by Janet L. Stickney

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This story was inspired by the fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, is without a doubt, some of the best I have seen, as she brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives. Jenny North's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all you want, but please, hope you don't end up on one of her magazine covers. This story inspired by her cover entitled "Feminine Charms."

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The Senior class decided it would be a great fund raiser, and we were all eager to put the show together. But we had to pick the girls that would be the models. We could only have so many, which was less than the number of available girls of course. We had the dresses lined up, the plans to build the stage, and the music picked out. Of course, we, the guys I mean, met alone one day. We didn't think the girls could pick out the kind of girls we wanted. None of us wanted to leave out a friend, or girlfriend of course, but that would still be too many girls, so, as group, the boys I mean, we decided on the ten girls that would do the modeling. We didn't even consult the girls afterwards, because who knows what a pretty girl is better than a boy? We, meaning me, posted the names on the bulletin board the next day. That's when it all hit the fan so to speak.

Myself and several others were called into the Principals office within an hour. The look on her face could have dried up ripe fruit, boys and girls. I and the others stood there as she paced back and forth, clearly angry, until at last she spoke.

"Just how do you pick these girls?"

"We, um, well, we thought they were the prettiest ones, Ma'am."

"I will remind you that this is a fashion show not a beauty contest, gentlemen. Have you any idea what you have done?"

"Uh�no, Ma'am. What?"

"What store are we getting the clothes from?"

"Beckers, Ma'am."

"And they have a daughter?"

"Yes, Ma'am, but she weighs more than my ca�"

"That's enough of that!"

We almost stood at attention, because her wrath was legendary. This woman has a reputation for innovative ways to remind students that she is in charge, and does not take stupidity lightly, and apparently, we hit the stupid button dead center.

"You know what I think?"

"No, Ma'am, what?"

She gave Bill a glaring look, then, "I think we'll let the five of you plus five others I select do the modeling!"


"You heard me. Now, the fashion show is well over a month away, which will give you boys plenty of time to get used to wearing dresses! In fact, I think we'll change the advertising so that everyone knows it will be you boys doing the modeling! If you look good, and let me assure you that you will, Mr. Becker can use that in his advertising! If you look good, then what will the dresses look like on a real woman! You know something, I think I like this! Thank you for helping me, gentlemen. Now then. Today is Thursday, which gives you plenty of time to get ready for Monday."

"What happens on Monday?"

Me and that stupid button are going steady I think. I should have guessed.

"You five will appear in this office on Monday morning, dressed as girls from the skin out. If I have any doubt about that, I will have the Nurse check. Any questions? No? Good. I'll see you ladies on Monday morning, then."

As a group we walked out of her office, grim faced, wondering how this had happened. We all looked at each other, trying to figure out how everybody would look as a girl. Sam, well he would never do. 6'3" with a body like a small truck and a head like a medicine ball, I had a vision of Attila the Hun in a dress. The rest of us were closer to normal. I'm 5'6" and weigh 135. The rest are about my size, except Bill. He's only 5'2" tall and weighs maybe 110. As we stared at each other, the class bell rang and we hustled to class. Now, I wasn't about to say anything about this to anyone! Maybe we could change her mind, but in my heart I knew it was no contest at all. She would get her way, and on Monday morning, I knew we would all be in class, wearing a dress or a skirt and blouse, with full makeup and our hair done.

Just after noon she called a general assembly. As I sat there in the audience, I spied two others, and we knew what she was about to do to us, and we were right. She told everyone about the new plan, then she told everyone it was our idea! She went on to explain that since all ten of us volunteered, and to be able to wear the dresses in some kind of lady like manner, we would be attending school as girls. She also mentioned that we had also volunteered to do this, in the interest of the show of course, and anyone that so much as bothered us about it, even a little, would become very unhappy very quickly. I watched as she pulled out a small card, then read off the names. Sam was not on the list, but the rest of us were, plus six others. It did not take a genius to see that she had selected the guys that thought they were a gift to the ladies, or, in one case, society in general. All of the guys were my height or shorter, and all of us were on the thin side for boys. She had chosen well. Except for me, of course. The audience, especially the girls were clapping and stomping their feet as we walked on the stage. I saw my sister sitting there grinning from ear to ear. A very bad sign. She would tell mom, then dad would find out, and I would be in a dress faster than a bullet could kill me. I looked at my fellow victims, and saw no smiles. Grim faces all.

That night, during dinner, my sister let the cat out of the bag. I had remained silent on the issue, hoping that I could find a way out of this. My mother looked at me with a stunned look on her face, then dad asked me if this were really my idea. With Jill sitting there willing to refute anything I said, I had no choice but nod my head yes. But I tempered it by saying that wearing skirts to school for a month had been the Principal's idea. Mom started smiling while dad began to laugh. Jill however was looking at me like a fresh kill.

"Right after dinner I want to see you in my room. We'll need to see what size you are so we can get you a few things."

"Can I come too, Mom?"

"I think not. Your brother volunteered because this is a charity event, but based on the look in your eye, I can tell that you would love nothing more than to turn this into a freak show. Let me assure you Jillian Marie, that if you harass your brother at all about this, you will not like what happens to you in the slightest. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

Mom and I went to her bedroom, then she shut the door and looked at me.

"This wasn't your idea was it?"


"What happened?"

I told her everything, the reasons why we did it, everything. I even told her what the Principal said.

"As much as you might want me to side with you, I can't. She was right, and this will be a valuable lesson for you boys to learn. I did not think that you would do such a thing! Trying to pick out ten girls! Its like judging cows for goodness sake! Now then, you and I will set the ground rules. First, you will never leave this house unless you are dressed as a girl, for any reason whatever. You will not look halfway dressed, and by that I mean a dress, your own shoes and no makeup. No, you get the whole deal, every day until this is all over. If by that time I decide that you haven't learned your lesson, I will extend your time in dresses until I think you have. You will do your very best to become a girl, and maintain that standard until I say your done. That means a hairless body, nails and hair done, proper clothing for the occasion, and you will always wear makeup. You can have the same curfew, but if someone asks you out we have to meet him first, the same as Jill. Any questions?"

"Dates? I'm not going to date anyone, Mother!"

"We'll see. Now get undressed so I can get a few measurements."

Mom, not she and I, set the rules, but of course I knew that when she said it. Like a butterfly pinned to a board, I became a mere canvas as she began to measure me for the painted girl she was about to create. Gratefully, she let me keep my briefs on. Like most guys I know, I had wanted to get into a girls panties for some time now, and I even had a candidate. I did not expect to be the one I would find inside the panties. Mom took about an hour, trying different foundations on my face, making notes as she went along. Mom can be a pussy cat when she wants to be, but when her dander is up, not even Dad would try and tangle with her. She's a bit of a perfectionist, the house was always spotless and we never ever appeared in public in ragged clothing, so I figured she would do her very best to make me look, not only like a girl, but a very pretty girl. I could also bet that this same conversation was taking place in nine other houses across the city. When she told me she was done, I went to my room and stayed there.

Friday morning all mom said was that she wanted me to come straight home, and I could guess why. There was no use fighting it, we were all going to lose the battle, and I resigned myself to my fate. In school that day eight of the ten "volunteers" came together at lunch. It seems I was right. Our mothers all told us about the same thing. The only one that was actually looking forward to this was Steve. He was so eager that I wanted to mention it, but kept my mouth shut.

"The only way we can make this work without taking a lot of flak is to just do it. Smile a lot, laugh even. Try to walk and so on, just like a girl. Wear what the girls wear and nothing more or less. Don't go sexy or crazy, that might set her off again. Some of us have long hair, so maybe we can get it styled, the rest of you get a nice wig."

Nobody said a word to what Bill said, we all just nodded our heads in agreement. Not surprisingly, my girlfriend Cathy told me she was very proud of me for volunteering! According to her, most girls knew they would not be chosen, so they would not have felt bad about it, but by not having any girls do the show, it removed any stigma from everyone, and kept the prettiest girls from flaunting it in front of everyone else. What could I say? She gave me a peck on the cheek, and told me to call her when I became myself again. She didn't date girls you see, and she didn't want anyone to think she did. Great.

About then the Principal walked up.

"I have had to remove two of the boys. I have their permission to tell you why. Henry and his mother live alone, he works after school to help support them, and they cannot afford the expense. Kenneth's mother absolutely refused to let him participate, and has taken him out of the school. That means that the eight of you will be the models."

We all knew about Henry. He worked hard, and while he always wore clean clothes, they were rarely new, and he never joined in the after school affairs, simply because he could not afford it. Nobody would get on him about not being able to do this. Nobody. Kenneth's mother was well known for trying to run the school from her parlor. His parents have lots of money and try to push with it. The general consensus was that Ken bought his friends. Nobody would miss his sorry butt in the least. His leaving almost made it worth while in my book. Almost.

As soon as I got home Mom told me to go to my room. On the bed were some clothes, shoes in a bag, and a long plastic bag hung from the closet door. Mom merely wagged her finger, and I got undressed, again to my briefs. She and I struggled over this, and I finally won, but not without a concession. The goo she smeared on me smelled bad and itched worse, but she had me endure it for a long time before I was allowed to shower it off. I had been told to also shave as close as possible and wash my hair, so it was a while before I stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around me. The compromise was that I had to shave my groin in a narrow strip from stem to stern. The panties hung from her finger, and signaled the beginning of my transformation. I slipped them on in the interest of modesty, but it was clear that the thin material hid nothing and I was forced to hide things between my legs. I expected to get dressed, but mom had me sit in the chair she had set up at the card table. Makeup. I was about to start wearing makeup. Under her direction, I began to apply the foundation to my face, using two fingers to draw it out evenly. Slowly, all traces of my beard disappeared, then, after I used the translucent powder, my face turned smooth and matte, clear, like any girl I know. Eye shadow, green and gray, then liquid eyeliner and a pencil to outline my eyes. Mom showed me how to do blusher, using a soft coral and a sponge.

I sat there, afraid to say a word as she started to fill my hair with rollers. Using a gel, rollers and pins, she had my hair done in a few minutes. I was sure I knew how to undress a girl, but I had no idea how to dress a girl so to speak, so I was somewhat confused when she started to hand me things.

"Those are pantyhose, dear. Sit on the bed and slip them on, but be careful not to snag them."

As the slick nylon slid up my legs I felt the electric shock of delight, and shivered a bit. I tried to hide it, but Mom saw it and grinned at me. Without a word, the next item was a padded pantybrief. Obviously, it gave me hips and a butt. The waist nipper was something new. I had never seen one before, but Mom walked me through it, and as soon as I had the hooks fastened in the front, she pulled the Velcro straps tight. I thought I would be unable to breathe, but she went on as if it was the most normal thing in the world. The bra was one she called a Pushemup, and it did just that. I secured the front clasp and saw that the skin on my chest had been pulled into the cups of the bra, making it seem as if I had boobs, and of course the hard shell of the cups maintained the shape! Then a short white slip went over my head and was adjusted. Next came the dress. Mom pulled it out of the bag and I saw it for the first time. It was a pale pink sheath dress, sleeveless and looked really short. Without a word she slipped it over my head, then zipped it up. I felt stupid of course, until I looked in the mirror. Mom pointed at the shoes, and I stepped into them. The white heels pushed me up in the air a bit, and all at once my legs became shapely, my butt stuck out, and I was shocked into silence.

At the vanity she began to remove the rollers, then brushed out my hair. With each brush stroke I saw a girl emerging. The more she brushed the more feminine I became, until she said she was done. My hair was curly across the back, circling around the sides, parted in the middle, with bangs down past my eyes. Mom fixed that with a pair of scissors. I felt the lipstick in my hand, and like a zombie, I traced my mouth with the red lipstick, making my face brighter. I saw her in the mirror as she used a needle to pierce my one ear, then the pink and white earrings were pushed in and made secure. Around my neck went a pink and white beaded necklace. I saw it in her hand, unwilling to take it until she bumped my hand. I took the perfume and spritzed myself as directed, on my neck, elbows and wrists. I stood, then faced the mirror again. A girl stood there! A very cute girl as a matter of fact! The dress showed off my new figure quite nicely, and the hem at mid thigh on me showed off my long legs. The round neck showed nothing, yet the twin mounds of my breasts poked out hard against the dress. For some reason, and I would never admit this, I was proud of the way I looked.

"Have you selected a name for yourself? I'm quite certain that you don't want to be called Greg when you look like this!"

"Um�no, but�what about Grandma's name?"

"Lily? No�I don't think so, Gregory. That's an older name. How about something more current? Something feminine."

I couldn't think of one. My brain went into vaporlock, and I was stuck.

"What about�Emily?"

"Not that!"


"No chance!"

"Okay, how about Elizabeth?"


"That was your last chance, dear. Your name will be Priscilla!"

"No way mom! Never!"

"Tell me, then."

"Uuummm�Janet. Janet�Lynn."

"Wonderful! Let me get you a bag, and we'll be ready to go."


"Didn't I tell you? We're going to dinner at the club tonight! It must have slipped my mind."

Right. Slipped her mind. The woman never forgets anything! I sat in my room while she got ready, then she took my hand as we walked down the stairs and into the familyroom. Walking in heels wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Standing there in front of my father like this, now that was hard. I did not expect his reaction however.

"Holy Cow! Oops. Sorry. You look fantastic! I never imagined that you would look like this!"

"She is cute isn't she? Her name is Janet."

"Looking like this I'm sure that we'll have more than a few boys on our doorstep wanting to see her. I'll have to chase them away I guess."


He smiled at me, laughed, then, when I didn't see Jill, he told me they sent her to our Aunt Mary's for the weekend. He motioned to the door, and I took my first step outside the house dressed as a girl. No fanfare, no jeering crowds, nothing but Mrs. Hansen. She was in her yard pruning her bushes. Much to my chagrin, mom introduced me to her. I got in the car as quickly as possible and dad drove us to the club. I expected a chorus of laughter, but not one person so much as gave me a strange look! Shiny eyes and quick smiles, but nothing else to make me think I had been discovered. Over dinner, Mom told me that in the morning she and I were going shopping.

"Jill is too small, and my clothes would not look right on you. You need panties and bras, a few slips, skirts and a few dresses as well as a makeup mirror, curling iron, brush and so on. Maybe, if I can find them, some real good breastforms, and of course, shoes. If we have time we'll stop and get your nails done as well."

There was nothing to say, so I didn't. I looked up and saw the Principal walking over! She actually looked nice. She wore a full length gown that flowed around her like a sea of mint green, and she wore makeup! I had never seen her wear so much as lipstick!

"Hello! I see you have one of our models with you!"

"Mary! So good to see you! This is Janet. Janet, stand up please so she can get a good look at you."

I stood and moved away from the table a bit, saw her smile, and swallowed hard.

"I never expected you to look so pretty my dear! You're gorgeous in fact!"

"Thank you, Ma'am." I sat down as femininely as I knew how.

"I can see that this is going to work out even better than I planned, especially if the other girls look as pretty as you do!"

"Janet told us she has a bit over a month, and I can't see why we can't have her be as feminine as possible by then. Why, she was really anxious when we got her dressed this afternoon!"

"I can see why! Well, see you on Monday, Janet."

Mom was right, I was anxious about getting dressed as a girl, but she made it sound like I was eager, I wasn't. I was scared. But that's behind me now that the Principal has seen me. She knows what can be done, and she will expect it every day. I wasn't sure I could do it every day, but I don't seem to have a choice.

"What about Jill? She'll ride me every chance she gets, and there is no doubt that she'll start a few rumors about me as well, regardless of what you say. She'll think she's safe at school, and be able to deny staring the rumors."

"Jill and I had a talk, Janet. Unless she wants to go to school looking like a five year old, she'll keep her thoughts to herself. Even if she doesn't start any rumors, if I hear about them, she'll be in pinafores the next day and she knows it. At home she'll keep her mouth shut for the same reason."

Dad had covered that angle neatly. Jill had set him off about a year ago, and she went to school for a month, dressed like a five year old, including ruffled panties and extremely short dresses. I knew that she never wanted to do that again! Over dinner, talk never centered on my dressing as a girl, except once when Mom once again told me that if a boy asked me out they had to meet him. For some reason that I cannot figure, they thought I would immediately start dating boys! I let it go because it was such a preposterous idea. I will admit that wearing the dress tended to make me move less like a boy. With no pockets I found out why women put their hands in their laps, and of course, that was the reason for the purse. Other than a wallet, I never did understand why the girls always carry so much in a purse, I mean, all I have is my wallet and my lipstick. When we got home, Mom reminded me that we were going shopping in the morning, and would help me get ready right after breakfast.

Expecting to wear the same dress, I was surprised when Mom gave me a pair of her slacks and a blouse to wear. I had to wear my penny loafers, but my hair was done just like the night before, and I had done my own makeup, with only one correction. Our very first stop was at her salon, where my nails were done, in acrylics by the way. I had no idea at the time just how hard they are to get off, and let the girl do her thing. The stylist trimmed and cut, put me in rollers again, then used some foul smelling concoction on me before she sat me under the dryer. Half and hour later, as she began to take the rollers out, I saw that my once soft brown hair had turned auburn in color! She brushed my hair out, then let me see the finished work. I looked perky! My hair had been curled and looked much the same as when Mom did it, except there was no part down the middle, and the curls looked a lot springier. My eyebrows, not that thick to start with, were plucked and arched, thinned out to a very feminine shape. Mom paid the bill, and as we walked out, I had that feeling again. You know the one. When you know that something has happened to you, but you're not sure what it is. Every time I moved my hands I saw the flash of soft red, my once stubby fingers now looked long and thin, like a girls, and I could feel the whisper of hair as it tickled my ears. That feeling was tickling my brain, yet I was afraid to examine it. I might not like what I found.

Mom and I went into a huge department store, and while I didn't expect to be singled out as a boy in a dress, the fear nagged at me with a constant drum in my mind. As we walked into the lingerie department, I was way over my head. I know what panties and a bra are, beyond that, not much. Two packages of panties, cotton, in assorted colors, then bras in peach, white and beige, size 36A. Mom let me pick them out myself, merely guiding my selections. Short slips for skirts and slightly longer slips for dresses, then another padded pantybrief. With girls my age all over the place, I thought we were done, then she saw the nightgowns, and told me to chose two. In a quick grab, I did my best, unwilling to stay there any longer than possible. We paid the bill, then went to the dress department where, again under her direction, I picked out three skirts with tops and blouses to match, then two dresses plus a suit. A pair of shorts, and of course a pair of slacks. In shoes I picked out white, beige and black flats, plus, at Mom's urging, black patent leather heels. As we walked down the main concourse she spied a small shop and we made a hard left into the store. Mom had let me pick out the clothes and shoes, but if I had resisted doing it, she would have, and there was no telling what would happen, or what she would select. It had been in my own best interest to pick them out myself, but now she could say that I had made the selections, and it would be true. Ah well.

My eyes saw them the minute we walked in. Boobs. But these boobs looked like they cut them off some girl! Flesh toned, they looked real just sitting on the shelf! Mom told the woman I needed a pair in size A, the fuller version of course. The woman handed them to mom, and she dragged me into the changing booth where I unbuttoned my blouse. Mom pushed one into each cup of the bra, removing the rolled up socks, smiled, then stuffed the socks on her purse. The bill was paid and we headed for the car. Having extra weight on my chest felt so different! With every step I felt them bounce a bit, then in the car, I felt them. Real. They felt so real it was scary. Mom merely smiled as she drove us home. I took everything to my room, and saw a vanity sitting in the corner! With a sigh I put everything in the closet or dresser, then changed into the new shorts. Yellow isn't my favorite color, but these shorts were tight, and defined my groin in a way that made it look as if I was a girl! I left the blouse out, put my gym shoes on, and went to the kitchen.

"You look very nice with your hair that way, Janet. But I can't begin to tell you how nice you look! It's like having another daughter!"

"Gee, Mom, shucks and golly."

"Don't be sarcastic dear, it doesn't suit you. You look very nice and you know it. Put on a skirt and blouse for dinner tonight dear, Jill will be back, and she needs to see you looking really nice."

I was watching television when Jill got home, and she tore around the house looking for me. I was standing next to Mom when she walked in. The look on her face was worth it�I think.

"Holy shi�sorry! Wow! You don't look at all like I thought you would!"

"Jill, this is Janet. She'll be with us for a while, and I expect you to treat her as if she were a guest. I certainly hope you understand that."


"Good. Dinner will be in fifteen minutes."

Jill never said a word about how I was dressed, just that she thought I was cute. After the dishes were done, mom once again told me to go to my room and undress, then, as soon as I was standing there in my panties, she opened a bottle of some adhesive, and attached the breastforms directly to my chest! As she smoothed out the seam against my skin, I could look down and see it disappear, and it now looked like I had breasts of my own! I looked in the mirror and got that sinking feeling that was getting to be so familiar, but now I knew what had been bothering me. I liked the way I looked. More, I was beginning to like wearing a bra and panties, a skirt and lipstick. Mom told me to put a nightgown on and join them for popcorn. Not only was I starting to get used to this girl thing, well maybe I liked it I guess, but the minute I slipped the nightgown on and saw the twin points of my breasts through the thin material, I had to smile to myself. I carried the robe on my arm rather than wear it. It was time to shock little sister into silence.

I walked into the familyroom with my back straight, pushing those babies up and out. Dad was the first one I got a reaction from. He choked a bit, then Jill saw them and squealed, which is as far as I got before Mom gave me that "put the robe on or die" look. It was very quiet after that, but I'm sure that Mom would have to explain to dad how I managed to have two very real breasts on my chest. Jill could pound sand as far I cared. I wouldn't tell her, ever.

In the morning Mom told me to get ready on my own, and while I thought I could do makeup okay, hair was a different matter, But when I woke up, my hair almost popped into place on its own, which is when began to smell a rat. I had a perm! Or at least some form of one, which is why my hair looked so nice after sleeping on it! I wore the tan skirt with a pink blouse, pantyhose and beige flats, lipstick to match my nails of course, and to tweak everyone, some perfume. Gold earrings and a bracelet. My purse was tan, filled with my new wallet, the type women use, lipstick, and some tissue. Of course, I wore the padded pantybrief as well. No waist nipper. Today the fun would begin, and right after breakfast, I drove Jill and I to school.

"They're not going to believe this, Janet. Hell, I don't believe it, and I saw you half naked last night! You'll have plenty of guys after you, so be careful!"


"Wait and see, big sister, wait and see."

As I walked into the school, nobody gave me a second look, which only reinforced what I had already discovered. I looked good enough to go unnoticed as a girl. I went straight to the office, to stand inspection for the Principal. Bill was there with two others. Short, you would have thought he would look spectacular, but Steve, well, he looked simply gorgeous. Bill wore a simple jumper over a white blouse, and looked about average. Steve wore a sheath dress that was cut low enough to show the tops of his breasts. His skinny arms looked just right, and his hips were in proportion to the rest of him. But his face. Wow! He had done his blond hair by pulling it back and using a banana clip to hold it in place, then fluffed the whole thing out. He was grinning at me when I walked in. Now I knew why he wanted to do this so badly. It was obvious. He had done it before. Soon, the eight of us were there, and one by one, she checked us over until at last she came to Steve. Her eyes went a bit wide, but we said nothing as he smiled at her.

We all told her the names we had selected for ourselves, which she noted, then told us to go to class. Out of the eight of us, in looks, Steve would be number one, myself second I guess, then Tom. The rest all looked okay, more or less average. I went to my first class, walked in, and sat at my normal chair. As heads turned to stare at me, I saw my girlfriend Cathy, her eyes wide open, staring at me. All I could do was smile back. The teacher called roll of course, but asked for Janet when she got to me. That's how everyone found out the name I was using. After class, Cathy stopped me.

"What can I say? You look great, Janet! I never would have guessed!"

"Thanks. I guess this means no going out until this is over?"

"Not even as two girls, Janet! I have no intention of being the wall flower, and that's what I would be if you're around!"

It was like that all day. The eight of us did our best to fit in, and while some of the guys struggled with it, most kids, usually the girls, helped them out. Except Stephie and I. They left us alone. I took a few barbs about the way I looked of course, but the guys were more in awe than anything. Stephie told me we should corner one or two of them, kiss them, and spread that around! It sounded interesting, but I did not say yes or no. As the days went by I became accustomed to getting ready each day, my skills at hair and makeup growing better each day. Wearing a skirt or dress wasn't so bad, and I had plenty of guys staring at me. Cathy says it's because they want to ask either Stephie, Tina, (once Tom), or myself out, but were scared. On Saturday afternoon the phone rang and I answered it.



"This is�um, Ben. I was wondering if you would�what I mean is, there's that dance, and I was um�wondering if you would go with me?"

"Ben, you know who I am, right?"

"Uh�yeah, why?"

"Ben, I'm not a girl!"

"Yeah, I know that, but you look so�Stephie is going, she's going with Stan."

"I see."

Did I see? For two weeks now I had stayed at home on the weekends, and wanted to get out. Now Ben had asked me out! Had I turned into enough of a girl that I would go? Or was I still a wuss? After all, what can he and I do to get into trouble?

Well, alright. What time?"


"I'll be ready. Bye."

I had a date! And not just a date, but with Ben! Only the most popular guy in school, and certainly has had every girl in school after him! Why did I ever say yes? What have I done?!

"Who was that, dear?"

"Ben, Mother. He asked me out to the dance tonight."


"He'll be here at six to pick me up! Mother! What have I done?"

"You thought like a girl, dear. You better go get ready. I'll fix you something to eat."

I changed into the short green skirt with a white pullover top and my white flats, did my makeup over, brushed my hair, and smiled at my reflection. I did look good dammit! Why should I stay at home? I added perfume and red lipstick, "fluffed up" my boobs, and went to eat. I sat across from Mom who was grinning.


"You're quite pretty Janet. I just wanted you to know that."

"Uh huh."

"Just be careful, honey. Boys have only one thing on their tiny minds."

"Silicone and foam rubber? That's what he'll get, mother!"

"That presupposes he gets that far, which is out of bounds and you know it!"


She laughed again and patted my hand. I finished just as Ben rang the bell. As ordered, I had him meet my mother, then he took my hand and we went out to his car. He took my hand? What am I doing? He was smiling as he drove to the dance, then as we walked in, he put his arm around my waist. Without being rude, how could I stop him, and worse, did I want to stop him. I no longer felt like a boy in a dress, and nobody treated me like one. All of the girls seemed to have accepted us into their ranks as equals, while almost every boy deferred to us like they would any girl. Bill had gotten real good lately, and with the name Betty, had become quite popular. Ben swept me onto the dance floor and pulled me to him, holding me there as we moved across the floor easily. I could smell his aftershave, see the hairs on his chest, and felt his hand in the middle of my back. I felt like a girl, and knew it. I know that was the exact moment I decided to quit fighting it. If I thought I was a girl, then I would be. Ben thinks of me like one anyway. In the darker recesses of the gym, he lowered his head and let his lips touch mine. He smiled while I struggled to agree with myself.

I saw Cathy with another guy, and saw her wave at me. Stephie was with Stan, and Betty was firmly in the grasp of Sam, our six footer. An odd couple, but both of them were smiling and I put it out of my mind. Ben and I joined Cathy and Fred as soon as the music stopped.

"You two belong together. The way you dance, It's like watching one person."

"Thanks, Cathy, but I have to convince Janet of that first."

"What?" I asked, again pushing the stupid button.

"Becoming one person, silly! You and Ben belong together and you know it!"

Ben pulled me away and Cathy lost her target, me. Out on the dance floor again he stayed there for several numbers, then had a soft drink. I saw Sam holding Betty in his arms, his lips firmly planted on hers, looked over at Stephie, and saw her smiling at Stan. Is this what happens when you wear a dress? Ben squeezed my hand, and when I looked at him he kissed me again, but not lightly. It was hard to imagine nobody saw me put my arms around him when he did that, but that didn't matter right then. We stayed almost to the end, then he took me home. Right in front of my house he took me into his arms and smiled at me.

"I know that under all this is a guy I used to know, but dammit, Janet, you don't look, walk, act, talk or smell like any guy I know, and you turn me on like a light! Come on, admit it. You like being a girl, don't you?"

"I have to go in, Ben. Thanks for the fun night out."


His lips touched mine, then I felt his tongue against mine. I did not resist as he kissed me, but when we broke, I opened the door and ran inside the house. I went right to bed and stayed there until Mom came in about nine the next morning. She asked me if I was all right, which is when I broke out in tears. Big, sobbing, yank from the soul tears. Through the tears and sobs, I told her what had happened. How he had kissed me, and that I liked it. I liked it! I'm a guy, not some scared little girl! Mom held me in her arms, then asked me one question.

"Why did you think that boys would not be attracted to you?"

"Because I'm a boy, not a girl, Mother, and Ben knows that!"

"Maybe, but he does not see a boy in a dress dear, he sees a really beautiful girl, you. Let me ask you this, what has your Father called you the last few days?"


"No dear. Princess. He has been calling you his Princess. You must be able to see that even your Father thinks of you as a girl now. Why shouldn't the boys at school? Didn't you tell me that Stephie must have been doing this for a long time? And hasn't she snagged a boyfriend?"

"Betty, too."

"See! What's so special about you that you think you wouldn't be drawn into womanhood?"

"I liked it, mother. Ben is tall and handsome, smart and hairy, and I liked it when he kissed me!"

"Don't let it worry you, honey. I like hairy men too. Now get some clothes on and come eat."

Great. Now mom was agreeing with that voice in my head! I cleaned up and got dressed in some shorts and a top. I skipped the bra. Mom didn't say a word about it except to tell me to finish getting dressed after breakfast. Stephie called a little later and told me that Tina, Betty and herself would be over in an hour. I went up and put a bra on, added some lipstick, then helped do the dishes. They arrived soon after that. Mom had not seen any of the guys dressing as a girl except me, and when I introduced them to her, I could tell by the look on her face that she was clearly shaken by the way they looked. We all went up to my room. We all sat there for a moment staring at each other, until, at last, Stephie spoke up.

"We, all of us, know that we like dressing as girls, so why don't we just cut to the chase and admit it? Look at us. We all have boyfriends now, and nobody even thinks of us as boys wearing a dress any more!"

"But the guys know that this is just temporary!"

"Is it? Janet, you know it isn't. Let me tell you the truth. I have been dressing as a girl since I was little, and now that I can do it every day, I'm not going to quit. I'm going to stay as Stephanie when this is over."

"We all knew that, Stephie." Tina sounded glad in a way.

"Betty, why is Sam always around you? Is he a good kisser? Where did you two go after the dance?"

Betty turned a bright red, started to speak, then waved her hand no.

"And Tina. You and Matt seem real tight lately, and is that his ring on a chain? What does that say?"

Stephie turned back to me. "Janet, you and Ben make a cute couple and he likes you a lot. We all saw you two playing kissy face the other night, so what makes you think that you'll be able to go back and pick up where you left off? Cathy is seeing Fred now because you and Ben are an item. Listen, those girls have seen us with our guys, kissing them and so on, and they can draw a natural conclusion. We like being girls. If we can kiss them, we can also do other things, just like the other girls do, and they will probably avoid us like the plague if we ever went back to being boys again."

Stephie had said what we had all thought about. She had spoken the words aloud for the first time, and they hit me like a hammer. We all knew she liked being a girl, and I would bet that Stan really enjoyed their date the other night. As we looked at each other, I saw on their faces, and felt one on my own, a smile growing until we were all laughing. The truth had been spoken, and we had all agreed on the obvious.

"What now? If what you think will happen does, where does that leave us? On the outside, Stephie. You're right about Sam and I. He likes me this way, and I like the way he treats me. I guess I don't want to give that up. For me, I never dated before this because I was concerned about how tall I am, but now, it doesn't seem to be a problem, does it? My parents might not like it, but I'm going to stay on as Betty when this is all over. Anyone else besides Stephie and me?"

I looked at Tina and saw that glow in her eye, then, the slow nod of her head. It was time for the truth. I'm pretty sure my Mom figured it out, especially after Ben showed up to pick me up. I can tell by the tone in her voice and the way she looks at me. Cathy is dating Fred, which effectively kills our relationship. Dad, well, like mom says, he has been calling me Princess for a week now, and Jill has quit looking for a way to get at me with some kind of snide remark. I thought about how I viewed myself now. Like my friends, I like being a girl. Other than the extra time it takes to get ready every day, I like the scent of my perfume, the taste of the lipstick, the swish of nylons against my legs and the sway of my skirts. I also like the way my breasts feel when I walk, the little bounce they have, and of course, the attention Ben gives me. I slowly but surely nodded my head yes. By a vote of 100 percent, we all agreed, then we decided to tell the Principal the day before the fashion show. We moved to the patio and had soft drinks, then, after they had left, Mom wanted to talk to me.

"You have all decided to remain as girls haven't you?"

Why is it that Mother always know what's going on? Did she listen at the door or what? Her eyes went a little gray as she waited for me to confirm her suspicions. I nodded my head yes, then�

"I can't give it up, Mother. I think you already knew that, too."

"I suspected, but I wanted to hear it from you. Can you tell me why?"

I tried, I really did, but no matter what I said it sounded inane and silly. The feelings I had inside eluded my best efforts at description, and I waited for her to say no. I did not want to argue with her about this, because she could force me back into pants just as quickly as she put me into dresses. I did not mention how Ben made me feel.

"Okay, but you have the rest of this year and all of next before you graduate, Janet. That's a long time. What about after that? College, a job, and so on? Will you do that as a woman as well?"

I didn't think that far in advance! I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders, as if to say "I don't know," hoping that she could help me.

"If, and this is a big if, your Principal agrees to it, we will let you continue as a girl, however we will have to change you name legally, then we will see a doctor. A girl should have her own boobs Janet. I'm sure the ones you have now are fine, but Ben will want more sooner or later won't he?"


"Your Father already knows, honey. We knew about a week ago. We could see it in everything you did. The way you acted so much like a girl, even the way you react around your father. All of it told us that you liked being a girl. Then, when you went out with Ben, well, it was a sure bet. If you had seen your face when he walked in the house you would understand, Janet. You lit up and had a smile on your face we never saw very often before. When did you intend to tell everyone?"

"The day before the fashion show. Why?"

"I was just wondering, that's all."

I dropped any pretenses I had erected, and simply became Janet after that. That internal struggle I had been having with myself every time I felt extremely feminine stopped, and I simply accepted my new role. It was well known that some of the guys were getting on Sam, Ben, Matt, and Stan for dating us, but they all managed to ignore, or absorb the barbs. Not many would mess with Sam anyway, but the whisper campaign was at full throttle and there wasn't a thing we could do about it. It was Tina that called a short meeting at lunch time, and told us about a site on the Internet we should visit, and explained what she saw there. That night I checked for myself, saw a number if things that would make life easier for me, and asked Mom to look at it too. In full agreement, she and I printed out the instructions, and the next day she and I followed them to the letter and ordered to item. Three days they said it would take, and it was a very long three days as I waited. Betty, Tina, and Stephie all ordered the same items. Mom was ready when I got home that day, and she wasn't smiling.

"Did you know what you can do if you're wearing this?"

"I read everything you did, Mom, sure I know. I put it on, and I am able to function as a female, which means I'll have to sit all the time for everything. What's the big deal with that?"

"Nothing! But we misread the instructions, Janet. When they said function as a female, they meant in every way!"

My stupid button was engaged again, and I didn't get it, so Mom told me. I hadn't planned on the option, but as long as I had it�

"I'll let you wear it, but I want none of that monkey business, Janet, and I mean it!"

Of course I agreed, and she and I carefully slipped the panty up my legs, seated my penis into the sleeve, then, when it was all the way on, she used the adhesive in all of the seams. An exact match to my skin color, I looked in the mirror and saw myself with a vagina for the first time. My hips were rounder and fuller, I now had the small pouch just under my belt line, and a thin slit to define myself. With my breast forms, I now looked like a naked girl! With the panty I no longer needed the padded pantybrief, and could wear anything any other girl could wear, including a swimsuit! I got dressed, helped make dinner, then drove over to see Stephie. Her eyes were glowing, so I was sure hers had arrived as well, and we played "show me" to great gales of giggling and hugging. The next day we found out Tina and Betty had theirs as well, so we decided to ask the sponsor to included a bikini for each of us. Tina said she would talk to them after school and pick out the suits.

Cathy no longer talked to me like I was a boy in a dress, but had begun to talk to me like a girlfriend, telling me about Fred and so on. Not to be left out, I told her about Ben. That is the moment I knew that I had been accepted by the girls anyway. The fashion show was a week away, and all of us had to go to the store to be fitted for the gowns we would be modeling. Our Principal was there with the store owner and some of our mothers, including mine. His reaction when he saw us was to ask where the boys were. We all giggled at that, then, without a word, Stephie grabbed a dress and went into a changing booth. It was plain that he had selected low cut gowns, which we had thought he might do, and we were prepared. I wore a corselet under my clothes for example. Stephie simply went braless. When she stepped out of the changing booth the reaction on his face was worth the whole effort. Stephie looked stunning in a shimmering white sheath dress that hung against her like it was sprayed on. I don't think she had anything else on except her shoes. I wore a short cocktail dress that was royal blue. My breasts were hiked up pretty good in that outfit. Tina wore a short sheath dress, Betty a summer jumper. After that, he sat there and simply watched as one after another we stepped out wearing the clothes assigned to us.

Then it came to the bikinis. The one Tina handed me was yellow with tiny polka dots on it. I took it and slipped it on, tying the strings as tight as I could. I stepped out first and drew a gasp from all of the staff, the Principal and the owner. I paraded back and forth a few times, showing them that there wasn't anything inside that suit but a girl. Smiling I stood next to mom, then Stephie, Tina, and Betty stepped out of their booths. All of the bikinis Tina had selected were the kind that had a narrow rise in the front with a modest panty in the back, the bra cups merely there. All of the adults were staring at us as we stood there, then, Mr. Becker clapping, and soon everyone was. The Principal asked the four of us to meet her in her office the next morning, we got dressed, and went home.

"That was some show you girls put on. Can I assume that was on purpose?"

"What better way is there for us to define who we are now? Those bikinis don't leave a lot of room for doubt, Mother. Was there any indication that any of us were boys?"

"Of course not! But you planned it that way, and it worked. Mr. Becker was shocked so much that we had to convince him that you are all boys. I'm not sure he believed us, but he won't stop the show because he has doubts. Maybe you girls can figure out a way to convince everyone you're still boys. I can assure you that there will be a lot of people that won't believe it."

"I'll think about it, Mother."

The next morning, as we stood in front of her desk, our Principal stared at us, then began to laugh!

"You girls really had Mr. Becker going. He didn't believe that you are boys at first, and it took a lot to convince him otherwise! You have all become so feminine that everyone now thinks of you as girls, which brings me to the next question. Do any of you plan on remaining girls when this is over?"

Without a thought I raised my hand, as did the others.

"I guess I better make the changes in your records, then. You may want to consider finding a way to expose your maleness during the show, girls. If Mr. Becker is right, a lot of people will have serious doubts about your gender, and given that we have advertised the models as boys, well, that's a problem right now isn't it?"

"We'll find a way, Ma'am."

Later that day, together we figured out a way to make sure everyone would believe us, but none of us liked it much.

On the morning of the show I went to the salon and had my hair and nails done, then I went home and got ready for the show. I told Mom what I planned on doing, and she agreed to bring the items I needed. I wore a skirt and blouse to the arena, then joined everyone backstage to get ready for the show. The schedule called for me to be first in every rotation, and I hurried to put on the summer suit with a nice hat and gloves. One after another we paraded down the runway, stopping, turning, then walking back to end with a flourish and then a quick change. When it came time for the swimsuits, which was last, Mom helped tie the strings, I stepped into the yellow sandals, and to the oldie "She wore a yellow polka dot bikini," I strutted down the runway slowly, stopped, bent over so that everyone got a good boob shot, turned, and walked back and off stage. There were a lot of gasps when I bent over, but I had to do it to set up the rest. Betty, Tina, and Stephie all did the same thing. The minute I stepped off stage, mom used the remover and took the breastforms off my chest, cleaned them and me, and slipped them back into the bra. I waited until everyone was ready, then the four of us stepped out on stage, and as one, pulled our breastforms out of our swimsuits, and untied the strings. As the material fluttered to the floor, the applause rose to a crescendo, and we stood there soaking it up. We were joined by the other four members of our little troupe, then ran off stage.

Mom, Mr. Becker, and the lady that was in charge of the clothes were waiting for us.

"We have one more outfit for each of you. Go into your booth and someone will help you get dressed."

I followed Mom, and the minute we were alone she reattached my breastforms, then helped me into a wedding dress! It was huge, with a hoop skirt, fitted bodice, and a low cut lace trimmed top. I changed into the white satin shoes Mom had ready, then came the veil. I stepped out and saw betty, Tina, and Stephanie wearing bridesmaids gowns! I heard the music, the curtain opened, and I walked slowly down the runway with my friends right behind me. We were a hit, and we knew it. I almost glowed like a bride as the applause cascaded over us. I stopped at the end of the runway, ready to turn, when I felt a hand in mine. It was Ben! As he led me around the circle, I saw Matt, Stan and Sam, each holding the hand of his girl! I felt like crying. They escorted us off stage, then, when the curtain closed, Ben slowly lifted the veil and kissed me, right in front of everyone! Even those little old ladies were crying. Mom broke us up and I went to change. As Mom unzipped my gown she whispered in my ear that she had another gown for me to wear.

I stepped out of the booth not in a skirt and blouse, but a fitted white cocktail dress. I still wore the white satin heels and the veil. Ben stood there glowing when he saw me, proud and handsome in his tuxedo. He took my hand in his, then escorted me to a waiting limousine which took us to the best restaurant in town. As we walked in the place erupted in applause! A waiter escorted us to a table where Jill, my parents, Mr. Becker and his wife waited. The other girls had been treated the same, and we were all soon seated near each other. Mr. Becker got up and toasted our ability, apologized for doubting us, then gave us the outfits we had on plus the bikinis and a $500 gift certificate to his store! One by one he handed each of us our gifts, then sat down. The Principal stood up and told everyone that we had performed in an exemplary manner, and had upheld the true meaning of winning in a challenging problem. Then she told everyone we would be continuing in school as girls. As the hush fell over the tables, her eyes swelled up and a tear slowly formed then ran down her cheek.

"These young ladies have taken their challenge so much to heart that they have become the girls they had hidden inside. We cannot, and will not try to determine if they are right or wrong, that is their choice. But, all of them have exemplified what it means to be a woman. I wanted to teach them a lesson, but they have taught me one. Every day for over a month they have done nothing but try to become the best female they knew how to be, and have set a standard many of the other girls cannot reach! Beauty, manners, good humor and class define these young ladies, and if anyone doubts that, just look at the young men that clamored to be their escorts tonight. I would be proud to call any of them my daughter."

As she sat down the room went silent for a moment, then the thin strains of a waltz started in the background. My father took my hand and pulled me up, walked me to the dance floor and enveloped me in his arms. As he moved across the floor I followed him, smiling, knowing that I had it all now. Soon, every father of every girl was dancing with his new daughter. Then Ben asked Mother to dance, Jill and her boyfriend got up, and soon the party began.

"Like her, I'm proud to call you a daughter, Janet. I love you."

"Thanks, Dad. I love you, too."

That summer my name was legally changed to Janet Lynn, and I found a way to please Ben. Jill soon forgot about my previous status, and began to borrow my clothes. I still have that original list of names in my scrapbook, right in there with the pictures from the show. I especially like the one with Ben and I together, me in a wedding dress of course.


� 2000

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