The Venus Metamorphosis

by Bill Hart

TG Science Fiction and Fantasy Cover Inspired by "Modified Magazine Cover #75"
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"Damn!" swore Frank Fenton as he stared down at the gas gauge. Impossibly, the needle rested well below the line underscoring the big red "E". His car was out of gas, but having driven less than a hundred miles since he'd last filled the tank, he should have still had better than a half a tank of gas. "Given the high cost of gas these days and all those strangers at Jerry's house, someone must have ripped me off while my car was parked and I never noticed."

Frank got out of the car. With the exception of the decrepit old mansion atop the small hill overlooking the road, there was nothing to be seen for miles in either direction. And he hadn't seen another car on the road since he'd turned onto this shortcut Jerry had told him about as he was leaving the party.

Even though the mansion looked abandoned, Frank decided he'd walk up the hill and see if they might possibly have a phone - he had plenty of time. Besides if anyone lived there, he might be able to convince the owner to put him up for the night. Sleeping in an unknown bed was better than trying to sleep in the uncomfortable bucket seats of his car.

Frank began to laugh as he neared the dilapidated house. The place might have been a real architectural beauty once, but now, if he wanted to believe any of those dated old movie stereotypes, it was the perfect place to find some evil mad scientist bent on taking over the world. But that was nothing more than Hollywood hoopla. And Frank had never believed those banal old movie plots happened in real life.

Not expecting an answer, Frank raised the huge knocker, then let it drop. The sound seemed to echo throughout the house, but within a few seconds an overhead light in the entryway came on. And then, creaking with every inch it moved, the door began slowly opening.

Frank felt surprised as he felt his manhood suddenly stiffen for no apparent reason. "This has never happened to me before," he mumbled. "I hope there's nothing wrong with me?"

"I too hope there is nothing wrong with you, sir," came a light and sultry feminine voice from behind the opening door.

Just hearing the soft sensual voice aroused Frank still further, but he wasn't ready for the exquisite vision that greeted him as she stepped out from behind the door. That's definitely no mad scientist, he thought, unless someone's radically redesigned the package. Unable to control himself, Frank stared at the platinum-haired goddess before him with increasingly lustful thoughts.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked.

Frank continued to stare. Not thinking his own thoughts in any way strange or unusual, Frank wondered if this beautiful girl would think him peculiar if he told her he wanted to have her babies. After all, they'd just met.

"Can I help you, sir?" she repeated her question in a tone even more sultry and sensuous than before.

"Who is it, Angelica?" asked a male voice from inside.

Angelica - that's a perfect name for this angel, thought Frank.

"It's a young man, doctor. But he hasn't said a word; I think he may be a mute," replied Angelica. "He's just standing here staring at me. Why do young men always stare at me when I answer the door, doctor?"

"You're a very pretty young woman, Angelica," replied the older man as he arrived next to the girl. "Young men always stare lustfully at attractive young women. How many times must I tell you this, Angelica?"

"I'm sorry, Dr. Mueller. I'll try harder to remember," replied Angelica. She turned back to Frank. With a mischievous smile, she asked "Do you really think I'm pretty, sir?"

Frank still couldn't find his missing voice. You aren't just pretty, he thought, you're gorgeous.

As if the doctor were listening to Frank's thoughts, he answered Angelica. "I'm certain he thinks you're absolutely gorgeous, my dear. Why should he be any different from other men? Perhaps you should go upstairs and prepare him a room; it's late, and I'm sure our guest wouldn't have stopped here unless he was in some kind of difficulty."

"Of course, doctor," replied Angelica dutifully. As she turned towards Frank, she gave him a quick little peck on the cheek followed by a coquettish wink. "Thank you again for thinking I'm pretty, sir." Within moments, she had once again vanished into the house.

"Now young man," said the doctor. "What can I do for you?"

"What? I... er, ah...," stammered Frank, noticing the balding older man for the first time.

"Just relax, young man," replied the doctor. "I'm Dr. Hans Mueller." He held out his hand towards Frank. "You must forgive Angelica; her sisters always tease her about her plain appearance."

"I'm Frank... Frank Fenton," he said as he shook the doctor's hand. "Plain?" he asked clearly puzzled. "Your daughter isn't plain, sir; she's definitely the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen in my entire life." Suddenly, Frank's eyes went wide. "She has sisters who think she's plain?"

"Angelica is one of five girls living with me at this moment," replied the doctor. "But none of them are actually my true daughters, Frank. I believe all of the girls think of me as a father figure. None of them would be here as they are now if not for me." Dr. Mueller paused. "But what about you Frank? What can I do for you?"

"I ran out of gas. Have you got a phone?" asked Frank, not at all certain he wanted to leave before he had a shot, with or without the doctor's knowledge, at his beauteous daughter Angelica.

"I'm sorry. It's out of order," replied Hans. "A car struck one of the telephone poles between here and town last night. They'd told us it would be at least a week before it was fixed."

"That's too bad," grinned Frank. "I guess I'll have to sleep in my car tonight."

"Nonsense, Frank. I won't hear of you sleeping in your car and being uncomfortable when I have plenty of available rooms. You must come right inside this instant; I won't take 'no' for an answer," replied the doctor. "Besides, I have a feeling Angelica would be very disappointed if you left after she went through all the trouble of preparing you a room for the night."

"Well, if you're sure it's no bother," smiled Frank, as he stepped into the old mansion. This doctor is certainly a trusting old fool, he thought.

"Our plain sister Angelica said our guest was cute, Babette," said a flaxen-haired beauty to her companion as Frank entered.

"He doesn't appear to be blind, Charity," replied the auburn-tressed Babette. "But how else can you possibly explain him calling our plain sister pretty?"

"Angelica isn't plain; she's gorgeous," objected Frank.

"More beautiful than one of us?" asked both girls in unison. "I'm afraid you may be blind after all, sir."

Frank looked up at the girls in order to voice another complaint. His mouth dropped open as he saw that Babette and Charity were clearly as gorgeous as Angelica. Just seeing them standing there looking him over made his manhood stiffen again.

"It appears there may be some hope for him, Babette."

"I suppose you're right, Charity. He does seem rather pleased to see us, but that's not unusual - most men who come calling are pleased to see us."

"Go help Angelica prepare our guest's room," said the doctor. "If you see your other sisters tell them we have a guest."

"They don't need to tell us, doctor," said a sultry voice from the top of the stairs.

"Our plain sister Angelica has already informed us we have a guest," said an equally erotic second voice. "We wanted to see for ourselves this man who thinks our sister pretty."

Frank was stunned once again as he looked up at the two new arrivals. One was a petite Oriental woman with long silky black hair. The other was an attractive black woman with curly brown hair. And just like the other girls he'd seen in this place, they were gorgeous beyond compare. Frank wondered if that lucky devil of a doctor would let him move in with all of them permanently. This place would be like a paradise for him.

"You've already met Angelica, so I guess it's only fair I should introduce you to her sisters," said the doctor with a mysterious smile. "Girls - this is Frank Fenton. He'll be staying with us tonight."

Frank watched smiles spread across the faces of all four girls. I'll definitely be having a lot more fun than I'd been expecting tonight, he thought. I'll have to thank Jerry for sending me this way the next time I see him. But I'm sure glad I'm not a judge in some beauty contest these girls had entered; I'd never be able to choose a winner between them.

"This is Babette," said the doctor.

The auburn haired girl smiled at him. "Welcome, Frank. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Maybe we'll be able to improve your faulty eyesight while you're here." Unexpectedly, she made her way over to him and kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you, Babette," Frank stammered with obvious surprise.

The doctor walked over to the girl with the flaxen colored hair. "This is Charity."

Charity smiled warmly. "If there's anything you need, just let me know Frank." She stared deeply into his eyes. "I want you to be as happy as you can be while you're here with us." And just as Babette had done, she kissed him passionately on the lips.

"Thank you, Charity. If I need anything I'll be sure to let you know." Frank was beginning to think he wouldn't get any sleep tonight, but then, who needed sleep with girls like these at your beck and call.

The small Oriental girl was next. "This is Dawn," smiled the doctor.

"Hello, Frank." She stared hungrily into his eyes. "If I have any thing to say about it, you'll enjoy your stay with us." And then, as the others had done before her, she casually walked over to Frank and planted a wet juicy one on his lips.

"Thank you, Dawn. I know I'll enjoy my stay with you."

"And finally," the doctor slid his arm around the black girl, "this is Ebony."

"Let's get one thing straight, Frank," said Ebony in a matter-of-fact tone of voice that, after hearing the dulcet tones of the other girls, startled Frank. "I like my men several shades darker than you. My sisters can fight over you all they want if that's what they really want to do, but I'm telling you right now - I'm not at all interested in you. If that's clearly understood, Frank, then welcome to our house." She held out her hand to Frank.

"Of course, Ebony," replied Frank as he shook her proffered hand. "I understand completely; I'll respect your wishes." But even as he shook her hand, Frank felt a raging torrent of desire for her coursing through his body. It's just as well she's not interested, he thought. As much as I'd love to screw her, I'm not certain I could do all five of them tonight. The doctor looked at Frank. "All right girls, time to get back to work." The girls grumbled. "Babette and Dawn, will you go upstairs and help Angelica prepare Frank's room? Charity, would you please get Frank and me a drink? And Ebony, would you please see to that item we discussed earlier this evening."

"Yes, doctor," echoed the five soprano voices as one, before they took off in several directions.


Frank's eyes darted back and forth as he futilely tried staring after all the departing girls. Not only did he want Angelica, he wanted all of them - all at once or one after the other in whatever order was expedient. His increasingly lustful thoughts of them stirred his manhood.

Dr. Mueller smiled as he noted Frank's erection. His girls always tended to have that effect on the men with whom they came into contact. "I can plainly see you like pretty girls, Frank," he said. "With the exception of Ebony, who's extremely picky about the men she allows close to her, I believe they'd all enjoy spending some quality time with you."

Frank's face flushed.

"Don't worry about what you're thinking, Frank. You may have whatever thoughts you wish about my girls. I have no objections and won't be insulted," said the doctor. "Their nighttime activities help fund my research. Thinking of them in a lustful manner won't offend them either."

"That's right, Frank. There's absolutely nothing you could say that would ever offend me," said Charity as she returned from wherever she'd gone carrying a glass of dark wine in each hand. "If you wanted to go up to my room right now and fuck me non-stop for the next several hours, I wouldn't mind." Charity began to smile. "In fact, I think I'd rather enjoy having you fuck me." She handed one of the glasses to the doctor, then turned to Frank. "But Dr. Mueller wishes to speak with you alone first." She kissed Frank with an even greater passion than before. "I'm sure you'll enjoy this wine, Frank," she said, handing him the glass. "It's a very special blend." She kissed him again. Frank took a sip and smiled. "It has a delightful bouquet and seems an excellent vintage."

"I knew you like it," smiled Charity, as she watched Frank take another sip, followed by an impolite gulp. With a passion even greater than the first time, Charity kissed Frank again. "I hope you don't miss me too much while I'm gone my little pooh bear," she whispered in his ear, then turned and sashayed from the room.

Frank continued staring after Charity, even though she had already left the room. He hoped she'd return quickly. His knees suddenly felt weak, as he took another sip of his wine.

"Please have a seat, Mr. Fenton," said the doctor. "We need to talk."

Without saying a word, Frank sank into the large chair opposite the chair where the doctor sat. He finished his wine with a single swallow. "Wow," he muttered, still thinking of the girls he'd seen.

"It's quite obvious Charity likes you," said the doctor. "She can be very persistent and overly aggressive in her pursuit of any young man she finds desirable. I've also guessed you find Angelica attractive, but be warned, Charity will very likely do anything she deems necessary in order to steal you away from her shy sister."

"Why do the others treat Angelica so differently?" asked Frank. "She is clearly as beautiful as the other girls here. And yet, she seems more shy and unassuming than the others. They seem to take full advantage of that."

"That's unfortunately true. It is her shyness that sets her apart from her sisters. They simply torment her because they can; they also know Angelica will take it and not fight back." The doctor sighed. "But I'm afraid I must bear the blame for the flaws in their personalities."

Frank lifted the glass to his lips and was surprised to find it empty. "How could Angelica's shyness or, for that matter, any of the other girls' aggressiveness be your fault in any way, Dr. Mueller?"

The doctor sighed again. "Angelica was the first, you know. I've learned a great deal since she first arrived at my door. The retention of her shyness was unintentional, as well as a major disappointment. With the others, I've consistently overcompensated the aggressiveness factor. But none of that answers your question - you see, the girls are the way they are simply because I made them that way."

"You what?" Frank sounded nervous.

"I made all five of my girls what they are today, Frank. I doubt you could begin to understand how much I've learned from them; they've each been an incredible set of unique learning experiences. You see, my girls weren't always the beautiful young women you've seen today." Dr. Mueller smiled with pride. "Once my young goddesses were men, not all that much different from you, Frank."

"That's impossible! No one can change a man into a woman."

"That's not true, Mr. Fenton. In spite of such an alteration being considered impossible, I've discovered that a person's gender is not as immutable as most would have us believe. Not only is it possible, it's also quite simple," replied Dr. Mueller. "In fact, it's so simple I'm really surprised no one discovered the secret before me. Finding it only required luck, not someone of my genius. I suspect you could have found it, if only you'd been looking for it. Of course, this incredible secret I've discovered only became obvious after I found that rare flower blooming in a highly secluded locale of an Amazonian rain forest.

"Angelica used to be a small timid man named Norton. He volunteered for an experiment designed to make him more forceful. In a way I didn't completely fail him; Angelica is not nearly as timid as Norton was before his transformation.

"Babette was once an overbearing cocksure jock, who thought women were put on this earth for his sole pleasure. Mark's transformation re-made him into exactly what he thought a woman should be.

"Charity was once my lab assistant. It was never my intention to change poor David, but he was always an overly curious lad. Finally, his curiosity got the better of him; he decided to taste of the forbidden nectar. She still has the curiosity she had as David, only it's now funneled in other directions, as I'm sure you've already noticed.

"Dawn, when she was my graduate advisor Winston, was an unimaginative and boorish bookworm. He gave me a failing grade I didn't deserve in a minor course. He was never able to see beyond what was printed in his textbook; he never understood my theories, or recognized my genius. But everyone knew he had a thing for pretty Oriental women. It took several months to track him down, but eventually I found him and appropriately rewarded him for his pomposity. As you've seen for yourself, Dawn likes boys, but, given the choice, she'd rather play with herself.

"And finally, there is Ebony. She was once a hulking redneck truck driver named Billy Joe Bob, or something similar. He used to make deliveries for me, but his inane and insensitive attitudes about many things began grating on me after a while. It seemed only fitting to make her love black men as much as he hated them."

"You're mad!" Frank started to rise from the chair, but found his muscles wouldn't respond. "What have you done to me?" he asked fearfully.

"Charity told you the wine was a special blend," smirked the doctor. "It's made from the leaves of an extremely rare species of Tanis found only in a few ancient tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. I now have total control over your voluntary muscular activity. And within a few moments you should also discover you've entered into a state of heightened susceptibility to suggestion."

"You can't do this to me!"

"Of course I can," replied the doctor. "It's already well underway. I believe I've corrected the overaggressiveness factor, but, as it's still mostly trial and error, we'll have to wait and see if it works. I'm also conferring on you a singular honor, my young friend. Since you doubted my genius, Mr. Fenton, you are going to be the first subject for my synthetic estrogen."

"No!" shouted Frank.

"There's no use in complaining or objecting Mr. Fenton. The actions of certain parties give me no other choice. Now stand up and follow me to the lab."

Frank obediently rose from the chair. "I don't want to follow you," he whined, "I want to go home."

The doctor glared at Frank. "Shut up and quit being such a baby about this, Mr. Fenton. This won't hurt you in any way, and there is a certain amount of pleasure associated with it. If you don't believe me, you can ask any of the girls later. Just like my other girls, you won't forget who you used to be; you'll just enjoy being your new self far more than you can possibly imagine. It won't take long before you never want to return to being your old male self again."

Frank wanted to complain, but he couldn't make his mouth form the words he wanted to speak. He didn't want to follow Dr. Mueller, but he had no choice. And after the doctor opened the door and stepped into his lab, Frank submissively followed him and waited for further instructions.

"Take off your clothes, Mr. Fenton," commanded the doctor.

Obediently Frank stripped and dropped his clothes in a pile about his feet. He didn't want to undress. He'd even mentally ordered his muscles not to obey the doctor's command, but he'd been told to remove his clothes and, under the effects of the special blend of wine, he had no will to resist what he'd been ordered to do.

"Now just stand there motionless. Don't worry, we'll be starting your transformation in just a few minutes."

Frank wanted to run away, but his body, ordered to stand motionless, still wouldn't respond to any of his wants.

Dr. Mueller slid a small unobtrusive headset over Frank's ears. "In conjunction with the drug you've ingested, this tape will aid in your physical transition and complete mental adjustment." The doctor slipped a catheter into a vein of Frank's lower arm. After taping it down securely, the doctor connected the small tube attached to the drip bottle hanging from the pole standing next to Frank. "This is the bonded synthetic estrogen and transformative agent mixture, Frank." After slowly opening the stopcock, the doctor watched the contents of the bottle flow down the tube and enter Frank's body. "This shouldn't take very long at all, Mr. Fenton," said the doctor with a wide grin. "And you'll see - it won't hurt a bit."

Dr. Mueller stepped back and waited for Frank Fenton's transition to begin.

He didn't need to wait very long.

As he'd observed with his other girls, Frank's penis quickly engorged, but his erection wilted even more swiftly. However, instead of simply returning to its original flaccid state, his manhood continued shrinking. Within moments, his male genitals had pulled back into his body and, from the pleasured expression on the transfixed Frank's face, swiftly relocated to their new positions within his body. A quick visual examination of the area about Frank's crotch revealed it had been reshaped into a female's slitted mound.

"Excellent," muttered Dr. Mueller.

Frank's body began to thin. His altering muscular definitions were slowly changing his body's shape from masculine to a passive neuter. With the exception of his female mound, Frank would have easily passed on the street for a young boy.

Sweat covered the young boy's form. Dr. Mueller dabbed at his subject's fevered brow. As he'd been expecting, every last strand of Frank's bodily hair fell to the floor at the doctor's merest touch. Bald and totally hairless, Frank was an almost comical sight to behold, but from past experience the doctor knew his subject's hairless condition wouldn't last long.

As if following a script, hair as red as brick began rapidly sprouting from Frank's scalp. Within a few minutes his new red hair had grown out in curls to a length of nearly two feet, then ceased its growth. But Frank, engrossed in the subliminal messages of the tape and still under the influence of the drugged wine, noticed neither his longer red tresses nor his equally red bush of pubic hair.

Frank's nose began shrinking, turning up and becoming more pert. His facial features remolded as the doctor carefully swabbed his face with a moist towel. When the fever broke a few moments later, no appreciable trace of Frank Fenton remained in the boy's face. In fact, the doctor's subject now possessed a decidedly female face, with features as beautiful as any of the other girls Dr. Mueller had created.

Unnoticed by Frank, his neutral frame began changing again. His hips widened, accompanied by the corresponding narrowing of his waist. His buttocks swelled. His arms and legs slimmed. And finally, each new breath Frank took became increasingly deeper. With each inhalation, his chest expanded. With each exhalation, his chest contracted, but never by as much as it had previously expanded. After several additional minutes had passed, Frank's chest proudly sported a well-formed pair of female mammaries easily the size of the doctor's other girls.

"Perfect," smiled Dr. Mueller.

Anyone who looked at Frank would only see a well-developed redheaded female now. And, as was the case with each of the other girls, any male who saw him would be irresistibly drawn to him by the pheromones his body now produced. Frank had become almost a goddess.

"Doctor," came a voice from behind him.

"Angelica," replied the doctor as he saw her. "Is something wrong?"

"I don't know, doctor. You have another visitor," replied Angelica. "He said it was urgent and that you were expecting him, but you only told us to expect him tonight." She looked over Frank's altered form. "He is as beautiful as my other sisters now. Will he treat me the same way they do, doctor?"

"He shouldn't, my dear," said the doctor. "Will you stay with our guest until his mental processing completes?" He looked down at his watch. "It should be finished in no more than fifteen minutes. She may also require some assistance after she wakes."

"Of course I'll stay with her, doctor," smiled Angelica. "You know you can always count on me to look after one of my sisters. I will stay with her until the tape has run its course, then take her to her room so she might rest."


"Mr. Lawrence," said the doctor as he entered the den, closing the door behind him, "I thought it might be you, but I wasn't expecting your arrival until tomorrow. You're early."

"I decided I couldn't wait until tomorrow," replied the young man, as he shuffled several papers in his briefcase. "Has what I required of you been completed?"

"Almost, Mr. Lawrence," said the doctor. "It is almost done, but there are still a few items that have yet to complete. If you'd have come in the morning as we'd discussed..."

"I told you I didn't want to wait until tomorrow. I'm no doubt as anxious to see your latest bit of handiwork as you are to be finally out of my debt."

"Debt? Is that what you're calling it these days?"

"It's not overly important what I call it, Dr. Mueller," smirked the visitor. "We both know what it really is."

There was a light knocking on the door of the den.

"Enter," replied the doctor, who wasn't surprised to see the bulge form in his visitor's pants even before Angelica walked through the door.

"She insists on talking to you, doctor," said Angelica nervously. "She said it was extremely urgent. Even after I told her she was supposed to go to her room and rest, she kept insisting she needed to speak with you. I had a difficult time just getting her to put on a few clothes."

"That's all right Angelica," replied the doctor with a broad knowing smile. "Have her come inside."

"Yes, doctor." Angelica went back to the door. "The doctor says you may enter the room, my sister." Angelica stepped back to allow her redheaded sister entrance.

"You were absolutely right, doctor," said the girl as she casually swept her curly red hair away from the front of her face with practiced ease. "I feel so much better now. Being the way I am now just feels so totally awesome."

With mild annoyance, Mr. Lawrence cleared his throat. "Excuse me..."

"Jerry!" exclaimed the girl in surprise. "What the hell are you doing here?" She sauntered over to him and planted a juicy wet one on his lips. "I never knew you tasted so incredibly delicious," she purred flirtatiously.

"Do I know you, miss?" asked Jerry Lawrence with surprise. I'd certainly like to know you a lot better, he thought.

"Quit clowning around Jerry. It's me... Felicia."

"Felicia?" asked the still puzzled Jerry. "I don't think I know anyone named Felicia. And you're definitely someone I would remember meeting. Are you sure you haven't confused me with someone else?"

"Of course I haven't confused you with someone else," she replied in a playful manner. "You're Jerry Lawrence; I've known you for years." Felicia unbuttoned her blouse and bared her braless breasts. "Are you telling me you don't remember these little beauties of mine, Jerry?" She began to smile after a quick peek downward in the general direction of Jerry's crotch. "I can see that at least a part of your anatomy remembers me. Of course, to be perfectly honest, the last time we saw each other I wasn't this incredibly drop dead gorgeous."

"You're one of the doctor's experiments?"

"How crude of you," replied Felicia mildly annoyed. She turned towards Dr. Mueller. "He's not going to be much fun, you know," she frowned. "Do I really have to tell him who I used to be?"

"I think you should, Felicia. It should help remind him why he's here," said the doctor. "I'm surprised, and yet not surprised, that he hasn't figured everything out for himself by now."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jerry.

"Jerry's always been kind of dense, doctor." Felicia smiled at Jerry. "I was at your party last night. Don't you remember?" She cuddled closer, then kissed Jerry playfully. "I know a part of you wants to remember me. I can tell that small part of you now wants my body something awful. And yet, you couldn't wait to send me on my way just a little earlier this evening."

"Frank Fenton?" asked Jerry. "Is that really you? You're so beautiful." Although he should have known, he still couldn't believe Felicia had been Frank. Jerry knew all about Dr. Mueller's experiments - they were the reason both of them were here. As a partial payment in exchange for his continued silence, he'd arranged for Frank to run out of gas in front of the doctor's house. But this beautiful young woman, who, if she were actually Frank, was now his personal property, looked nothing like the Frank Fenton he remembered.

"I'm Felicia now," replied the girl, "but when I left your house earlier this evening I was still the Frank Fenton you knew." She licked her lips and stared deeply into Jerry's eyes. "Do you like my new body, Jerry? Do you want me? I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to be a buxom and attractive girl." Felicia flashed a mischievous smile towards Jerry. "Would you like to go up to my room for a three or four hour quickie, Jerry? I'm feeling so horny right now that if someone doesn't fuck me real soon I think I'm going to explode."

Jerry looked at Dr. Mueller.

"We can finish our business in the morning, Mr. Lawrence," smiled the doctor. "The girls sometimes require sexual activity immediately after their transformations; it re-enforces their new sexual identity. We'll resume our discussion in the morning, Mr. Lawrence. You can lock your briefcase and leave it here in the den. I give you my word it will not be touched." The doctor's smile widened, as Jerry locked his briefcase. "Enjoy your tryst with Felicia." He then turned and walked out the door.

Felicia kissed Jerry. "Aren't you glad that old stuffed shirt is finally gone?" She grabbed his hand and began leading him towards her room. "I hope you will enjoy yourself just as thoroughly as I know I will, Jerry."

The doctor smiled knowingly as he watched Felicia lead Jerry away. He didn't like the idea of rewarding this blackmailer, but everything was still going according to plan. The final success or failure of his plan rested solely with Felicia now.


"What do you mean you can't?" snapped Felicia, as she stood naked before the still dressed man sitting on the edge of her bed. "When did you stop liking girls, Jerry?"

"But you were Frank Fenton."

"So what," replied Felicia in annoyance. "When I was Frank, did I have these large lovely boobs for you to fondle? Did I want your maleness thrust into my warm moist pussy like I do right now? Why the hell did you have Dr. Mueller transform me into this ravishing beauty, if you didn't want to fuck me?"

"You know what I did to you, Frank?" asked Jerry in surprise.

"Of course I know what you did to me, silly boy. Dr. Mueller would never hide something as important as that from one of his girls." As she kissed Jerry with a renewed vigor, she hoped he'd get some ideas of his own - but still nothing happened.

"Aren't you mad at me for having him turn you into a girl, Frank?"

"Not at all, Jerry. Why should I be mad about being a girl? I really like being a girl; you have no idea what being a girl is like. I can make men do anything I want them to do," smiled Felicia. "Well, most real men, that is," she added with a petulant frown. "But I am starting to get really pissed off with you about your foolish nonsense of not being able to fuck me, Jerry."

"I just can't Frank," said Jerry. "As beautiful as your body has now become, I look at you and still see Frank Fenton looking back at me. My body aches in its desire to accommodate your new needs, Frank, but my brain isn't at all interested in you. I really thought this would be easier than it's turned out to be." Jerry hung his head. "I'm really sorry, Frank. Even with that totally incredible female body of yours, I still can't make love to a man. Perhaps I should go down and conclude my business with Dr. Mueller."

"Not just yet. If it's only your foolishly fickle brain giving you problems, maybe I can be of some help," smiled Felicia, as she began gently caressing Jerry's temples. "Just relax and breathe deeply, Jerry. That's right. Take in my scent and listen to everything I tell you." As she watched the rhythmic risings and fallings of his chest, Felicia instinctively knew when her soon-to-be lover was totally under the control of her body's pheromones. "You will remember I was once Frank Fenton, but who I once was will no longer interfere with our sexual relationship or our fiery passions. I am your lover - Felicia. While we make passionate love this evening, I will ask you many questions Dr. Mueller wants answered; you will answer all of them, but will neither remember answering them nor being asked the questions in the first place." She kissed Jerry on the cheek. "Open your eyes, lover."

As Jerry's eyes opened again, they quickly filled with an unmistakable lust for the naked woman standing in front of him. "Felicia, my love," said Jerry amorously as he stripped without further hesitation.

"Now that's much better," replied Felicia, as she watched Jerry's penis finally engorge. "Are you ready to fuck me now, lover?" she smirked.

Jerry swept Felicia into his arms and carried her to the waiting bed. "You know it, babe," he whispered hungrily.


It was the middle of the morning when Jerry Lawrence awoke. "That was one hell of an incredible night," he muttered, as he stretched out his aching muscles. "Before last night, I would have never believed any woman capable of such sexual insatiability." Jerry's eyes suddenly opened wide. "Shit!" he swore, "I've just spent the whole night fucking Frank Fenton."

"And you can't tell me you didn't love every minute of it, Jerry," smiled Felicia as she sauntered back into the room. "You were simply marvelous last night, you know. I'd like to tell you that you were the best I've ever had, but, inasmuch as you're the first and only man I've ever had, that would ring kind of hollow - wouldn't it?"

"Where have you been, Frank?"

"So I'm Frank to you once again." Felicia frowned. As she swished sexily towards Jerry, she began to grin. "But don't worry about that, Jerry. I can make it all better again." She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

Jerry pulled back. "Oh no you don't, you little vixen," he replied sharply. "I asked you where you've been, Felicia, and I expect an answer from you."

"Of course, lover." Felicia winked at him mischievously. "I went down to see Dr. Mueller while you were still asleep. Although I have yet to meet her, it seems I've gained a new sister while we were lost in our non-stop pleasures last night. Even though I knew you wanted to see the doctor early this morning, I let you sleep. It was just as well I did, because he'll be very busy for the next couple of hours." Felicia stared deeply into Jerry's eyes. "And I'm still feeling a little horny, even after all that wonderful sex last night. I was just thinking we could engage in a little more mindless fucking until the doctor's ready to see you."

"Why not?" asked Jerry, a wide grin spreading quickly across his face.


An insistent knocking at the door woke Felicia. She went to door. "Ebony," she said as he opened the door. "Is something wrong?"

"No, my sister," replied Ebony. "The doctor sent me. He's ready for you ... and your ... pale friend." Ebony shook her head. "I really don't understand what you see in him, Felicia. He's so ashen and pasty colored - are you sure he's well?"

"He's just fine, my overly concerned sister," answered Felicia. "But I'm no longer altogether certain I find anything overly special about Jerry Lawrence. He was my first, and so far my only, lover - I have no other experiences with men with which to compare, one way or the other, what I've done with Jerry."

"That will change as you gain additional experiences with the men who frequently call here," replied Ebony. "I truly doubt your pallid friend is in any way notable. Just remember, we all do what we must, sister."

"How could I ever forget that?"

"Who's there?" mumbled Jerry from the bed.

"It was just my sister Ebony," replied Felicia. "She told me that Dr. Mueller is ready to see you now. Are you ready to see him, Jerry?"

Jerry quickly scanned the room. He saw no one other than Felicia, but, even if he didn't like or trust that black bitch sister of hers, he saw no reason not to trust Felicia completely, even if she had been the Frank Fenton he'd betrayed to the doctor. "The sooner I see the doctor the better I'll feel, Felicia."


As Felicia entered the den, she saw a tall, willowy brunette woman with larger than average sized breasts standing next to the doctor. She wasn't overly surprised when she turned her head and saw Jerry staring lustfully at the woman.

The woman walked over to Felicia. "You must be Felicia; I've already met all my other new sisters. I'm now Giselle," she smiled warmly.

Even though both of them knew they'd just met, Felicia and Giselle hugged one another as if they'd always been family. No words were exchanged between them - they weren't necessary; they were sisters.

Giselle turned towards Jerry. "You have strange preferences in your men, Felicia. I would have never picked someone like him for my bed partner. I prefer my men taller and more athletic." She turned back to Felicia. "But, merely to satisfy my own curiosity, is Jerry the great lover he's always claimed he was, Felicia? Listening to that braggart boast all the time about his many female conquests became really tiresome rather fast."

"Last night I thought he was really great," replied Felicia, "but after this morning I'm no longer certain about him. I don't have any experiences with other men, but I have this feeling I can do better than him."

"I'm sure you can, my sister," said Giselle. She turned back to Jerry, "I always knew you were full of shit, Jerry."

"Do I know you from somewhere, Giselle?" asked Jerry with a puzzled expression etched across his face. "We haven't been introduced, but you've now called me by name twice. I would have never forgotten someone as beautiful as you."

Giselle smiled. "You a horrible cad for flirting with me in front of my sister, who just last night you fucked. But that's nothing new for a piece of shit like you, Jerry. Do you have any idea how many times I've wished I'd never met you." She turned to Dr. Mueller. "I've never thought Jerry was very bright, doctor."

"I would have also thought he'd have put it all together by now," chuckled the doctor, who was quickly joined in laughter by the two girls.

"What's so damned funny?" demanded Jerry. "Who the hell are you?"

"You're funny, Jerry," smiled Felicia. "And she's now Giselle, my sister."

"But I suspect you've finally realized I wasn't always Giselle," added the willowy brunette. "Just like my new sister Felicia, I was someone else yesterday. And just like my sister, if I'd never known you, Jerry," she stared at him without emotion, "then I wouldn't be Giselle today."

"Who were you?" asked Jerry.

"Should I tell him?" Giselle asked the doctor.

"Not quite yet, my dear. Your former identity can wait for a while longer," smiled Dr. Mueller. "Mr. Lawrence and I have some business to conclude first." The doctor turned to Jerry. "I'd like those papers now, Mr. Lawrence."

"Of course, Dr. Mueller," replied Jerry. He looked for his briefcase and found it sitting undisturbed right where he'd left it. After unlocking it, he took some papers from inside. "Here you go, doctor."

"These are copies," snarled the doctor. "Where are the originals?"

"They're in a safe place. But, after seeing what you've accomplished with Frank Fenton, I've decided a few more of my acquaintances should undergo similar transformations." For an instant he looked towards Giselle. "You're slipping, Doc. I would have never realized you could transform another so quickly if not for her presence."

"The quick turnover is a direct consequence of the synthetic estrogen compound I've developed. The transformative agent binds with less than a thousandth of one percent of any naturally produced estrogen. It takes several months to produce enough treated estrogen to effect the changes you've seen in just one female. But the synthetic is a different matter altogether; my agent bonds almost completely with it. I could change the whole town into women in less than a week, if that was what I wanted."

"Then I gather you won't have any difficulty getting rid of a few more of my more worrisome associates," grinned Jerry. "Afterwards, I'll see about giving you the originals."

"Originals? Or more copies?"

"That is yet to be seen, Doc." He looked at Felicia and Giselle. "Being able to change those who oppose me into beautiful women has a certain fascinating appeal for me."

"And where are the originals?"

"You don't need to worry about them, Doc. They're safe - that's all you really need to know," grinned Jerry. "We should celebrate our new partnership. I know its still early, but have you anything to drink about this place."

"I only have wine in the house," replied Dr. Mueller. "It's a special blend. Since neither Felicia nor Giselle know where it's stored, whichever of them is sent to retrieve it will need to find one of their other sisters for assistance."

"Giselle can fetch the wine. I find there's something unnerving about her presence I can't explain. I probably feel more comfortable with Felicia because I know she was once Frank Fenton. Maybe after I learn who Giselle was, I'll feel as comfortable around her as well."

"Comfortable? You feel comfortable with me," sneered Felicia, as her sister left the room. "Now I know I can do a whole lot better than you, Jerry Lawrence."

"Sticks and stone, little girl," chuckled Jerry. "You were an almost passable diversion for one evening."

Felicia glared angrily at Jerry.

As the door opened again, Giselle entered followed by Babette carrying two glasses. She gave one to each of the men, then left immediately again.

"Only two glasses Doc?" asked Jerry.

"The girls no longer partake of anything alcoholic," came the doctor's simple response.

"I don't like the way it tastes," said Felicia.

"It makes me want to puke," added Giselle.

Jerry began to smile. "Nice try, Doc, but that crap you're spreading isn't going to work on me." He held out his glass to Dr. Mueller. "You can take my glass, Doc. And I'll take yours."

"Why?" asked the irritated doctor.

"Really, Dr. Mueller. I'm actually not as stupid as all of you seem to think I am," grinned Jerry. "I'm sure my glass contains some special blend designed to knock me senseless." He held out his glass again. "We'll swap glasses, Doc - or I get my originals, and take the whole story straight to the papers."

"All right, you win, Jerry." The doctor took Jerry's glass and handed him his own in return.

"I always win, Doc," sneered Jerry with contempt. "The sooner you learn that simple lesson, the better off you'll be." Jerry took of a sip of his wine. "Now drink up, Doc."

"I'd rather not," replied the doctor with a glance at his drink.

"I didn't think you would once we swapped glasses, but you have no other choice." Jerry took a longer sip of wine. "I wonder if your wine has the same splendid taste as mine." He took another, even longer sip. "Bottoms up, Doc," smirked Jerry as he swallowed the last drop of his wine. "Or should I be off to the papers?"

"Very well, Mr. Lawrence." The doctor downed his wine in a single gulp. As he noticed Jerry staring at him, he asked, "How are you feeling Mr. Lawrence? Don't you want to sit down?"

"I feel just fine," smiled Jerry, as he made his way over to the large reclining chair. "I'm surprised you asked how I was feeling, since you're the one that drank the doctored wine."

"Oh, that's right - I'd almost forgotten about that." Dr. Mueller turned to Giselle. "I think the time has finally come to tell Jerry who you were prior to your transformation."

After strolling over to where Jerry sat, Giselle leaned down and kissed him passionately. "I doubt you would have been overjoyed if I'd kissed you that way yesterday, Jerry. But in order to make things somewhat more even, I would have never considered kissing you at all yesterday." Giselle took a deep breath. "Early this morning I was overpowered and captured by five stunningly beautiful young women. They brought me here at the doctor's request. Before he transformed me into my gorgeous new self, I was your friend and confidant Alex Williams."

Jerry suddenly went pale as a sheet. "You can't possibly be Alex!" he exclaimed. "If you were that means..."

"It means I now have all the original documents, Mr. Lawrence," sneered the doctor. "It also means your days of being a blackmailer are now over."

"But you couldn't have known Alex had the originals. He didn't even know what he was keeping safe for me. And you couldn't have possibly known where Alex lived."

"I didn't need to know anything about Alex; you knew everything."

"I never told you a thing."

"But you did tell me plenty of things last night while we were busily fucking like hyperactive bunnies," said Felicia. "You simply don't remember anything but the fucking. After you finally fell asleep, I came down here and told the doctor everything I'd learned."

"You damn bitch!" exclaimed Jerry. He tried to get out of the chair, but his muscles wouldn't respond. "What have you done to me?"

"I told you he wasn't very bright, doctor," said Giselle with a wide grin. "He still hasn't figured out that the glass Babette originally gave you was the one with the Tanis extract. When he made you switch glasses with him, just as I told you this untrusting lowlife would, he got the one laced with the drug."

"Why did you betray me, Alex?"

"Why shouldn't I, Jerry?" snapped Giselle. "I've never really liked you, you know. I don't really know many people who ever liked you. You're a user Jerry. You callously manipulate everyone you know for your own purposes. If I hadn't been watching over your damn blackmail papers, I wouldn't be Giselle now." She sighed, then ran her hand through her brunette hair. "But I don't think I'll hold that against you, Jerry; I really love being Giselle. I never want to be Alex Williams again."

"But Alex..."

"I don't want you calling me Alex anymore either," said Giselle. "You may think of me as Alex Williams all you want, but from now on you will only address me and refer to me as Giselle." She stared at Jerry with contempt. "That's who I am... and who I want to be."

"Stand up, Jerry," ordered the doctor.

And obediently Jerry rose from the chair. "Giselle... Felicia... you must help me," he whined. "You can't let this mad doctor do to me what he did to you."

"Of course we can, Jerry," replied both girls. "Don't you remember how easy it is just to sit back and watch something happen to someone else, Jerry dear?"

"I really think being the fucker you've always been has grown tiresome for you," said Felicia. "You'll appreciate a little change of pace."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you come to like being a fuckee instead," added Giselle. "I'm certain that your being on the receiving end of all the crap you've always liberally spread will inevitably make you a much better person. Don't you think so, Felicia?"

"I certainly do, Giselle."

"But I don't want to be a girl," whined Jerry.

"You needn't worry about that, Jerry," said Dr. Mueller. "After you wake in your new form following your transformation, it won't take long before you'll become totally adjusted to being a girl. You'll never forget you were once Jerry Lawrence, but you'll never want to be him again."

"What will you name our newest sister?" asked Felicia.

"Her name will be Heidi," replied the doctor. He smiled as he saw Jerry flinch. "She'll have long blond hair and emerald green eyes. She'll be just as beautiful as her seven sisters. And just as desirable to any man."

"I hope she'll be a wanton slut," snarled Giselle.

The doctor smiled. "She won't be exactly a slut, but she will be sexually insatiable and lust for anything that has a penis. She'll also be totally submissive to her seven sisters and will do anything any of you want her to do. I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes the favorite plaything of many of those men who repeatedly come to this place to purchase female companionship for a night. She should help bring in the much needed funds for my research."

"Please doctor," whined Jerry. "Don't do that to me."

"You should have thought about that before trying to blackmail me." He turned to the girls. "Go tell your sisters they'll have another new sister before the day is through."

"They'll be thrilled at the news," beamed Giselle.

"Especially Angelica," added Felicia, as she and Giselle left the den.

"Now follow me, young man" ordered the doctor. "It's time for Jerry to start Heidi's new life."



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