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The Coriolis Effect

Black EnchantressAn adventure for the Champions game originally published in 1986. At one point during the adventure, the villainous Black Enchantress returns to torment the players after her body (but not consciousness) was destroyed in an earlier encounter. During a fight, she takes possession of the body of the first PC to get knocked unconscious. Afterwards, she reshapes the character's body to resemble own form, even if the character was male. One possible ending involves the character being returned to his original body, still in her form. The adventure then suggests that the GM might design a "quest" scenario "only if the player finds it impossible to adjust."


An adventure for the Kult RPG, this adventure introduces the "Permanent Sex Change" spell. This spell is used to transform an the NPC sorcerers in the adventure into a woman so that he/she can then give birth to the "Child of Magic." The NPC is (not surprisingly) described as being reluctant to pursue this option, but due to the desperate circumstances, is willing to agree to the procedure.

Permanent Sex Change
Lore of Passion

The conjurer is able to change the sex of him/herself or somebody else. The change is radical enough to affect the future rebirths of the soul. It will now be reborn with its new sex. The one who is changing sex must have a person of the opposite sex present, in order to have a model to visualize the change. Both stand naked inside a protective circle in the temple. In order to change the sex of a person other than him or herself, the conjurer must overcome the Ego of the subject. The sex change can not be performed unless the subject cooperates.

The Cosmic Alteration Device

In the "Classic Organizations" sourcebook for the Champions RPG, the prankster group CLOWN is reintroduced. One of the suggested adventures involves them coming into possession of a "transmogrifier gun" which has random, unpredictable (and amusing) effects. For instance, the target might become old or young, change color, develop an exaggerated personality, or develop an outrageous French accent. A table of random effects is included, which gives a about a 10% chance for "Target Gender Reverses" or about a 25% chance for "Target and User Switch an Attribute (Personality, Hair Style, Costume or Powers)."

The adventure starts with CLOWN raising havoc with the gun at City Hall, where a female reporter is broadcasting the scene: "And there he goes, the so-called Merry Andrew, romping past the guards. Wait a minute, he's looking this way. He's firing some sort of...beam." At the word "beam," the reporter's voice deepens dramatically. If the report is on television, the viewers can watch as the reporter turns into a strapping 6'4" man. "Ohmygosh--I'm a guy," shouts the reporter into his/her microphone. After spending a moment getting composed (and checking out those awesome pecs) the reporter resumes the report.

After a number of switches are performed among the PCs, the device breaks, leaving everybody stranded for an indefinite amount of time until the gun can be repaired. The adventure notes that the GM should have fun with the reactions of other people to the characters, and there should be multiple cases of mistaken identity. ("Oh, so you're Seeker--I've, ahem, never seen you in a miniskirt before--not that it doesn't look good on you, of course.")

Tomb of Horrors

The (unbelievably lethal) old AD&D module "S1: The Tomb of Horrors" included a number of tricks and traps designed to wear down the PCs before they finally met the lich at the end. One room contained a glowing archway that changed the gender of anybody passing through. If they tried to reverse the process by going through again, they were changed back to their original sex, but deposited them naked back at the entrance to the dungeon. (Personally, I always thought it would have been more interesting if it did that, but didn't change back their original sex...but then, I've got a twisted imagination. It did serve me well as a GM, however. <grin>)

There is a two-page comic that does a sendup of the module (complete with a bit on the sex-change portal) on the Comic Strips page of this site.

Quest for the Midas Orb

Dragon Magazine #61

In this short D&D adventure published in Dragon magazine, one of the rooms contains various potions, one of which causes a change of sex. (Other potions include poison, explosives, spell components, etc. There is also an "anti-potion" potion, which reverses the effects of the other potions.) The relevant excerpts follow:

Along the south wall of the room is a shelf upon which rest twelve containers. These containers are corked and are not transparent. It is impossible to guess the contents by shaking the bottles because of the thickness of the ceramic from which they are constructed. They only way to discern what is inside is to spill, dump or taste the contents. Several of the containers have symbols inscribed thereon. Any thief will have a percent chance equal to his or her level to decode each symbol (roll for each container separately). Note: Do not show the symbols until a roll for understanding is successful.

Male/Female SymbolContainer 4: Symbol (meaning "sex change") shown at left. This is a greenish, milky liquid which, if taken internally, will change the sex of the person drinking it. Taking a second dose will not reverse the effects, but a Dispel Magic spell might (20% base chance, plus 10% per level of the spell caster).

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