lungs?
Liberty Meadows strip, 3/23/00 - 3/28/00

After literally coughing up his lungs because of his smoking habit, Dean gets his lungs replaced. However, the post-operative swelling is a little...pronounced.

Ralph as a girl

Hormonal Side Effects
Liberty Meadows strip 8/27/98 - 9/2/98
Reprinted in Liberty Meadows #10-11

Another entry for the Liberty Meadows strip, this time featuring Ralph suffering through some hormonal side effects caused by a special hair regeneration cream.

Brandy and Frank as Xena and Gabrielle

Xena and Gabrielle
Liberty Meadows #4 (reprinted in #15)

Sometimes couples' Halloween costumes can lead to some interesting combinations.

Miss Piggy

Detox Side Effects
Liberty Meadows #6 (reprinted in #15)

Yet more unusual chemical side effects, this time causing Dean to get in touch with his inner muppet.

Ralph in drag showing off his legs

The Great Beaver Hunt?
Reprinted in Liberty Meadows #17

The boys are out beaver hunting (and no, it's not what you think--I swear you have such a dirty mind!) and Ralph gets gussied up as a female beaver to lure out their prey.

Brandy looking at Frank holding a bra

A Visit to the Lingerie Store
Liberty Meadows strip 6/05/01 - 6/12/01

While stopping at the lingerie store to pick up a gift for Jen, Frank runs into into Brandy. (As well as a salesperson who has a little fun at his expense.)

Brandy fighting her twin

"Freaky Friday" with Hotties?
Liberty Meadows #22

In a story line where Brandy has to fight her evil twin (long story), the author suggests a possible ending where Frank is trapped in Evil Brandy's body. Sadly, this doesn't come to pass...

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