New Girl on the Block

by Janet L. Stickney

<This story is archived on Crystal's Story Site, but I've also asked permission to showcase it here as well, since it's based on one of the images I have in the Modified Covers gallery. I also apparently have a cameo of sorts in the story, although I think it's safe to say that my counterpart looks a lot better in a swimsuit than yours truly. However, we do have something in my namesake, I was also spoiled rotten as a child. <grin> - Jenny>

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This story was inspired by the fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, are without a doubt some of the best I have seen. She brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives. Jenny North's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all you want, but please, hope you don't end up on one of her magazine covers. Jenny's site is, which is a link on Crystal's site. (

My thanks to Jenny for also improving this effort with her fine editing skills.

Thanks, Janet

New Girl on the Block

In the past I had very privately dabbled in dressing in my mothers clothes, then gone out as a girl on several special occasions, like Halloween, so it's not like I have no idea what's required, but what they told me I was going to do was unbelievable! My name is Greg, I'm 15 now, your average kid, I guess. I'm 5'7" tall and weigh about 140, with brown hair and green eyes. I'm an average student, although I'm not into sports. I like computers and audio equipment.

"Your cousin is in hiding because of this, but because she is single, she'll be easier to track by those men, which is why the FIA suggested that she find someone to live with her, to act as her child."

"The FIA?"

"I'm sorry. The FIA is the Federal Intelligence Agency. We are called in when all other sources in law enforcement seem to be at a stand still. We deal with crime at a somewhat higher level than is available to normal agencies."

"I understand that part, I don't understand the rest!"

"I know you don't, honey, but your father and I talked about this, and I had to tell him that you've been dressing up in my clothes for as long time now. It's not like you've never done it before, it'll just be for a longer time."

As my parents and I stared at each other across the room, I got that sinking feeling in my gut. I know my dad hated the idea, while my mom was merely shaken. The suggestion had been made to protect Claire, but of course, it was out of the question for me to do what they wanted. The federal officer sat in the green chair, her feet on the floor as she perched on the edge of the seat. Very prim, she was, nonetheless, quite pretty, even with her lips drawn in a straight, tight line of red. She had introduced herself as Madelyn.

Claire had seen the men that robbed the bank, and could identify them. She told the cops, and of course that leaked to the news media, which promptly had her picture plastered all over the television that night. About ten that same night she got the call. The voice was dimly vague when he made the threat, but it was clear enough for her to call the FIA, which is why Madelyn is here now. Her argument was clearly sound, and in a way, makes sense, but how could I ever manage it? Or bring myself to do it?

The men that robbed the bank had killed the guard and injured two others while taking almost three million dollars, all in cash. Claire was at the ATM machine just outside the bank when they all came running out. One of them had foolishly removed his mask as he came out, then turned to shoot the guard, gunning him down right in front of her. She tried to duck out of sight, but the shooter saw her just as he got into the truck. Claire said those eyes of his were cold and dark, and she just knew that he would kill her, as well, but the driver pulled away right at that moment, leaving her shaking in fear. After that, it was tumultuous at best as the police swarmed the area, and swept up everyone that had anything to offer as a clue. Of course, she told them what she knew, spent a few hours at Police Headquarters, and was taken home. Then came the threat on her life, which was followed by Madelyn's arrival.

"These men have been identified, Gregory. That's the good news. The bad news is that they are well known to us, and have yet to be captured. They're clever, dangerous, very devious, and so far, have shown no remorse. So far they have killed seven people we know of, yet until now, we have never found a trace of them after a robbery. But we know for certain that they have killed two other witnesses, right in their homes. That's why we have asked you to assist us in this course of action. I know it's unusual, but we have done this in the past, and it's always worked. Besides, at your age, it should be quite easy for you to adapt."

What did they want? They wanted me to become a girl, Claire's daughter! She and I would be relocated to another city, where the company she works for has an office. I would have to become a girl, go to school and so on, just like any other girl my age, which means everything else that comes with being a 15 year old girl. Dates. Boys. Maybe I should mention that the idea does have a certain appeal to me, since I have been dressing up in private for as long as I can remember! But the prospect of having to live as a girl fulltime girl is scary, what will all the complications that go with doing something like this. I'd privately fantasized about an opportunity like this for some time, but now, faced with the prospect of actually having to live that fantasy, I felt uneasy, and having it laid bare in front of my parents certainly didn't help the butterflies in my stomach.

"But what will happen to him when�"

"This is over? He can remain in his new identity, or return to this one. That might be his choice, of course. It depends on how long it takes to catch these guys. Your son is 15, what if it takes two years? By then he will have become so feminine that it might be hard for him to return to his male status."

"Stay that way? No! Greg won't stay like that, he'll return to the way he is!"

"Maybe, that will be something for you and Gregory to decide. You can of course disregard this, but there is a way around this. The official papers will have to be changed, to declare Claire as "Sarah's" official guardian. If Greg decides that he doesn't want to change back, and after that length of time, their bond will be very close, so Claire might decide to retain guardianship. You would probably win in a legal battle, but if the fact that Greg would feel strongly about his status to force things to go that far should indicate to you how important being Sarah would be to him."

If I wanted to maybe get Claire killed, all I had to do was stay the way I am. That may not be fair, but that's the way I felt�if anything happened to Claire, and I stood by and did nothing to help, I knew I'd never forgive myself. Because Claire and I are close, I really had no choice at all. Torn between that hidden desire of mine, and the admission of it by Mom, no matter what I did, Dad would know. But if I do this for Claire, then I'll have a valid reason to dress as a girl. Dad watched with dismay as I nodded my head yes. Madelyn explained that I would have to undergo some training, which would last a month, then Claire and I would meet at an unstated location, then move to the new city together. I hugged Mom first, then Dad. The tears in his eyes said a lot, and I held on tightly until Madelyn said it was time to go. I took nothing of my own, except what I was wearing at the time. Madelyn and I left the house in a dark blue car, but after a while, I was blindfolded, so I have no idea where I was taken, except the drive took about three hours. The building is actually a huge house. I was taken inside where the blindfold was removed. I was shown to a huge room that had a big bath and a bigger closet. My first visitor was some guy about sixty.

"Hello, Gregory. My name is Stan, and I will be your coach through this. I know you don't think it's possible for us to turn you into a girl in such a short time, but believe me, we can make you look like a lovely young woman. As for the rest, well, that's up to you. Here�let me show you something."

Stan went to the bed and sat down, then opened a huge album. Page after page of beautiful women went by. The obvious conclusion was that these were all men, and I was right. He stopped on one page and pointed. His finger rested on a picture that was at least 30 years old.

"This is me, way back when. The others are all girls I have coached over the years. Some are professional impersonators, some are not. One or two have returned to their male status, but after a few years living as a female, most never return to it, electing to stay as women. Most are now married, some with families, some not, but all of them are happy. Greg, you have to trust me when I ask you to do something. I have a lot of experience, and nothing will be done to hurt you." I nodded my assent, but still couldn't bring myself to say anything. After having kept my desires a secret for so long, it felt weird discussing them with anyone, especially with a total stranger. However, part of me was still excited by all of this, and I could tell that Stan was trying very hard to make me feel comfortable.

Smiling, he sat back on the bed and stared at me, then asked the inevitable question.

"I understand that you have dressed up a few times in the past. Would you do that for me? So I can see what you look like?"

We had a standoff as I struggled with the chance to get dressed as a girl versus showing Stan what I looked like. As I looked around the pink and white bedroom I finally nodded again. It was the reason I was there after all.

"Great! I'll leave you to change, then. Just pick up the phone and dial 23. I'll be right up."

Stan left the room, closing the door when he left. Shyly, I went to the closet and opened the door, stepping into a sea of color that almost took my breath away. I reached out and felt the soft fabrics as if touching them would somehow confirm their existence. Finally, I backed out and slowly began to undress. I found everything I needed, including panties, a waist nipper and bra, then makeup, a wig, and so on. I did my best with the makeup, but I knew I didn't do it right. I looked longingly at some of the fancier dresses, but finally elected on a blue skirt with a white blouse and navy heels. After I added lipstick, I dialed 23, and waited nervously for Stan. A few minutes later, he entered the room and paused as he saw me. I expected him to laugh at me, but instead he broke out in a wide smile! He looked me over carefully, making notes on a pad as he went. Then he had me stand on a small platform while looking into a huge mirror.

"You have done quite well, Greg, but lets begin with the basics first, then we'll get you ready for tonight's dinner. We'll both make a grand entrance!"

He had me strip my clothes off, right down to my skin. Not quite as hairy as some of my friends, he still insisted that I remove all unwanted body hair. When I had dressed up before, I didn't bother. I simply wore two pairs of pantyhose. The cream he used smelled bad and itched worse, but after a shower, all of my body hair washed down the drain. He showed me how to shave extremely close, had me wash my hair, then he rubbed in a lotion to replace the oils in my skin. When he was done I smelled like a vase full of flowers. I slipped on the panties again, watching as Stan also undressed! Like me, he wore blue panties.

"Just to show you how it's done, I'll get ready first while you watch, then we'll do you."

He sat down at the vanity and began to apply makeup, turning his average male face into that of a very attractive woman! When it was my turn, I sat at the vanity, and under his direction, found out how to select the right foundation, then apply it. The powder turned my shiny face matte and smooth-looking, something I had never accomplished before. Then came the eyes, done in shades of gray and blue with a black eyeliner on the upper lids, black pencil to outline my eyes under them. A pale coral blusher made my cheeks look brighter. When I was done, I realized the changes were dramatic. Whenever I tried it before, it always looked like I used a paint roller. Now, I looked like your average girl, but with a short haircut!

Next, Stan wrapped a corselet around himself, fastened the hooks, then pulled the laces tight, making his waist smaller. When it was my turn, he had to pull the laces for me, and I huffed and puffed a lot, but when he was done I also had a narrow waistline. He reached into the cups of the built in bra and pulled up the excess flesh, creating a very nice sight! He did the same to me, but used some small foam pads to fill out the cups of the bra. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a feminine shape, which now included boobs! Pantyhose and a padded pantybrief followed, then the dress. He selected it for me, holding it out so that I could see it.

"This will be your gown tonight, and I'll wear this one."

Stan helped me into the dress, then zipped it up the back. I stepped into the offered heels, and stood in front of the mirror. The sequined silver top accented the black skirt just right. The top was cut like an M, with two thin straps over my shoulders to hold it up. My fake cleavage just hinting at the top of the dress while the hem, which fell to my knees, gave my legs a shapely look. Other than the fact that I still had short hair, I looked like a girl! Stan slipped his gown on and deftly zipped it up. His breasts swelled at the top of the dress, the skirt flaring to accent his now narrow waistline, just like mine. He went to the closet and returned with two wig boxes. I watched as he put his on. Light brown with streaks of gray, done in an elegant pageboy, the wig turned him into a very beautiful woman! When it was my turn, I sat at the vanity as he slipped the wig on my head. It was brown with auburn highlights, which was perfect with my green eyes. As I stared at my reflection, I realized that becoming a girl wasn't going to be so hard after all, and for someone like me, someone who had tried and always failed, I was elated that it was possible!

"Gregory, dear, you'll need to select a name for yourself, since obviously Greg won't do for a girl."

Since I had dressed a few times in the past, I already had a name I liked.

"Sarah. Sarah Elizabeth."

"Oh, that's a very nice name! Sarah is a very feminine name.

Still awkward wearing heels, and self-conscious about how I looked, Stan merely let me do my best, without any clues or help. When we went to dinner, Stan didn't tell me who would be there, but it was very quiet, just the faint sounds of music invading the house, sent from some unknown place. As we walked into the dining room I saw Madelyn, and two men. Madelyn looked wonderful in a copper gown, the men dapper in their tuxedos. The men stood up as we approached, one holding a chair for each of us. I half expected a giggle, but each of them complimented me on how I looked.

In a very feminine voice, Stan introduced me. "Allow me to introduce Sarah Elizabeth."

Then Madelyn introduced me to the men. The younger one, Matt, was a doctor specializing in chemistry, the older man, Jeff, specializing in plastic surgery.

After that dinner was served, and after I relaxed a little, I enjoyed the whole evening. As Stan helped me get undressed that night, I mentioned that way his voice sounded, and he merely laughed and told me it took practice, but he would help me learn how to do it, then he told me that I would have to get ready myself from then on. He also reminded me that I had to see the doctors at nine.

Both of the doctors gave me a physical, then Jeff left. Matt sat me down and explained the facts of life to me. According to him, this could last up to three years! Then he asked me if I thought it would be better to be hairless and have my own boobs and wider hips, rather than always have to pad out. He also reminded me that I would not be a Senior when I went back to school, and that meant that I would have to participate in gym classes. He let me roll that around in my mind for a minute before he asked me again. I had not thought of the things he mentioned, but I knew that having breasts of my own would be a lot easier, so I nodded my head yes. Then he told me that they could, and wanted to, create a false vagina for me! As he explained it, I would still be a male, and have all of my original equipment, but they could manipulate things so that I would look like a girl. I would not be able to have sex of course, but that never crossed my mind at that point. He went on to explain all of the drugs he would be using, and the entire procedure I would have to go through. Laser therapy to remove the unwanted beard, hormonal treatment to help my body adjust, and some small but vital plastic surgeries. Without a word, he gave me a shot. Jeff came back in, and using a computer, showed me my body as it was then, and what he proposed. It was scary the way he made it sound so easy. I got another shot, and as I was drifting away, all I heard was him saying that a B cup would be best.

I woke up two days later in the small hospital. The sheets were held out away from my chest by two very distinct mounds, and I knew that I had my own boobs. I let my hand feel them. Soft yet pliable, sensitive and firm, they were all mine. Then I noticed that there wasn't any hair on my arms, or legs, or chest, or anywhere! I lay there calmly excited. The doctors came in about an hour later, saw I was awake, and helped me up.

"We're all done here, Sarah. Stan will help you back to your room."

I wasn't aware of everything they had done, but the unfamiliar weight on my chest spoke to me in very feminine tones. Stan put me in my own bed, where I stayed until the next morning. I woke, then got out of bed to use the bath. I stood there, fumbling for my stuff, but it was gone! I let my finger traced the thin line that was there, and quickly sat down, and felt the relief I needed. I ran into my bedroom and yanked the thin gown away, which is when I saw their work for the first time. Just as it was explained to me, I was hairless, I have two pertly firm mounds on my chest that stood out with only a slight sag. The nipples were standing straight out. My once pudgy waist was gone, as were my narrow male hips. I now had a feminine shape! My hips were wider, my bottom rounder, my upper thighs slightly larger, and right in the middle of it all, my manhood was gone! Bald, the thin slit stood out against my skin, red in places, but definitely a vagina! Just at that moment Jeff walked in.

"I see you have discovered the changes. Have you used the bath this morning?"

"Yes, sir."

"Excellent! Let me explain again what we have done."

He went into great detail about the saline filled breast implants, how he sucked the fat from my waist and used it to widen my hips and thighs, the laser that removed all my body hair, and then, I got a lecture on feminine hygiene!

"The implants are temporary Sarah. As the hormones begin to work, your own body will start to develop a feminine shape, which is when I will remove them. But because the fat cells I took from your waist are still active, you'll have to watch what you eat or you will find yourself growing a larger bottom. The black and blue marks will go away in a few days, which is when Stan will resume his work with you."

He was right. The bruises went away, and I got used to wearing a bra all the time. Stan was relentless during my exercises. How to walk, stand, sit, use my hands and so on. It got to the point that I hated him. I wore every conceivable kind of outfit, learning how to wear them, put them on, take them off and so on. I was doing aerobics every day, feeling my boobs bouncing in that sports bra, glad I had it on. He made me wear a sanitary pad for an entire week, belt and all, and I learned some ugly truths about feminine hygiene, and learned to leave the seat down. Stan did all that, and he did everything I did, and he was dressed as a woman the whole time! He always wore what he told me to wear, yet he made it look so easy! I hated him, yet I adored him. Ten days before I was to leave, Madelyn gave me a packet that contained all of my school records, right back to the beginning. I read through them, and saw that all references to Greg had been replaced by the name Sarah! There were even some pictures of me as a little girl! There was a birth certificate that showed Claire as my mother and a learner's permit so I could drive, all in the name of Sarah Elizabeth! I had a week of voice lessons, then it was time for me to leave. Stan came to my room one last time to say goodbye. He was wearing a very sharp mint green suit with a straight skirt, his jewelry and shoes of course a perfect accent.

"Those boobs on your chest are to make you look like a girl, Sarah. They're not toys that you let boys play with, understand?"

"Yeah, right. Who's going to want me? I'll do my best, but really Stan�"

"Oh, I think you'll be surprised, Sarah. Just be careful."

With a tear in my eye I gave him a hug, then he and I carried my bags out to the car.

After three plane changes, I finally met Claire at the airport. She was surprised to see how I looked, but we got on the plane and flew to our final destination. On the way I explained that I was almost as much a female as she is, which had her gasping a bit, but she accepted it and did not ask any other questions. We found the waiting car, and drove to our new house. Situated on a lovely wooded lane, the house was just right for the two of us. I had my own room with attached bath, we had a large kitchen and family room, attached garage, and big laundry. I began to put away my clothes, then changed into some shorts and a top. Walking into the kitchen, I saw Claire standing there with a young girl about my age.

"Sarah, this is Jenny North. She lives next door. Jenny, this is Sarah."

Her smile was wide and lit up her face. Jenny was dressed about like I was, yet it was easy to see that she has a knockout figure. Jenny is one of those girls that exudes sex appeal. Shorter than I am by maybe an inch, she has brown hair swept back and held in place with barrettes, bright blue eyes and a wide smile that immediately draws you to her. Not as well built as I am, Jenny nonetheless is in perfect proportion, from her height to her figure. She has one of those lithe bodies that so many women strive to get at the gym. She made me feel like a boy in a dress.

"We're having a mixer at Beth's house on Saturday, maybe you would like to come?"

"Gee, I don't know. I just got here. We have a lot of unpacking to do."

"Go ahead, Sarah. I can manage, and besides, it'll give you a chance to meet the kids in the area."

I looked at Jenny and nodded my head yes. She gave me one of those smiles, and told me it was dressy casual, then told me she would be over to get me at seven. Saturday was three days away, so I had plenty of time to unpack, and find the right outfit. Jenny went home, and I went to my room. Claire came in and asked me if my hair was long enough to be styled, and I had to say no. I told her I needed another month at least, maybe more for my hair to grow out, but she wanted to see, so we went into my room and I removed the wig. My hair was long for a boy when this all started, and now it was tickling my shoulders. Just looking at the other girls, I knew my hair wasn't long enough. Claire told me that was nonsense, and both of us would visit the salon on Saturday, because I had plenty of hair.

I selected the silver and black outfit I wore that first day with a very sheer black shawl. On the morning of the party Claire and I went to the salon�my first time by the way�and I was put into the hands of an older woman named Jeri. She removed the wig, washed my hair, then began cutting. Rollers, an awful smelling solution, another wash, then a while under a dryer. A different girl did my nails, making them longer then painting them a soft plum color. When she was done and my nails dry, Jeri began to take out the rollers while I watched in the mirror. I looked like Little Orphan Annie, and started to worry, but she brushed out my hair and the curls disappeared. I noted that my hair was now auburn all over! When she was done my hair looked great! Curly across the back, it had waves on each side that kissed my cheeks, with bangs swept to one side. I was stunned that I had enough hair of my own to do this!

"Your hair should fall right into place now, Sarah. The perm makes it easier to take care of."

"Thanks Jeri, I love it!"

Claire paid the bill for both of us and we went shopping together for the first time. I had lost about 13 pounds since this all started, and the corselet I had wasn't tight enough, so I planned on buying another. Claire suggested a strapless bra, although she seemed a little uncertain, concerned that I might not have the figure required. Never having seen my body, Claire only knew what I had told her, so she was more than a little shocked when I tried on the bra. My breasts are perfectly shaped for a girl my age, firm, without any sag yet. In addition to the bra, I also picked up a few more skirts and two more dresses, along with some shoes and jewelry. Fortunately, I now have the luxury of spending more time away from home because I no longer have to shave, pad out or any of that. With my hair done, it was a simple matter of a shower, then doing my makeup and getting dressed. Based on the way Jenny looked, I knew that there would be a lot of guys there, and the girls will have certainly picked one out for me. I had never interacted with boys my own age, but I hoped I knew what to expect. I just told myself that Stan was right. My babies were for shape and not toys for the boys to play with. I didn't think that would be a problem.

I was out of the shower and had my panties on when Claire walked in. I sat at the vanity and did my makeup, just like Stan showed me, using gray and copper eyeshadow with black eyeliner and pencil. The new bra had a bunch of hooks in the front, and when I had then fastened I saw that I had a very nice cleavage. The bra acted like a shelf almost, the lace trim barely holding me in. I loved it. I pulled on my pantyhose, made them snug to my waist, and was about to slip the dress on when Claire told me that I should wear a pantybrief.

"Wear the black one, Sarah."

"But I don't need one any more!"

"Yes, of course you don't. Think of it as one more barrier between you and the boys."

I laughed, took it out of the drawer, and pulled it on. The dress went on easily and Claire zipped it up for me. I brushed the few stray hairs back in place, then added silver earrings, a matching choker style necklace, and my watch. Then lipstick and perfume. As a last thing to do, I pulled the blusher brush between my breasts to enhance them even more. Claire giggled at that, but didn't say anything for a moment.

"I never thought of you as a girl, Sarah, but you're really quite pretty!"

"I just turned out this way Claire. I didn't plan it."

"What you're doing for me. Thanks. I can imagine how it makes you feel. To be a boy one day and a girl the next."

I wondered if I should tell her that I have been dressing up for years. If everyone was right, she and I would be together for a long time, and sooner or later she would find out anyway. A secret like that is hard to keep.

"I�um�I've done this before Claire. I kind of like it."

"OH! Well that should make things easier for both of us, then."

I changed purses, and we went to the family room to wait for Jenny. As the new girl on the block, I could only rely on her, since she is the only girl I know in the area. She arrived about ten minutes later. One look at her made me feel like a boy in a dress again. God she's gorgeous! That lithe little body of hers was now shown off to its very best advantage. She wore a shimmering green sheath dress with a square neckline, and also showed off her assets. Long shapely legs and that great smile of hers. I reminded myself that I was a girl now, just like her. We left after a bit, and drove to the party.

"Girl, when you picked that dress you sure picked a winner!"

"This old thing?"

Jenny gave me a wink just as we pulled up to the house. A woman let us in, then we made our way to the patio where the party was at. Our hostess, Beth greeted Jenny as an old friend, smiled at me, then checked me out from head to toe. She was still smiling, but it got decidedly colder around her. Jenny tugged on my arm, and I was introduced to everyone. All of the boys spent some time looking down my dress while their girlfriends frowned at them. We made our way around the patio until at last, just as I figured, I was introduced to Ken, who happened to be Jenny's brother! She never said a word as she walked off, leaving me with him!

"Don't mind her, Sarah. She's been trying to set me up for a long time now."

"What's the matter? Don't you like girls?" I asked teasingly.

"Of course I like girls. I just�it seems to me that most of the girls she introduces me to are�pushy. Are you pushy, Sarah?"

I smiled as I considered that. Just six weeks ago, I was a normal teenage boy; now, I was standing here trying do decide what kind of a girl I was.

"I don't think so. I just moved here a week ago, so how pushy can I be?"

His smile lit up the night when I said that, and he took my hand in his, then, without asking, swept me into his arms and we began to dance. I was very glad I had those few lessons. Ken was taller than I was in heels, which makes him 6 foot almost. He had brown eyes, blond hair, and nice broad shoulders which made it easy for him to wrap his arms around me. He and I danced some more, and I found out that he's funny and very perceptive. As we moved around he would point out other kids and give me his low down on them. When I asked about Jenny, his smile became a frown.

"Our dad thinks the sun rises and sets on her, and he has spoiled her pretty good. Plus, she's a sister."

"But she was so kind to me. Besides, I'm a girl too. What's so bad about that?"

"You're a girl Sarah, a new girl. You're no threat to her right now, but wait until she's after some guy and he's drawn to you and see what happens."

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend, Ken!"

"Why not? You're pretty, and sexy too. You have a great smile, and one knockout body I might add. If I wasn't sour on girls right now I might be interested."

"Thanks�I think!"

Just then he bent over and kissed me gently, right on the lips!

Before I could even react, he closed around me again and held me tightly as we swayed to the music. Jenny and Beth finally came over and saved me. The three of us walked over to where several other girls were standing.

"It looks like Ken likes you, Sarah! You're the first girl I've ever seen him kiss!"

"I would have thought that he would have most of you trying to catch him."

"Oh we have, Sarah, but he always finds a way to slip away. We all bombed out, except you!"

What was there for me to say? I smiled instead. Then Mary, the tall blonde told us she wanted to have a pool party tomorrow, strictly for girls, and would we all like to come over? I saw everyone nodding their heads yes, so I did too. We all agreed to be at her house at one the next afternoon. Now all I had to do was buy a suit.

It was a nice party and everyone seemed very friendly, especially Ken. Jenny brought me home about midnight. In the morning I told Claire I needed a swimsuit. Instead of buying one, she found one of hers and gave it to me. It looked like scraps of material and some string to me, but she urged me to try it on, so I did. The yellow bikini fit pretty good even if I did feel naked in it. I had parts flowing out all over it seemed.

"Um, this is nice, but I don't think it's the right size."

"Don't worry so much! It looks fine!"

"Am I supposed to be 'hanging out' like this?"

"Only if you want the boys to notice."

At that point, Claire saw me blush, and realized there must be a boy involved, and smiled at me.

"Just be a good girl Sarah. You're pretty, and I'm sure the young man is handsome. You look fine. Smile at him a lot. Maybe he won't be looking down your bra so much."

I looked down at my swelling cleavage, and smiled back at her, then she and I shared a laugh.

"Men are all the same, Sarah. They all look down our sweaters if they can."

She gave me a hug, and I packed it in my small bag with a towel, then drove to Mary's house at one. Claire had told me it would be a hen party as she called it. A get together where the girls can let themselves go, without any men around. It was going to be a first for me. As soon as I got there Mary told me to go change, so I used her room, then walked out to the pool area. Jenny wore a dark green bikini that made her look delicious, Mary wore a regular suit as did several of the other girls. We all sat around a single table, and I learned just who they thought might be a good catch. Of course, when Ken's name came up, they all looked at me.

"Give it up, Sarah. He likes you and you know it."

"Yeah. Every one of us except Jenny went after him without even a notice! Then you come along and he kisses you. Believe me, that's serious for Kenny. He likes you."

"What if I said I wasn't interested?"

Every one of them started to giggle, because they didn't believe me of course. The question in my mind was, did I believe myself?

I had a wonderful afternoon, and went home feeling like I had been accepted by the girls, as a girl, a sister of sorts, and it felt good.

It had been three weeks since I had left the training center, and through the FIA, they let us know that they wanted to get together with Claire and I, but the FIA had turned them down due to the security risks. I'll admit that I missed them, a lot, and had been hoping to be with them when they visited the theme park in Florida. Now�

 "Sarah, I know that you wanted to go to Florida, why don't we go? Just the two of us? We can have as good a vacation, and you can take your mind off missing your parents."

I said okay, and she made the arrangements.

In the meantime, my parents went to Florida on their own.

As I packed, Claire told me to take a couple of nice dresses, and a few skirts that I could mix and match with my shorts and tops. I also packed a pair of heels. Claire and I arrived at our destination, checked into our hotel, and settled in. We went out to eat that night, and the next day we went to the park. I set out a nice skirt and top to wear. In the morning I showered, did my hair and makeup, then got dressed. White panties and pantyhose, the skirt, which is also white, but with a hemline at mid thigh and pleated. I wore one of the new bras I had bought, the one that held me nicely, but also pushed me up and out. The top is a mint green shell with a vee neck and fits me perfectly, enhancing my bustline without being lewd about it. I also wore my white gym shoes and carried a small shoulder bag. I did my lipstick, added earrings and dashed on some perfume. We toured together for a while, then she told me she was going shopping, while I wanted to try another ride, so we split up, planning on a rendezvous later at a specific spot. Claire went one way while I started walking the other way. I had gone about a hundred yards when I saw her. Mom. She was alone. I wanted to rush over to her, but caution prevailed and I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hi, Mom."

She spun around and looked at me, then, after just a moment, hugged me.

"Gre�Sarah! You look�so nice! I never expected that you would�I mean�"

"It's okay, Mom. Where's Dad?"

"Up there, on that ride."

Her eyes virtually undressed me, and all I could do was accept her curiosity.

"Maybe we can all meet somewhere later."

"Your father would like that."

"We have to be careful, Mother. How about tomorrow? We can meet at the castle at five."

"I'll tell him."

"I have to go, Mom. Bye."

I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then left her standing there alone.

Later, when Claire and I met again, I told her what had happened, and the arrangements mom and I had made. She was concerned, but given the fact that thousands of people would be there, she agreed.

I'll admit it, I was nervous as Claire drove us to the park the next day. I had no idea how this would all turn out. We paid the admission and walked into the park, heading straight for the huge ball that was in the middle of the park. I saw Mom first, then dad as he turned around. Claire had dyed her hair, and of course, I wasn't a boy any more, so Dad did not recognize us when we walked up.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad."

Mom looked at me With a smile while Dad was speechless as his eyes went up and down, settling on my breasts again before he looked at me.

"Hi, Dad," I repeated.

My mother jumped in. "You look wonderful, Sarah! I never imagined that you could�that you would be able to�You look so�"

"Feminine? That's the idea, Mom."

Finally, my Dad found his voice. "That's not padding is it?" he asked flatly.

"No, Dad. It's all me."

Sensing the tension, Claire spoke up. "Why don't we walk around and see things? That's our cover while we're here after all, and remember, we just met!"

Mom, Claire and I tended to stay together while Dad followed along. I know for certain that when the wind whipped my short skirt up he saw my panties, and the roundness inside of them. We took a few rides then stopped for lunch, which is when Dad asked me the question.

"When this is over, you're not going to become a boy again, are you?"

I answered him in a heartbeat, without thinking. "No, Dad. I like being a girl. And besides, I have a boy that likes me."

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew that was the wrong thing to say. Dad's eyes crossed for a moment. I thought he was going to go ballistic on me, but Mom said that she knew the minute she set eyes on me. I had become Sarah, inside and out, and like all mothers, she picked up on it right away. Just at that moment Dad's pager went off, so he went to find a phone. "Saved by the bell," Claire observed.

Mom looked me over carefully. "Just how complete are you, Sarah? I mean, can you�", she began, gesturing towards my skirt.

"No, Mom. Everything else but that. My body has adjusted now, and by the time school starts I'll have the implants taken out. The doctor says I'll be smaller than a B cup for a while, but he expects me to grow into it quickly. Right now I'm 36C-24-36. I started out a B, but the hormones are making me grow, which is why I'll have to have the implants taken out."

"Oh, my!"

"No padding on the hips either, Mary. Sarah had her waist reduced in surgery, and they used the same stuff to round her out. Sarah is a fine girl, and her friend Jenny's brother Ken has taken a liking to her," Claire stated proudly.

Just then Dad returned, all smiles.

"They caught those men! There was a shoot out, but all of them were caught, and nobody was killed. That means that you can come home and get rid of those dresses now!" he declared enthusiastically.

I looked at Mom, then Claire before I looked back at Dad.

"What? What did I say?"

I took a deep breath. "Dad, I might come home, but I'm a girl now! Boobs, hips, smooth skin and all! I'm not a boy anymore!"

He looked like he had been slapped, but there wasn't any way I was going to give up what I have become. A young, pretty some say, girl that likes things just the way they are. Dad threw down his napkin and stormed away, leaving me with tears in my eyes. Mom ran after him while Claire held me in her arms.

"It'll be okay, honey," she said consolingly. "He doesn't understand yet, and you're the only one that can make him see the truth. Go to him, tell him how you feel."

I walked outside and found Mom and Dad sitting on a bench. Mom saw me coming, then got up and left so that Dad and I could talk in private. I reached out and took his hand, so strong and masculine. Mine was small and soft, like a girl's hand. I told him about all the times I had dressed up before, even though Mom had told him herself. I told him that I always wanted to become a woman, and now that I have, I simply couldn't give it up. I told him I loved him, needed him, and wanted him to accept me that way I am. As I cried, he stared at me, glowered even, but in the end, he hugged me to him and held me tight.

"Are you coming home? Or are you going to stay with Claire?" he asked quietly.

"Everyone thinks I'm a girl out there, Dad. At home, well, so many people know that you haven't got a daughter don't they? It would be very complicated for all of us. I'll stay with Claire until I graduate, then I'll come home. Okay?"

For a moment, he didn�t say anything, but the look on his face spoke volumes. In many ways he had just lost his son, and now he had to be separated from his daughter. When he finally spoke, I could hear the emotion in his voice. "Okay."

That was it. Dad accepted the truth of things, but he hated it, and did not understand why any male would willingly give up manhood to be a woman. He's right from the old school. Men rule and women obey. Men are always in charge and women are subservient to their men. He doesn't understand that women have always run things no matter what the men think. Oh, we do it subtly, but there is no mistaking it in any way. I have seen my mother twist him into a pretzel over issues and never once raise her voice, and he always caved in. I have always wanted to be a woman and now that I am, how could I give it up? Claire told me later that Dad would come around, I would just have to give him time to get used to it. But I saw the confusion in his eyes, and felt it would take more than just a little time. I just didn't know how long.

We stayed there for a week, and during that time we went out to dinner with my parents several times at a very fancy place. Each time I wore a very low cut dress to reinforce the obvious. Then we said our good-byes and went our separate ways. I was exhausted when Claire and I got home, the tension between Dad and I having ruined what could have been a fun time for all of us. Ken called me the next day, and asked me out. Of course, I said yes.

Ken took me to the show and dinner. He could tell that something was troubling me, but he didn't press the point when I avoided his questions. Instead, he took every opportunity to try to cheer me up, laughing and telling me about what everyone had been up to the week I was gone. Then, when he brought me home, it happened. He held me close and kissed me. Not at all gentle, I felt the energy coursing between us as his tongue flicked against my lips. I broke away, thanked him, and went inside. No matter what I thought before, my babies were in danger, I thought giddily. Thankfully, I wore a plain jane bra to protect them. I went out with Ken every weekend after that, and just before we went back to school, while we were parked on a shady street, I did the unthinkable. I let his hand creep under my sweater, slip under my bra, and touch me. I felt shivers running down my back, then he put my hand on him. I was no longer in control. Ken had taken my will power away with every touch, and he was really good at it. I stroked him while he was still zipped up, and I felt him shiver. It wasn't until the following spring that I did more for him, but I'm jumping ahead.

Jenny and I grew very close, and she became the sister I never had. We traded secrets, gossiped, and traded clothes. We shared a bed one night, went to pajama parties and learned to handle the boys better. Claire made sure my schoolwork was done, and I had chores of course, but I had become just another girl, and I loved it. Beth, who had always wanted Ken herself never did warm up to me, but that happens and I didn't let it bother me. Mom and Dad visited a couple of times, once when Ken stopped by. Dad wasn't smiling when Ken left, especially when I kissed him goodbye.

As Christmas grew closer, I had the implants taken out and I lost two sizes, but what there was belonged to me and not some chemist. Claire and I flew back to my parents' home for the holidays, laden with goodies for everybody. When we arrived, Mom surprised us by arranging makeovers for "just us girls" at one of the more expensive salons in town, and the three of us spent the day together. Then, on Christmas morning, I wore the dress I had bought just for this occasion. All red, it was more like a suit than a dress, but it fit me like a glove and showed off my figure. As we opened the gifts, I noticed that Dad was smiling as the pile got smaller, until at last we were done. Then he handed me a small box.

Unsure what to expect, I opened it, and saw the small gold ring. The stone was a diamond surrounded by six small emeralds!

"I just figured that my daughter deserved the best." He said it proudly, and I could sense the emotion in the air around us.

I jumped up and hugged him. He had finally accepted me as his daughter, and the only way he could say it was with this ring. I slipped it on my finger, showed Mom and Claire, then hugged Dad again.

I warted us to dinner. My soul sister Jenny and I had both become women that day, with nothing more to prove.s no longer the new girl on the block. I have a handsome boyfriend that wants me, lots of girlfriends, and a family that loves me. I really want to show Kenny just how much I love him, but I can't until after I turn 18, which is when they will complete my transformation from male to female. Until then, however, I've learned there are other ways to hold a man�in fact, I used one of them just last week, right after the prom. And it looks like I'm not the only girl that's holding her man that way�when Kenny and I left the hotel room, Jenny and Gary walked out of the room next to ours! She and I laughed while the guys both turned a nice shade of red. Then we smiled as they escorted us to dinner. My soul sister Jenny and I had both become women that day, with nothing more to prove.


� 2000

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