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When Gravity Fails

This supplement for the Cyberpunk RPG by R. Talsorian Games is based on the series of novels by George Alec Effinger which involve adventures based in the middle east during the early 23rd century. "Silken Nights," the main adventure in the book, details the story of three brothers who were betrayed by their greedy older brother. Unable to bring himself to kill his siblings, he drugs them and arranges for them to receive high-level sex-changes and memory implants so that his new sisters believe themselves to be prostitutes working in the "Silken Nights Hotel."

Of course, the interesting twist here is that the players are strongly encouraged to begin the adventure playing the three sisters, and initially unaware of their true history, believing the characters to be nothing more to be prostitutes. One of the main themes of the adventure is for the players to deduce what was done to them as the girls begin to remember flashes of their earlier lives.

Girls Dancing At The Silken Nights Hotel The title image to the "Silken Nights" adventure. Seems like a nice enough place to work, doesn't it? 
The Three "Sisters"

Sara (Outha), Fatima (Rashid) and Lilli (Salmin)

A portrait of the three "sisters," who initially are blissfully unaware of their past history as men, and are quite content with their new professions.

Sex Change Clinic

You have to love a sourcebook that goes into the rules and consequences of characters getting sex-change operations...

Yasmin Nablusi

Yasmin Nablusi

Yasmin is Marid's (the main character of the novels) sex-change girlfriend. She has one of those perfect bodies that you can buy out of a catalog, but her long, straight, black hair is original equipment. She has the characteristically large hands and feet that most male-to-female sex-changes do. Yasmin works as a dancer at Frenchy's. She is famous around the Budayeen for being late for almost everything, including work. She's not lazy, she just loves to sleep. Frenchy fines her fifty kiam every time she comes in late, but she doesn't care. As one of the best hustlers on the Street, she can make the money back in no time. Yasmin likes her boyfriend to act like he is in a Bogart film, with a Bogart moddy if at all possible. Yasmin is also a firm believer in the I Ching. She carries a small I Ching machine with her which she consults whenever life becomes too weird for her.

The Black Widow Sisters

The Black Widow Sisters

Tami, Devi, and Selima aren't really sisters. They weren't even born girls. They are three sex-changes who came from various parts of the world. Although the sisters look different, they all have huge breast implants and wear thin black pullovers, tight leather skirts, and black spike-heeled shoes when they work the streets. The Sisters have a reputation for being independent operatives and they take care of themselves. They supplement their prostitution income by working for Papa from time to time as his assassins, but they keep this connection secret. The sisters are all murdered in When Gravity Fails.

Nikki (Nikolai Konstantin)

Nikki (Nikolai Konstantin)

Nikki was born the Crown Prince of Byelorussia and the Ukraine, but after several embarrassing incidents at his father's court he had to be sent away. Nicholas became Nikki soon after. Now she is a tall blonde, although still somewhat muscular. With unnatually blue eyes and long blonde hair she is an exotic in a city of exotics. Formerly a dancer at Chiri's, Nikki now works the street for Abdoulaye. She has a reputation on the Street for being even more nuts than Tamiko, although she isn't prone to wanton violence. Nikki is being sought by the Neofascist parties in Germany to use against the monarchy in Russia. She is killed by a Russian assassin in the course of When Gravity Fails.

Man Trys Out A Honey Pilar Moddy

One of the more interesting technical widgets introduced in the sourcebook are Modular Personality chips, or "moddies." These cybernetic chips contain personality information that modifies the user's personality to match the recorded personality. These are often used recreationally, allowing users to take on the personalities of fictional characters or celebrities such as James Bond or Marilyn Monroe.

In addition to shaping the user's personality, moddies also affect their self perception. Thus, "a man who puts on the Marilyn Monroe moddy will feel like a 130 pound woman, to the point of being able to feel aspects of the female anatomy about himself."

At one point during the "Silken Nights" adventure, one of the "girls" is given a moddy of "Honey Pilar, the world's reigning porn goddess." This moddy has been secretly modified to dredge up her memories of her life as a man. Since the characters may assume that the unit is defective, the adventure indicates that the easiest method to determine this would be for another character to use the moddy. Of course, it fails to point out that apart from the three girls, the only pre-generated characters that have moddy implants are both men...

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