TG in RPGs (Adventures)

Doomsday Minus Y

This sourcebook for "Superbabes: The Femforce Role Playing Game" chronicles the evil schemes of the militant feminist group W.O.M.A.N. (Yes, seriously.) One of their plans involves the worldwide distribution of their "gynomorphic airborne transmutation media" (i.e. "sex change gas"), designed to turn men everywhere into women.

However, before they are able implement their plans, one of the villainesses decides to test out the gas, preferably on one of the more chauvanistic males she can find. One of the PCs would probably be her first choice, but the insufferable NPC hero Atoman would also do in a pinch...

Doomsday - Y Cover The cover for "Doomsday-Y", which features Atoman's transformation during his acceptance of the "Man of the Year" (soon to be "Woman of the Year") award.
Atoman Gets Transformed Here, Atoman learns the dangers of pissing off militant feminist supervillians...
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