TG in RPGs (Adventures)

Teenagers From Outer Space

A roleplaying game like no other. Here's a sample scene...

Tommy dove under his desk as the Disco Dwarves From Dimension X teleported with a "pop" into the Homeroom. Zap rays sizzled overhead, vaporizing his Social Studies books and one of the slower freshmen nearby. there was a sound like tearing rubber, as in the corner, Vilar monstered-out to his full thirteen feet two and began throwing desks around. Cano started to shapechange, but a stray bolt from a Boy/Girl Gun nailed him, turning him into a cute blonde Cannette.

Rami cringed behind her desk, her eyes wide with mindless terror (everything about Rami was mindless, actually) and the tip of her long fluffy tail stuffed in her mouth. "What do we do now?" she wailed at Tommy.

"No problem," said Kev, pulling the pin on his Weird Science101 Project and lofting it casually towards the Dwarves. There was a thunderous paisley explosion and the room was filled with buttered popcorn.


The little things that make life worth living. Both Humans and Aliens are able to buy Gadgets at most progressive Shopping Malls; this is why your parents spent months hammering out Intergalactic Trade Agreements. In addition, in Advanced Teenagers, you can even make new gadgets of your own and destroy the basis of all life as we know it!

Boy-Girl GunBoy-Girl Gun

Boy/Girl Gun ($30)

One jolt from this, and you're the opposite sex from what you started out as. Your Stats and Knacks remain exactly the same--you just look like a male or female version of yourself. Another jolt reverses the process. This is great when you have a party and you can't get enough guys for all the girls to dance with.

Personality Swappers ($100)

They look like a pair of giant metal stereophones. Put them on yourself, then on someone else--Zap! You're in their body and they're in yours. Put them on a third person, and he's in your body and your friend is in his. Put them on a fourth person, and he's in your body, the third person is in the first person's body, and you're in the third person's body, your friend is in the fourth person's body (are you getting confused yet? It all works in rotation, like volleyball). The effect wears off in twelve hours--plenty of time to get someone else in trouble. Warning: You must get a note from your psychiatrist in order to buy these!

Strange Alien Powers Man Was Not Meant To Know

One of the more interesting things that make alien Teeners really alien is that many of them have abilities or powers to match their bizarre appearances. Here are a couple of the more interesting powers...


The ability to instantly change into an opposite sex version of yourself. If female, you instantly become a really handsome, super-confident guy; if originally male, you are suddently the cutest pairing of X chromosomes ever to grace the gene pool. The catch: your clothes often don't change with you.

Swap Shop

The ability to exchange bodies with one other person for a one hour period. Each body retains its original abilities, although memories and information move with the personality. Having trouble understanding your boyfriend? Here's your chance to really see things from his viewpoint.

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