My Anger

by Janet L. Stickney

<This story is archived on Crystal's Story Site, but I've also asked permission to showcase it here as well, since it's based on one of the images I have in the Modified Covers gallery. I'll admit this story isn't as lighthearted as what I had in mind when I did the image, but I think it's a great job nonetheless. - Jenny>

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While I derived inspiration from Jenny's work, I took great liberty in this story line, which is NOT reflected in her work. However, as this story developed, I cannot but wonder if this might have happened to her central character. My apologies to Jenny if I stepped out of bounds.

- Janet


My Anger

It was a stupid bet and we all knew it, but I was the dumbest one of the bunch, since I took the bet. It was easy. All I had to do was find out the password for the Registrar at school. With that password we could get in, change grades, give ourselves perfect attendance and so on. But my buddies wanted to make it worthwhile for whoever took the bet. If, whoever got the password, got away with it, we would keep him in gas for six months. If the fool that tried it got caught, well, after the school got done with him, he would have to become a girl every weekend for three months, serve them drinks, food and so on, at the house of whoever held the party. It was a wild bet, and besides being stupid, no matter who tried it, if they got caught, wearing a dress would be the least of their worries. Bravado is my middle name, so, sure of myself and pumped up with eager anticipation of free gas for my car, I said I would try it. Wearing a dress didn't even figure into it. I knew I could do it.

Using a computer was what I do best, so, on the following Monday, I took all three of my best cracking programs with me. All I needed was ten minutes on any of the computers the teachers use. I caught a free one just after lunch in the Chemistry lab. My second program went in, broke the code, then saved all passwords to my disk. I had it! Free gas for six months! I gleefully waited until school let out and went home to try one of the passwords. I went through several before I found the one I wanted, logged on, and gave myself an almost perfect attendance record, then raised my grade point from 3.0 to 3.7. Elated with myself I logged off and surfed the Net for a while. After dinner I called my friends and told them I was in, and had made a few changes to my grades, and looked forward to Friday night when my car would be filled up by them!

My joy lasted until Thursday. I was called into the office. As I walked in I saw the Principal, my mother, and a cop!

"Those passwords you used?" the Principal said without any preamble, "have a code in them to let us know if they had been copied, and our computers automatically record every connection from outside the system. Your home phone number came up during a sweep last night. I can even tell you the sites you surfed after you logged off if you like. That aside, your grade point was not changed, it only looked like it to you. Our computers restored all grades prior to your intrusion." He turned to the policeman, pointed, and, "this officer is here to arrest you for tampering, your mother is here so that she understands the severity of what you have done. Now then, is there anything you would like to say in your defense?"

Scared out of my mind, it all came out. The gas, the bet, dressing as a girl, the whole thing, almost as one word. I sat there waiting, then watched as the policeman, the Principal and my mother all huddled in the corner. My fate was in their hands, and I just knew it was going to be bad, really bad.

"Terrence," Mom said, "they have agreed to the terms of your bet, with one small change, and unless you go along with their decision, this policeman will have no choice but to arrest you. Tampering is a felony. Think about that. You'll always have a conviction on your record, you can't vote, and jobs that might have been available will never be offered to you. The term of your bet was that you would dress as a girl and serve your friends, as a girl, every weekend for three months, if you were caught. With just one change, you will complete your bet."

"What's that change" I asked again, stupidly.

Mom took my hand in hers and smiled at me. "You will dress as a girl of course, but all the time, and not for three months, but until school lets out. That's three months and one week. You will be required to attend school, as a girl, and you will begin on Monday. Between now and then you and I will turn you into a girl. Any questions?"

Her words hit me like a sledgehammer. Me? A girl? Until school lets out? I would be lucky to survive the first week! I looked at Mom, did not see her smiling at me, then the cop, who was ready to arrest me if I said no, then the Principal. I never had a chance and they knew it. Dressing as a girl, no matter how hard it was, was preferable to jail any day.

"Nobody will know?" I hopefully asked.

"Everyone," the Principal said, "will know, Terrence. I would have to tell them so that nobody else tries something as dumb as this. However, I will reflect whatever name you choose on your records, and if you look nice enough, and do your best to try and fit in, I will hold off on telling anyone. That way, if anyone finds out, it will be your doing and not mine. Is that fair enough?"

Great. Now all I have to do is dress like a girl, then act like one just to protect myself! This was worse than I ever imagined!

"I'll take her home now," Mom said, "and on Monday morning she and I will report here for your approval. Maybe her father will come along as well, since I am sure he will have some questions as well. Is that okay with you?"

Mom's use of feminine terms to describe me was very eerie!

"That's fine, madam. I'll look forward to meeting my newest Coed."

Well, Mom took me by the arm, led me out of the school, and drove us home, rather quickly I thought. Rather than the tirade I expected from her, she was silent, which means that she was so mad she couldn't talk, and by the expression on her face and the firmness in her jaw, I was in for it big time. I had no idea how mad she was until we got home and I was sent to my room, and told to strip naked, "I better not find one bit of clothing on your skinny ass when I get there either," she said, pointing at the door to my room. I went in, stripped, and sat there, waiting, scared of what was coming next. The door popped open and both of my parents stood there, but Mom was the scary one, she had that look on her face.

"Stand up!" Dad said, and I did, but held my hands to hide my gems. "Your mother and I are very disappointed in you, and while the punishment you're getting is not what I would have chosen, it does make some sense, since you were willing to do it anyway, just to get a higher grade and a few gallons of gasoline. I have to tell you that I am most disappointed in the fact that you were willing to cheat rather than study, so, in addition to becoming a young lady for the foreseeable future, you will have a curfew, mandatory study time, and a whole new set of chores. As far as having you dress as a girl, that was your idea to start with, so I have no objection to making you live up to your commitment. Who knows? After a month or so in a dress, maybe you'll think about your actions in the future."

Without another word, Dad left the room and Mom whipped out her measuring tape. It was humiliating as she measured almost every part of my body, making notes as she went along. Then she told me to get dressed, but not to leave the house, as she had some shopping to do. Bad does not cover what was happening to me. Looking in the mirror, I had a vision of the ugliest girl I ever saw, and began to cry. I was about to start my computer when Dad came in and told me to dismantle it, then take it to his office and put it back together again.

Confined to my room for about two hours after I moved my computer, Mom showed up with a bunch of bags which she put on my bed. Names of popular stores that catered to girls my age caught my eye, and I knew the end was near. At her direction I undressed again, then she began to smear a cream all over me. It was terrible. The stench, the itching, the redness. I was in agony before she let me shower it all off. With Mom watching my every move, I shaved as close as possible, which took off all four hairs, then washed my hair. It was so short that there was no way she would ever be able to do anything with it, so I knew that a wig was in my future. Using a razor, Mom got the few places I missed, then had me dry off and come back in my room. The only good sign I saw was that she wasn't making her stone face any more. Not smiling, just less angry looking.

"I'm sure that you might be able to dress yourself, but for a while I am going to help you. Put these panties on, then come into my room and sit at the vanity."

I watched as Mom applied foundation first, then a powder before she brushed away the excess. Then came eyeshadow, eyeliner and blusher. When she said she was done I was amazed at how I looked! Not at all like I had pictured myself. Back in my room a bra was put on me, then she showed me how to pull on the pantyhose. A waist nipper was wrapped around me and made tight, then a short slip was pulled over my head. Small bean bags were stuffed into the bra before a short red dress was pulled over my head.

"The woman said that your shoes related to this size. Try them on."

The shoes were taken out of the box, and as my slid into them I knew that they were the right size. Black, they had what Mom said was a short heel, only an inch and a half. As I stood there I looked in the mirror and saw a girl with very short hair standing there looking back at me. Sitting in my chair, mom pulled the wig on my head, made a few adjustments, then used her brush to make it the way she wanted it.

"All we have left to do now are your nails, but we should do that in the kitchen. Come with me."

It was all I could do to make my feet move, afraid that I would fall in those shoes. Fortunately I didn't, and it actually turned out to be fairly easy to walk in them. Having my legs naked more than half way up my thigh was bad enough, but the skirt on the dress flared out with every step I took, and that was very disconcerting. I thought that my panties would show with every step. Mom used to work as a manicurist, and she knew exactly what to do. One by one she cleaned my nails, trimmed them a bit, added a paper to each finger, then she mixed a bunch of things together and began to smear it on my nails. Using an orange stick, she smoothed it out, filling and making my nails longer. After the stuff dried, she began to file and sand until at last she said she was done. Then came the color. Sort of a plum with red in it, three coats with a clear sealer over that. I had to sit there for almost half an hour before she finally smiled at me.

"Now that we have that done, I will tell you that those acrylic nails won't come off easily. That makes it so that you are unable to dress as anything but a girl. Now all we need to do is select a name for you. Do you have any ideas, or would you like me to select one for you?"

If I let Mom do it there was no telling what she would come up with, yet I had a case of being brain dead. Every fiber in my body, all my senses were on edge, especially when I saw myself in the mirror. Almost no trace of the boy I really was looked back at me. Instead, there was a kind of cute girl with really great legs looking at back at me.

"Terry seems to be the obvious choice, but that's what everyone calls you now. You can use it if you like, or maybe you would like something just a bit more feminine."

"I might as well use Terry, since everyone in school will know about this the first time someone figures it out, and I figure that's going to be about twenty minutes after I set foot in the school."

"As you wish," she said, then told me to go get the mail.

The mailbox is across the street, and of course, it would be my first time outside as a girl. I looked at Mom who pointed at the door. I got up, went to the door, turned the knob, and froze in place. It was only when she told me to get the mail again that I actually opened the door. I was sorely tempted to dash out, get the mail and run back, but that short dress made me very aware that I didn't have much on under it, so I walked to the mail box and back, doing my best to not make any mistakes. It was the longest five minutes I could ever remember. Mom just laughed at me when I handed her the mail, then told me that since she had only bought me one outfit, that she and I would be going shopping, either later that day or the next. Gee, I could hardly wait. I was watching television when the doorbell rang. Mom told me to get it since she was in the kitchen. I opened the door and saw who it was.

"Aren't you the prettiest little thing," Grandma said as she walked in the house. "And what is your name dear?"

"Terry, Grandma, it's still Terry."

"That's nice, dear. It will be easier to remember that way. Now let me look at you!"

Grandma did her little inspection, then asked me how many outfits I had. I told her this was the only one, but Mom had told me that we were going shopping for more, sometime later. She went to talk to Mom, leaving me there as if seeing me dressed as a girl were the most common thing in the world. I went back to watching television. While I was in one room�

"Terry looks very cute, Mary. How long are you going to make him dress that way?"

"Until school lets out. He was very lucky that I was able to talk the Principal into letting me do this. Terry would have been arrested for sure, especially after that boy in the other high school broke into their computers. That's when the law was changed, remember? While it's possible that we might have got him out of it, what lesson would he learn from that? He made that bet, so he must have been prepared to dress as a girl anyway, so all I did was make sure that was his punishment. Neither of us are fond of the idea that Terry will be wearing dresses, but what else could we do? It was this or a conviction and possibly jail, although I doubt that. We think that after a few days in a dress he'll do almost anything to get out of them, but Jeff says that since we set the punishment, we have to enforce it, so I guess Terry will become a young lady for the next three months."

"But what if Terry begins to like it? What if he decides he likes being a girl and doesn't want to give them up? What then?"

"Terry!? That's unlikely, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Mary, Terry is your son, but under all that macho stuff beats the heart of a softy, and it would not surprise me to hear that he doesn't want to give up his dresses. Just keep that in mind."

"Okay Mom, I will. But I think you're wrong."

As I sat there watching television my hand rested on my now nylon clad and very smooth leg, and I got the shivers every time I rubbed back and forth. It was scary that it felt that good. Mom and Grandma walked out, Grandma gave me a kiss, then left, leaving Mom and me staring at each other. Me in shame and her, well, I'm not sure.

"Terry, sit over here so we can talk." I moved to the couch. "If you put your mind to it you can get through this without a lot of hassle, and even though you think this is cruel, it really isn't. Think about this. All the girls in the school wear skirts or dresses, and nobody thinks the worse of them. If you want to become the class doofus or clown, you can, but wouldn't it be better to dress and act like all of the other girls? If you do that all of the kids will quit bothering you and you can simply go on with life. I have decided that you and I together will buy you some clothes, not a lot, but enough to get by on for now, and I'll even let you pick them out. You know what the girls wear better than I do, all I insist on is that you will not be wearing slacks of any kind, even jeans. Now, if you agree with me, we'll go to the mall and get you a few things."

So there I was. Mom had laid it out clearly, but I had come to the same conclusion she did. If I went to school this way, and acted like a chump, I would be an outcast from the first day. But, if after they found out why I was dressing this way, I did my best to act and look as good as the rest of the girls, maybe, just maybe, everyone would leave me alone and I could get this over with. It was as bad as I thought, but there wasn't any way out of this short of running away or killing myself, and both of them were out. I nodded my head yes, and Mom left to get me a purse she said. Ten minutes later she and I were on the way to the mall.

"What you need most are bras and panties, another pair of shoes, a few skirts and a couple of dresses. If we see anything else you need we'll get it. Also, makeup that is better suited to your coloring, maybe a small makeup kit and some earrings and other jewelry, but it all depends on what things cost."

There wasn't anything to say, so I didn't. I just went along with her. By the time we reached the mall, and since school had not let out yet, I didn't see any of my friends. Mom went straight to the lingerie section of a huge department store, then right into the bra section. She said I wore a size 34A, and began to look around. Just about the time she had picked one out, I saw her look up and grin. I looked over and saw the picture. "Breast forms! All sizes, new and improved, now on sale!" the sign said. Without a word she took my hand, then we were at the counter. The woman spoke to Mom, assuring her that the breast forms were very lifelike, and offered to let Mom try one on, which is when she said they were for me!

"Terry is just so flat-chested, and it's making her very unhappy. Do you have something in a size A?"

"Of course! If you will come with me I'll show you, and if she likes them, she can wear them out of the store."

"That will be fine," Mom said as she took my hand again.

In the fitting room I was humiliated as I had to remove the blouse and my bean bag filled bra, but the woman merely smiled and picked out a pair of forms for me. After checking the color, and without asking, she attached them to my chest! The glue smelled pretty strong to me, and I was right when the woman told us that she had used the long lasting adhesive, and I would not have to worry for at least four months! Four months! I looked at mom, then into the mirror. Those babies looked as if they were my own! I now had a pair of very nice, perky, size A breasts coming out of my chest!

"Don't you worry a bit, honey, not even your boyfriend could tell the difference!"

Mom and the woman went out front, leaving me to get dressed, fighting the bra as I struggled to get past the new obstructions on my chest. On the way out of the changing room Mom stopped me and handed me a panty of some kind and told me to just pull up the dress and slip it on for now. One look was all it took for me to realize that I would have wider, rounder, and fuller hips and bottom. With a sigh I did as she told me. The woman loaned her a tape, Mom measured me again, then told me that now that she had the right measurements, we could go ahead and buy the right sizes. By the time we left the store, I had three skirts, two dresses, three bras, two nightgowns, slips, both long and short, and a dozen panties, all of which Mom picked out.

From there we went to a shoe store and bought three pairs of shoes. White gym shoes with pink trim, flats that were taupe, and black. From there, as we walked out of the store, Mom saw one of those costume jewelry places, and we went in. I had one ear pierced to match the other one, then she stocked up on some inexpensive earrings, necklaces and so on. She even bought me a hair band! In another store, sitting right out in the open, a woman redid my makeup after she wiped away everything Mom had done. I was sure she was going to say something, yet all she did was start in on me. It took her about half an hour before she said she was done. One look in the mirror and I not only saw how I looked, I knew that it was going to be a lot easier for me to attend school as a girl. I hated to admit it, but I looked really great! Perfume was added to the bag of makeup, as well as some skin lotion and bath oils. Mom said that I should learn how to take care of my skin.

It was obvious, even to me that Mom had made it impossible for me to dress as a boy any time in the near future. Then, by accident I hope, some woman that didn't even know me extended my time by a month! Then of course Mom was getting into the idea of having a girl in the house, something she always wanted, and began to treat me differently somehow. It was the way she talked to me, asked my opinion on colors and so on. Nothing definite, yet it was there. By the time we left the mall Mom was excited, and wanted me to try on several of the outfits for her. How could I say no? I wanted to see how they looked myself. Mom wanted to see how pretty I was while I wanted to see how exposed I would be. I dragged everything to my room and changed into the first outfit, and almost had a heart attack. The pink skirt was short, about mid thigh on me, the pullover top, white stopped just short of my bellybutton. The pleats accented the shortness of it while the top hugged me tightly and showed off my boobs. The material was thin enough that you could see my bra right through it! I put on the white flats and walked back down the stairs, just in time to greet my buddies as Mom let them in.

"Gentlemen, this is the new Terry. As you can see, she is completing her portion of your bet, with one small change. She will be attending school with you until the end of the year." As they all stared at me, Mom looked them all in the eye. "I expect you to pay close attention to what I am going to say next. All of you came very close to wearing dresses yourselves, and we expect you to make sure that Terry doesn't become the object of someone's biases, and you WILL treat her as you would any young lady. Am I clear about that? Are there any questions?" Turning to me, she told me that we could all go out on the patio.

They all stood there, staring at me until she left, then I turned and walked out the back to the patio. Now it was do or die. I had to convince them that they had better do what Mom said, and that I just turned out this way. But as I turned to go, and I took my first step, my boobs bounced in the bra and I just knew they had seen that, especially Kenny. In for a penny, in for a pound, I added a little sway to my walk, and led the way, my skirt flaring as I went. As we all sat down I heard Jon say to Kenny, "Damn! She looks better than my sister!" and I felt a little better. I tried not to smile when I heard that.

"You, ah�look real nice, Terry," Kenny said, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah, I agree with Kenny," Jon said. "You don't look at all like yourself. Pretty hot, if you ask me."

"Just remember what my Mom told you," I cautioned. "This is going to be hard enough as it is, so I need you guys to help me."

"Just how can we help you?"

"Easy, Jon. Don't let the rumors spread."

"Looking the way you do, there'll be a lot of rumors for a while, then the guys will start hitting on you!"

"Knowing who I really am? I doubt that. I don't have a choice, and all I can do is try my best to fit in, and hopefully, they'll leave me alone."

Kenny sat up in his chair, grinned, and asked me how I liked wearing a skirt. I asked him how he would feel and he shut right up. We talked for about another half hour then Mom told them go to home. When Dad came home, Mom made me stand there so he could look me over. His eyes went up and down then back before he spoke.

"You look very nice. I just hope that you learn something from this."

"Your father is right, Terry. I want my son back, but we'll all have to wait won't we?"

We all traded stares for a moment then Mom spoke up. "Terry and I went shopping today, and there was an accident of sorts. Neither of us knew it, and didn't ask, but when I bought some breast forms, just to make it easier on her, the woman never asked how long Terry needed to wear them, and used a glue that will make it impossible to get them off for four months. I was shocked of course, but it's only three weeks longer, and I'm sure that by then we'll all be so used to her being here that it won't matter, will it Terry?"

No matter what I said it would be the wrong thing to say, so I went with the lesser of two evils and said "No Mom, it won't matter." Dad didn't like that at all, and Mom only less so, but I was the one stuck with them. Under Dad's gaze, I wanted to cry. I had just told him it didn't matter if I spent another three weeks as a girl, the implication being that I liked it.

"Well, then," he said, "if it doesn't matter, perhaps we can make sure that you have plenty of time in dresses. After one day and you're telling me that it doesn't matter!"

Dad was about to erupt into one of his tantrums, and that was the last thing I wanted. "Mom! Please!" I said, hoping that she could talk some sense into him. She tried.

"Calm down! This is not Terry's fault! We just explained how it happened, and all I said was that rather than take the chance on tearing her skin, waiting another three weeks isn't so bad. And given that it is her skin, she agreed, that's all! Now hush up and listen!" Dad fell silent and Mom went on. "Now then. None of us really wanted Terry in dresses, but that is the only punishment that policeman would accept, so we all have to live with it. I'll help her because she doesn't have a clue on how to dress or act, but as time goes on she'll get better and be able to do things for herself. Your job," pointing at Dad, "is to support her. This is going to be very hard on all of us as it is, and we don't need you running off on a tangent, making it worse."

It was tense all that night, and knowing that I had just two more days before I had to set foot in the school, I had nothing but bad dreams about what was going to happen. If Dad was any indication, I would be lucky if I survived the first day. The next day, Mom spent some time with me, teaching me how to do my own makeup. She said she wouldn't, or might not be available every day to help me. I also got lessons on how to put on the bra, what to wear with what, then the rest of that day and the next just learning how to sit, walk and so on. By the time it came to the eve of my debut as a fool in a dress, I was a wreck, and those thoughts of mine kept playing in my mind. Running away was simply out of the question, because no matter where I went, I would still have the breasts stuck on my chest. In the morning, tired from all of the pressure, Mom watched me get ready, then, when I was dressed, she looked me over. A simple round neck pink blouse with a tan skirt and white flats, and a white purse. I wore pink and white earrings, and of course, the padded panty. When she said I was ready, she and I went to the car and she drove me to school.

Under the very stern gaze of my mother I got out of the car and joined her as we walked to the office where the Principal was waiting for me. After he looked me over, he told me to go ahead and go to my first class. With both of them watching me, I stepped out of the office and into the realm of the unknown. My homeroom teacher must have been told, because when I walked in and saw about half the kids, she pointed to my usual chair. Every eye was on me as I sat down, and believe me, I was very careful about how I sat down. By the time everyone had shown up the murmur was getting louder. It was hell.

Fortunately, the teacher took a silent roll call and began the first class, which was math. As usual, she would write a question on the board and ask one of us to solve it. I got the third question.

"Terry, would you do this one please?"

If anyone was stupid enough not to know who I really was, they knew right then. I stood up, and heard the snickers behind me, gave an answer and sat back down. It was wrong, of course, but the teacher admonished everyone that since I was undergoing some punishment, she would not tolerate any teasing. That brought things down a bit. When the bell rang and I had to go to my next class, it was all I could do to stand up again. As the new students filed in, I had to leave, and grabbed my books, leaving my purse on the floor, which the teacher reminded me to take. I walked as fast as possible to my next class and endured the same stares, giggles and twice, someone pinched my bottom. By the time lunchtime arrived, everyone knew all about me. About the only good thing was that I sat alone at a table and was able to gather myself for the second half of the day. Kenny and Jon avoided me like the plague.

By the time school was over for the day I was on edge. All I wanted to do was go home where there was some safety and relief from the stares and giggles. It was a six-block walk, and I started out, trailing behind some other kids. Nobody wanted to walk with me. Jon was in the group ahead, and I know that he saw me, yet he let me walk alone. Some friend. Nobody asked me how school was, and right after dinner I went to my room and stayed there. The next day and the day after that were the same except that now the skinheads were starting to crowd around me wherever I walked. That afternoon, on the way home it happened. I was about three blocks from home, walking alone again when the skinheads struck. There were four of them. They jumped me, then beat me so bad that I fell to the ground. Names like Faggot, queer, and others filled the air as I was kicked, punched and stomped on the head. Finally, someone kicked me right in the groin, which made me pass out.

Nobody saw it happen of course, and I lay there for hours before my parents became concerned and started to look for me. My Dad found me. He called 911 and I was whisked to the hospital. 4 broken ribs, a broken arm, loss of hearing in my left ear, 29 stitches to close the gashes in my side and head, and that wasn't the bad news. Because I had "tucked" myself that morning, when I was kicked in the groin, the pressure drove my testicles into the pelvic bones and crushed them both while leaving a tear on my manhood. I also had a concussion. Contrary to what the woman said, the doctors were able to remove the breast forms and nails before attending to my wounds. Dad was really angry and wanted revenge, but also, he wanted to know what I did to entice those boys!

If I could have, I would have smacked him in the mouth myself and taken the consequences. I was having a hard time talking, but I let him know in no uncertain terms what I thought of him and his "enticing" statement. At that moment all of the pent up anger I had about this punishment sent jackhammer like throbs pulsing through me, and my father was the object of my hatred. It was all I could do just to be at that school dressed that way, and he thinks I was trying to hit on some skinheads? I was hoarsely yelling, but getting so loud that the nurse came in, gave me a shot and threw dad out of the room. As I drifted back to sleep I smiled. I had let Dad have it, which was exactly the first of one times in my life that I had talked to him that way. What he said to me was wrong and he knew it, or he should have.

The next day, Mom showed up with the Principal, Dad and the cop. All of them were all apologetic and concerned, but I was still angry. Dad stood behind them as I glared at him, his weak-kneed response to my injuries and what seemed like his lack of caring about my health still glaring like a bright light in my mind. But I wasn't as angry at them as I was at the skinheads that did this to me. All of them, the cop included, said the same thing. Due to my injuries, my punishment was suspended, and as soon as I was able I could return to school in my regular clothes. Dad was extraordinarily quiet, and I knew that if I was ever going to get his attention and become my own person, now was the time. I glanced at Mom, then the Principal.


"No what, dear?" Mom asked.

"No, I will not go back wearing my own clothes. I am going back as Terry the young girl." I turned to the Principal and stuck him real good. "Do you arrest the boys I named? You also have the authority, but no. You said there wasn't enough evidence, yet here I am. Your son is a skinhead isn't he? Is that the reason for your cowardice? Are you afraid of your son and his friends? I thought school was supposed to be a safe place." Turning to Dad I let him have it again. "You said I enticed those boys, and that means you think I did or said something to make them think I wanted them in some way. Did you tell the Principal that? Is that the reason nobody is doing anything to put those guys in jail?" Then it was Mom's turn. "And you made sure that the only clothes I had to wear were so short that I stuck out like a sore thumb. Only a few of the other girls wear skirts that short. Sure, you helped me look okay, and tried to make me learn a few things, but you also made sure that I would look like somebody's idea of date bait. Well, someone took you up on it, and here I am, just like you all wanted. Now leave me alone, and put my clothes back in my closet, because when I get out of here I am going back to school, as a girl, just like you told me, and when I am attacked this time, maybe you'll finally get it!"

I had shocked all of them, except for the cop. My angry outburst had bought the nurse again, but I waved her away as everyone but the cop left. He just sat on his chair grinning at me.

"What?" I said, waiting for him to jump on me as well.

"Nothing, well, almost nothing. Those boys that did this to you are well known to us, and while we're sure that what you said is true, your father and the Principal both refuse to press charges. Without that there isn't anything we can do. And you do know of course that by returning to school dressed as a girl will draw them out again, don't you?"

"Yes, but I'll be ready for them this time."

"You cannot protect yourself from people like this," he warned. "When you least expect it they will pop up and ruin your day again. They might even kill you."

"Then you wouldn't need my fathers complaint would you?" I said bitterly.

He looked at me, genuinely concerned. "You're certain this is the best idea?"

"Probably not. I don't even want to dress as a girl as a matter of fact, but if I don't, they win and I'll still get stomped again anyway. By dressing up they'll know that it didn't work."

"This isn't about those boys and you know it Terry. It's about your parents. Your father is one of those he-man macho types that thinks that anyone not like him is either a bum or gay. Your wearing a dress threatens his sense of being, Terry. Why provoke him?"

"Your right about my dad. Did you know that for the first and only time in my life I yelled back at him? He was shocked, so he didn't say anything, but he will, when I get home. I guess I don't care any more. This isn't about him, it's about me. If I let those guys stomp me and don't go back, what kind of person does that make me?"

He told me there might be a better way, and told me what it was. I was grinning when he left, then I fell asleep. The next morning when I got up mom was sitting there, waiting for my eyes to open. I saw her but ignored her for a minute, then stared at her until she began to fidget.

"The cop says that Dad refuses to press charges. That's great. I'm so glad his reputation is intact. Now leave me alone."

Mom didn't say anything for a few minutes, then�

"He was afraid."

"Afraid!" I exclaimed. "The great macho man himself was afraid? Of what? That he might take it into his head to wear a dress? Give me a break, Mom. All Dad thinks about is what other people think. He could care less about me, and maybe even you!"

"That's not true and you know it. He just doesn't know how to show it, that's all. He loves you, he just has a hard time admitting that because then he might have to give in to you. That's not his way."

"Yeah, Mom, I know his way. My way or the highway he always says. But he isn't going to get his way this time. I am going back to school, dressed as a girl, and I am going to stay that way until I decide that he has had enough! Mom, they used a sewing machine to stitch me up, I have more broken bones than a butcher shop, my gonads are seated up around my shoulder blades, and all Dad, and you for that matter, can think about is yourselves. If you cared at all you would have pressed charges that night, but not the great macho man, not him. Well he can kiss my black and blue ass!"

"I see. You think your father will accept you back in a dress?"

"He isn't going to have any say this time, Mom. He either agrees and leaves me alone, or I go live with Grandma. At least I know I'll be safe, and she won't be on my back all the time!"

"What about me?," she asked. "I'll admit that I didn't like the idea of my son in dresses, but I never expected this! I thought you might have to take some teasing for a while, but never a beating!"

"Then why all the short skirts and dresses? You knew that the girls in school didn't wear that kind of stuff very often, yet that's what you bought. Not one thing came even close to my knees! If I had to do it, then why not make it possible for me to at least fit in? Dad doesn't know that first thing about fashion, what girls wear or any of that. You do, and you're the one that bought all the clothes! You and Dad together made sure this would happen, then the great man lets me get my ass beat and doesn't do a thing about it. As soon as I can, I'm leaving. I can't take any more of his he man macho bullshit. As far as I'm concerned he can stick it!"

Mom went silent and I saw a tear in her eye, but as far as I was concerned she earned it. Both of them earned a big fat smack in the mouth, but it wouldn't come from me. I wasn't able to, and wouldn't anyway. My anger had dissolved and become determination. I was not going to be threatened by those thugs or intimidated by my father, not any more, and the only way I could strike back was to return as a girl. The problem was that by the time I get out of the hospital, school would be out. That would mean that if I stuck to my word, I would become a girl for the summer, all the way to when school started again, and probably longer. Mom just sat there, not talking, as I lay in that bed waiting to mend. About two hours later a doctor came in and sat next to my bed.

"Good news and bad news I'm afraid. The good news is that you are healing nicely. The bad news is that your testicles are now nonfunctional. They were totally crushed, and we had to remove them to protect you from other possible side effects. That means that you will never father a child. Complicating that is that at your age, with the damage you have suffered, your testosterone levels will fall and you will begin to develop some minor secondary feminine traits."

"Like what?!"

"Well, your breasts might begin to get a little larger, you'll probably gain wider hips, smooth hairless skin and maybe, experience a lack of beard growth."

I began to laugh. The irony of it all was too good to miss. The beating I had taken for dressing as a girl was now going to make me develop like one! The doctor didn't understand, but that was fine. He didn't need to.

"I can prescribe some medication to replace your body's natural testosterone. 5mg a day should do it."

I looked right at Mom, then shook my head no. Having a hairless body, wider hips and boobs would make it easier for me to make my point. I could always take the pills later, after everyone learned their lesson. Mom did not say a word.

"The changes might be more than a little, you understand that don't you?" the doctor asked.

"Sure, doc. Just hold off on writing that prescription for now. I have something to prove."

He left, then Mom moved to sit in the chair next to the bed. My anger towards her wasn't quite as much as I said, but I was still right and she was still wrong, and she knew it. Without a word she took my hand in hers and just sat there for about twenty minutes before she spoke.

"The doctor said that you'll start developing like a girl. I guess that means that your father won't have much to say about it will he? I mean, it will be the result of your beating. He can hardly take that out on you, can he?"

"He'll try, Mother. You know it and I know it. If I start to develop boobs he'll go nuts. He'll accuse me of all kinds of things. I'm going to call Grandma and ask her if I can stay with her, and I want you to say it's all right. Otherwise, I'll simply call the newspaper and tell them my little story. I wonder how the Principal, you and Dad will look when they get done with you?"

She was aghast. "You can't do that, you're not old enough!"

"I have it on very good authority that I am, and I will do it unless you call Grandma and let me talk to her, in this room, alone."

"Your father isn't going to like this, Terry!"

"You know what, Mom? I don't care any more. I hope he realizes what he has done, but that won't happen in his lifetime, so why bother worrying about it? I don't want to hurt you, but you're the only one. Now, can I stay with Grandma?"

"I'll arrange it, Terry, and I'll call Grandma and have her stop by and see you."

Grandma came later that afternoon, and we talked for hours, about how I felt, what the doctor said, my parents, and my threat, proposed by the cop, to go to the papers. She got it all, unvarnished and ugly in its reality. She was so shocked at what Dad had said that she insisted that I come live with her...I didn't have to ask her. I was released two weeks later, with my Grandmother, not my parents there to take me home. It was another week before I could walk without the pain. My ribs had healed up, the bandages removed, and for the first time I was able to bend at the waist without pain. During those weeks I began to see the hair dropping away from my body, leaving my legs and arms silky smooth. Grandma had done nothing but feed me and let me heal until I was able to walk around, then she told me that my mother had sent my things over, and it was time for me to get dressed. Handing me the bag I went to my room.

I opened the suitcase, and right on top was an envelope. Under it were all of my girl clothes. I opened the envelope.


Your father is devastated by your decision to stay with your Grandma. I told him what the doctor told us about your condition and the possible outcome, but I did not tell him about the possibility of taking a pill to restore you to health. As much as he hates the idea that you might develop like a girl, he knows that it is not your fault, and believes there is nothing that can be done. He admits that he hates it, but he swears that he would not hold something against you that you had nothing to do with and cannot control. I have enclosed a check for $3000. Use it to buy a wardrobe that you feel is appropriate.

Love, Mom"

Dad would not hold it against me because I had no control over it? What the hell was that beating I took? I crumpled up the letter and tossed it. Then I slowly went through the clothes, all of them familiar except one. Still in the bag, I held it up and saw what looked like a dress. I took it out of the bag and saw that it was a knee length shirtwaist. I hung it on the back of the door. It took me several hours to get through it, but I got dressed. I wore it all. Panties and the padded panty brief, pantyhose and the bra, slipped in my breast forms, then did my makeup and added the wig. The dress was last, and for the first time I felt as if I looked like a normal girl. Adding lipstick and some perfume, I took one last look and walked out of my room. Grandma was in the family room.

"Oh my!" Grandma said as she stood up. "You are much prettier than the last time I saw you! Come and sit next to me, dear."

Grandma did not act judgmental, and simply accepted me that way I was. I was tense, but soon relaxed as she asked me all sorts of questions, then, when I told her about the letter and the check, she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her the next day. She said that we could stop at her salon and see if the was some way I could wear my own hair. When I started crying she took me into her arms and held me. All of the stress, the pain, and the anger had finally welled up inside of me and erupted in a burst of tears I was unable to control. Grandma just held me. As we sat there it came to me that maybe, with Grandma along I could bring my mother to understand why I was so angry at her. I never wanted to be a girl, but she had made sure that I hated it more than anything while making sure that someone would try to hurt me, "By teasing you," she said. She had no way of knowing that I would be attacked, but she also didn't press charges either. It was Grandma that told me that I might want to include her in this transformation.

Since I could already feel the tingling in my chest, and the slight swelling that I felt in my breasts were all were signs that I was developing fuller, feminine breasts. Just like the doctor had told me in a private conversation, there was a very good possibility that I would develop a figure akin to that of my mother, and it might not take long, and even taking those testosterone pills might not stop it, only slow it down. That's when I decided not to take them at all. If this was going to happen to me, then I wanted it to happen now rather than later so I could get on with my life. Grandma was the only one that knew that beside myself. Now she wants me to tell Mom. "Not yet," I said. "I want to grow a bit more, and get some proper clothes first."

The next day Grandma and I went shopping, and I bought skirts and blouses, suits, panties and bras, waist nippers, garter belts and perfume. I also bought shoes and earrings, better makeup, coats, and a swimsuit. Then we went to her salon. My hair was nipping at my collar by then and was real long on top. The stylist removed the wig and told me that it was going to be easy, and I let her have her way with me. I also had my nails done again. Grandma was outside while they worked on me, so I had to make the decisions myself, like what hair color. I selected blonde, of course. Why not? I was making a statement, and I wanted it to be heard loudly, then have it reverberate throughout the family. When I saw myself for the first time I was astounded, then the girl suggested that I have my eyebrows thinned "just a bit," and I agreed. She used wax, and while it stung, it didn't hurt all that much. What hurt was when she asked me if I wanted my upper lip done and I said yes. Now, that hurt! But the results were worth it. I walked out of the salon feeling great, confident that nobody would bother me again. That's when I saw Mom standing there, all alone by the potted fern.

"You look lovely, Terry!" she said.

"Yeah. Thanks."

She looked at me compassionately. "You know that it's a mother's job to help her daughter as she grows in life, don't you?"

"Some help you were, Mom. It got me beaten half to death."

She looked wounded. "That was tragic, Terry. Nobody thought that would happen, and you know it!" I stood there, unwilling to say what was on my mind, then I remembered what Grandma told me. "Terry, let me come with you. We can have a fun day together. Talk a little, clear the air maybe."

I let the offer hang for a moment as I mulled it over. Finally, I said, "I buy what I want, Mom, not what you want. Okay?"

She smiled in relief and held my hand. "That's fine, dear. Now let's find Grandma."

We walked side by side, those lessons she gave me so long ago still working as I noticed that we were in step. Maybe it was how I felt now. We passed several shops, then came to a lingerie shop. Mom wanted to go in, so I went with her and began to look around, fingering the satin panties and bras, looking at the corsets and slips. Soon, Mom found me and we left, but she had a bag in her hand. I didn't ask her what she bought. Then we looked in a dress shop where Grandma said she would be, but didn't see her. I started looking, and made several selections which I put on the counter. I paid the bill, then saw Grandma and Mom talking outside the shop. As I moved closer, I could hear them talking and quickly ducked into a rack of dresses.

"I'm telling you that Terry is almost a full A cup now, and her hips at noticeably larger! She has almost the same figure you did when you were her age!" said Grandma.

"Then why did she buy a B cup bra?" Mom asked.

"Because she'll need them before long, that's why! I'll bet that in a month or so she'll fill out that B cup bra easily. Didn't you go from an A to a B almost overnight?"

I knew, or thought I knew, that Grandma was fibbing about my bra size, but listened anyway.

"Jack wants her to come home, Mom. He says it doesn't matter how she dresses any more."

"Terry does not trust him, and I can understand that. He hurt her deeply and that isn't going to go away any time soon, if at all. Tell him not to get his hopes up, but I'll talk to her."

That was my cue, and I walked out before Mom could answer. The three of us did the whole mall, buying shoes and earrings, nightgowns and robes, then I had my makeup done by a pro and bought lots of what she used on me. Both Grandma and Mom said I looked spectacular. That made me feel good, and when I looked at the entire new me in the mirror, from my hair to my toes I looked just like a 17 year old girl. No trace of the old me could be seen. As we stopped in the cafeteria area I saw Kenny and Jon sitting there. Both of them looked right at me, stared a bit, then ignored me. They did not immediately know who I was, then they saw Mom and must have known. Given that neither of them came to see me in the hospital, I had no urge to talk to them. Nobody suggested that I go back home, but Mom did tell me, twice, that she thought I looked real nice before she went home, leaving Grandma and I alone at the table.

"Your mother enjoyed the day today. She wants to make things up to you, Terry."

"She can drag my old man down to the police station and file charges against those guys. Until that happens, how can I even begin to believe that Dad wants me to come home, and accept me as a girl?" I asked rhetorically before changing the subject. "I heard you tell Mom that I'll be a B cup within a month. Is that true?"

"It might be. Your mother and the boob fairy must have been on good terms, because she blossomed almost overnight, and that might happen to you as well. Have you noticed that those breast forms are real tight now? That's because you don't need them, Terry. You have breasts of your own now."

"Dad's going to cause an earthquake when he finds out, Grandma."

"Then we might as well wait until your done growing, shouldn't we?"

The days passed, growing into weeks, each day a challenge as Grandma made me practice my walk, hand gestures, sitting and so on, all mixed in with learning do my makeup as well as the woman did it at the mall. She showed me how to do my hair in several different styles, as well as how to sew and knit. My hair got longer and I now went to the salon once a week for a trim and have my nails attended to. I also learned what a pain a romper suit is, how it feels to wear a women's swimsuit, the tediousness of having to almost undress to use the bathroom, which is why women take so long in the bathroom, and also, the joys in looking nice as a girl. Through it all I felt myself becoming more and more feminine, and no longer held my anger for my parents quite as close as I did before. About this time I found a site on the Internet that sold a prosthetic vagina that would allow me to look and function like a normal girl, and after some careful detective work, I ordered one custom made for me. The day it arrived, I went to my room and pulled it on, trying it for fit before I attached it with the adhesive. Naked, I looked in the mirror and now saw a complete girl. My breasts were without sag, full and perky, the nipples slightly extended in the room air. My waist size had fallen to 25 inches and my hips no longer needed to be padded. I stood there, staring, locked onto the vision in front of me and did not hear the door open.

"Oh my God!"

I turned, and saw my mother standing there! As calmly as possible, I turned to face her in all my nakedness, then waved her into the room, before I reached for, then pulled on my panties before reaching for my bra. As she watched, I fastened the front hook and adjusted my breasts in the cups to my best advantage.

"Hello, Mother," I said calmly.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she looked me over. "You've changed!" she declared.

"I told you, it's the new me. I just decided to quit waiting."

"I see that!" As I pulled on a skirt, Mom went on. "Your father wants to see you, honey. He promises not to make a scene."

"Mom, I'm not going to be a boy again, not now. You saw me, just how could I?" It was the first time I had ever said that, even to myself, and I was almost as surprised as she was. "Mom, I have a 36B-25-36 figure now, and no amount of testosterone is going to change that, and I'm not even going to try. If I agree to see Dad, he'll see me in all my glory, and he'll either accept things as they are or I am staying here and he can go to hell."

"Name the date, Terry."

"Saturday, seven o'clock at Fours. I'll make the reservations, and I am bringing Grandma. Tell Dad he's footing the bill."

"We'll be there."

Saturday. Two days from now. All hell was going to break loose or our fractured family would heal up. I was the catalyst in all this, and I had no choice but to put dad right in his place or go on living with my anger. After Mom left I told Grandma what I was going to do. She knew why. She and I talked for about an hour, covering all angles, then she made a few suggestions that I agreed with. The next day Grandma and I went shopping, and I bought the perfect dress, shoes to match, earrings, a belt, handbag and made an appointment with Jeri at the salon. Dad was about to get the whole girl stuck right in his face. There is less than a month before school starts, which is perfect. If it goes bad I'll attend a different school as I will be living with Grandma. If it goes well, the threat will be gone because Dad will have to press charges against the guys that beat me.

Grandma and I both had the works. Waxing, a new cut and style, eyebrow trim, then our nails and makeup done. We were home by three and I went straight to my room and began to get ready by taking a bubble bath. The oils in the water made my silky skin feel even better, then I shaved the few places I still had hair. I no longer had a beard, the benefit of a minor bit of electrolysis, and went back to my room. I carefully selected what I needed, putting them on the bed before I started to get dressed. I started with the black satin French cut panties, the lace trim accenting the leg opening while the thin front showed my vagina clearly outlined in the soft fabric. Instead of a bra I wore a black satin corselet that hiked up my boobs, pushing them together to form a prominent and very feminine cleavage. I pulled the laces tight, making my waist a trim 23 inches, then sat on the bed and rolled on my hose before I attached them to the garter tabs. If I put my heels on and added a top hat I would have looked like a famous movie starlet. Without a thought I pulled the dress over my head and zipped it up, making a few adjustments so that every inch of my new figure was on display.

Three inch black heels, black and gold chandelier earrings, a pendant necklace and a gold and black bracelet, then my best perfume and finally, the brightest red lipstick I had. When I looked in the mirror I had to smile. My blond hair was full and wavy, caressing my shoulders while the bangs swept to one side gave a certain aura to my total look. The dress was low cut to display my boobs of course, with two thin spaghetti straps at the shoulders to hold it up, tapering to my narrow waist then flaring out to end just above my knees in an elegant sweep of black chiffon and satin with black Irish lace trim. My legs were as good or better than many I had seen, and as I filled my new handbag, I was well aware of the impact I was going to have on everyone, not just Dad.

When I saw Grandma I was impressed! Not that old, she looked almost ten years younger in her royal blue sheath. We smiled at each other, hugged, then I drove us to Fours, the most expensive restaurant in town. The valet got a good leg shot as I got out of the car, but why not? I had good legs, why not use them? We were escorted to our table, and as we approached, I saw my parents at the table. My dad stood up the minute he saw us. His eyes bugged out and he went silent as Grandma and I sat down. Mom was the first to speak.

"My goodness! You look simply beautiful Terry!" she beamed.

My dad, still tongue tied, simply stared at me, specifically my boobs.

"You look�so�different," he finally said. "Like a�"

"Woman? Dad, I am a woman now. Ask Mom if you don't believe me. This is the new me. I'm a woman, and I'm proud of it!"

If faith is the force of life, then I had all my faith in the way I looked and acted, and was ready for whatever came next. Dinner was served and the table talk was about everything but my transformation. Dad was clearly awed by the changes he saw in me, but still, he said nothing. Music started, the small band playing softly in the background, and I excused myself to use the ladies room. On the way back to my table a guy about my age asked me to dance! With a nod of my head I said yes and we stopped by the table so that I could leave my purse. Holding his hand we walked out on the dance floor. His name was Greg, and he was a very good dancer, which made it easier for me to follow him. We were on the second number when my dad cut in.

I was tempted to refuse, but didn't.

"You look very nice, Terry," he said.


He held me for a while before he spoke again. "Those boys? The ones that attacked you? They were arrested yesterday."

"Yeah? Who pressed the charges against them?" I said, an accusing tone seeping into my voice.

"I did."

"I see," I said. "Well, they have time on their side now, don't they? I mean, you waited so long that they might beat the rap. That's great."

He took a half step back to look me in the face, his arms still around me. "I was wrong, Terry. I couldn't see past my�"

I shrugged off his embrace. "I was beaten to pieces, and your first concern wasn't for me, Dad. That tells me a lot, but I should have known that all along."

"We want you to come home. I promise you that nothing will happen to you."

"You know that I am a woman now, don't you? I mean, look at me. Do I look anything like a boy to you? I've grown up watching how you treat Mom, and as a woman I can hardly expect any better from you can I?" His eyes were wide open now. "If I do come home, I'll tell you this much, you won't intimidate me like you do Mom, and I'll do whatever I need to in order to make you treat her better."

Dad was silent during my tirade, and when he realized that I would, and could, make his life miserable if he didn't change his ways, his mouth turned into a straight, angry line. He wanted to threaten me, slap me, something, but didn't dare. There were enough men there that would probably whoop his ass if he did. But he got the message, loud and clear.

I pressed my advantage. "If those boys are arrested, I want my own attorney to represent me at their trial, if there is one, and after they are convicted, maybe I'll think about it. Right now I want you to take a good look at what you have created. You and Mom managed to turn me into a girl, all on your own, and now you'll just have to live with it." Dad and I moved to the patio, but stayed where everyone could see us. "Mom says that you won't hold turning into a girl against me because I have no control over it." He nodded his head yes. "Then that means that you think it was my fault I got my ass beat. I had no control over that either, did I? What's different now?"

Without a word Dad went back in while I stayed outside. I had to let myself calm down. Ten minutes later I went back to our table and sat down. That's when Mom told me that the Principal had committed suicide. It seems his son was involved in my beating. I didn't know that! It came out when the police started questioning the boys that I had identified. His son's involvement meant the end of his career, and of course, his ambiguous response to the beating would always leave doubt about his participation in a cover up, and even if he did not know, how could he ever prove it? Dad sat there grim faced as Mom told me what had happened, then turned to him and let him have it.

"I want Terry to come home, and I am going to do whatever I have to do to make sure that happens. And if and when she does, you will treat her with respect or you'll just have to leave. Terry has opened my eyes to a lot of things, and the way you have treated me for the last twenty years is just one of them. That stops now. You can see that she has become a woman, Jack, and there isn't anything we can do about it. You'll just have to accept that, but if you cannot, then you'll leave or we will both be living with mother."

It was the harshest thing I had ever heard my mother ever say to him! My spirits went up when I realized that my mother had finally taken a stand against his idea that men rule and women obey. He looked ashen, as if struck by lightning. His eyes went wide, then narrowed as he looked first at me, then Mom, and finally Grandma. We must have presented a solid looking front of females as he went from one face to another, then,�

"Am I so wrong to want my son to be a man? Or that I want my wife to keep a clean house?"

"No, Jack," Mom said. "All you wanted was a maid to clean the house, a whore in bed and a debutante to take to dinner. Terry is none of these things. She is a beautiful young girl, our daughter, and she is not going to be your slave, maid or point of resentment."

"What about you?" Dad asked. "You were the one that decided what she would wear and how she would look!"

"Terry and I have discussed that. She and I are past that, Jack. What about you?"

Dad got up and stomped away, leaving us sitting there! Mom used Dad's credit card to pay the bill, then the three of us went to Grandma's house. Nobody said a word on the drive over. Mom stayed with us, and just like Grandma told me, Mom and I grew closer. When it came time to go back to school I enrolled at a different high school. About a month after school started I was called as the principal witness in the trial, but by then my attorney and I had talked many times, about the crime, my status as a girl, how I ended up dressed as a girl and what I wanted out of this. We both knew that the main defense was going to the way I was dressed that day. There was no way to get around it. I would have to nail my parents to the wall. The fact that I had developed as a girl was a matter of medical certainty given my injuries, and there wasn't much their lawyers could do about that. Mom also knew what was going to happen, and accepted her fate with grace. She knew that I would have to tell it like it was or the boys would get off.

At school, once it got out that I was the one that got beaten for pretending to be a girl the rumors began. But I had made friends with some of the girls, and they had seen me naked as we changed clothes for gym. That had them confused of course, and I wanted to tell them something, anything, just to counter the rumors. I took one girl, Jill, into my confidence, but I told her at Grandma's house, with mom and Grandma sitting there. Jill listened, then started to laugh! Then she told me not to worry so much. Almost everyone knew about the skinheads, and nobody believed that I wasn't yet a girl. The best rumor going was that I had been surgically altered to be a girl because of the beating. She told me that she would see to it that became the truth, as far as anyone else knew. I hugged her and cried a bit I guess.

During the trial their attorneys went after me hard, accusing me of dressing as a girl because I wanted to be with boys, that I had enticed them just by dressing that way, and had brought on the beating when I had told them no. After a few minutes of that, the judge called everyone into his chambers and lit into the defense attorneys without mercy. They knew the true facts as well as anyone, and told them to lay off. That was when they went into a huddle and with the Prosecutor, arrived as a sentence. I never had to smear Mom, Dad, or anyone else. The boys all drew 18 months to three years for aggravated assault. After the trial the judge asked to speak with my family, which is when my Dad got a lecture from the judge, but Mom stopped him. She told him she had filed for divorce. Dad was shocked but said nothing and left without a word to Mom or myself.

The divorce went well enough, I guess. I lived with Grandma until I graduated, rarely dating, while Mom moved to a small apartment and dad took a transfer to another state. Grandma was right about the boob fairy though, she came again and I blossomed to a full C cup, my waist grew smaller and my hips and bottom got fuller. I no longer worry about my femininity, I am a woman and that's enough. I began to see a doctor, and he has scheduled my completion date. At the age of 18 I will be a whole woman with a fresh outlook on life, but I have learned a lot in all of this. We all have. My Dad never calls, but I see Mom almost daily now, and we are starting all over again. Maybe we'll get closer, like a mother and a daughter should be. Dad can go to hell.


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