by Janet L. Stickney

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Inspired by the Feminine Charms series created by Jenny North

Based on Feminine Charms number 2

This story was inspired by the fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, is without a doubt, some of the best I have seen, as she brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives. Jenny's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all you want, but please, check out all of her magnificent magazine covers, and see them for yourself.

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My best friend and I had known each other from grade school onward, but I kept one secret from him. I kept it from everyone as a matter of fact. I had been dressing in my sister�s clothes since I was just a kid. Only twice, when I got really careless, had I been discovered dressed up. Once by my Mom, and once by my sister. Both times they scolded me and I quickly changed clothes. Now that I am 17, there is no doubt that I understand that boys do not dress as girls, or at least, they're not supposed to, and if they do, they are not supposed to like it. But I do like it, and yes, I still dress up once in a while. I am only telling you all this so that you'll understand what happened. Everyone was away, Beth was in college then, so I took the chance, and went all the way. By that I mean I shaved all the hair off my body and dressed from the skin out as a girl. My hair was long enough for me to use a blow dryer to create a bad but passable feminine hairdo, I used fake nails painted red and wore one of Beth's short dresses. I was in heaven when I looked in the mirror.

I had no idea why I felt I had to dress as a girl, I just did, and that was one of the rare occasions I was able to do it. I looked in the mirror, turning this way and that, admired my long silky smooth legs, the quick sexy smile outlined in bright red, and the way the heels hiked my butt up. In my reverie I did not hear the door open, but I heard the result.

"Holy Cow! Larry? Is that you? Why are you dressed as a girl? Damn! You look pretty good!"

It was my best friend Jim, and he had seen me in all my glory. He and I had been barging into each other�s rooms since we started school together, and of course, he knew where the spare key was hidden. He knocked, I didn't answer, so he came in anyway, just like always, and there I was, all dressed up. There was nowhere to hide, no place to go, and there was no hole in the floor for me to sink into. We locked stares for a moment. I had never before been so humiliated in my entire life, but there was nothing I could do about it, not a thing. He knew me well enough to know that I can't sing or dance, I was not being initiated into any group, and I wasn't being punished. That left only one thing. I was dressed this way because I wanted to be dressed this way. I started to say something, then...

"You know, with just a little of the right kind of help, you would be one hot chick!" Jim was grinning.


"You heard me Larry--or is it Laura? You would look pretty good if someone that knew what they were doing helped you. I mean, with your hair and all."

"Get out of here and let me change!"

"No chance, good buddy. We both have a problem, and I just found an answer! And, we'll both get what we want."

I slumped into the chair at my desk and stared at him. I knew exactly what he was talking about. In about two months he was going to join a fraternal organization, and he and the others would be introduced at their local ball. So of course, he had to bring a date. But he was never big on dating. Girls scared him I think. His mother scared him too, but I don't know why. She is a very tiny woman, maybe 5 foot at best, and can't weigh more than a hundred pounds. Jim is tall, well over six foot, muscular with an impish grin, dark brown hair and quick brown eyes. He was, in fact, most girls� wet dream come to life. But Jim had always been shy around girls, and never went out with one more than twice. As for me, I am 5'6" at best, skinny, with blond hair and blue eyes. People always wondered how we ended up best friends, but we had known each other for a very long time. He just got bigger, that's all.

I knew what he was going to say, but asked him anyway. "And just what would that be?"

"Why not be my date for the ball? You know how I am around girls. This way, you get to go out, all fixed up, and I get a date I have known forever!"

I momentarily thought about denying that I liked to dress this way, but Jim had to know better. If it was just a goof, I would not have done my nails, shaved my body or tried to manage a hairstyle. For the life of me, I just could not find any kind of excuse that would get me out of this mess. I only had one choice.

"Even if I did agree to a scheme as crazy as that, just what would I tell my parents? I can just hear it now: �Mom, Dad, Jim asked me to be his date for the big ball, and I need a new gown, my nails and hair done of course, and oh, and don't forget, new shoes.� My dad would be shocked at best, while my mom would laugh until she fell down."

"Yeah, maybe, if you said it like that. But if you told them it was for my induction, they might take it better. After all, didn't your dad tell us he had to dress as a girl for three weeks when he joined his fraternity? He would understand that. What do you say? Want to be my date?"

Jim had read the situation perfectly, then come up with a way for me to go out dressed and solve his problem at the same time, and during it all, he looked relaxed and actually smiled at me. He gave me no sign that he didn't like what I was doing, or that he thought I was nuts. It was an intriguing plan, and on the face of it, as ludicrous as it sounded, might actually work. I told him I would think about it, then tossed him out so I could change. Jim had ruined my plans, I had intended to stay dressed all day, but I just couldn't, what with Jim there. It took me about an hour to return to my usual self. Going out as Jim's date sounds easy, and maybe looking like a girl isn't going to be so's all that other stuff, like mannerisms, voice, stuff that would give me away in a hot minute if I screwed up. It would put a huge strain on my concentration, and I was torn between my desire to leave the house--even once--as a girl, and getting caught at it. I could imagine what would happen to me, but Jim? They would crucify him. Then there is that small item of telling my parents. The question would be, "How did Jim know I liked to dress as a girl?"

Jim and I hung around together for the rest of the day, and thankfully, he only mentioned it once. We were at the mall, passing a dress shop when he pointed at the dress in the window, then told me I would look great in that dress. He was probably right, but I wasn't in the mood to talk about it. That night my folks came home, assumed all was well, and we all went to bed. The next day after school however, my life took a hard turn into the unknown.

"Larry, can I talk to you a moment?"

"Sure, Mom, what?"

"Jimmy's mother called me today, and asked me a very strange question. She wanted to know if it was true that you were going to be Jimmy's date for the Induction Ball. Is it?"

"What?" I said, stalling for time. What I got was that sharp-eyed look from my mother. With a sigh, I told her that Jim thought I would look nice as a girl, and he asked me to be his date. She knew about his phobia about girls, and quickly understood why he asked me. I did not tell her he had seen me dressed, because that would mean I would have to admit that I still dressed up. I didn't think Mom knew. I told her that Jim mentioned what Dad had said about his three weeks as a girl, and that he figured I could do it, too.

"Well, I suppose, given all the practice you've had that it would be possible. What did you tell Jimmy?"

"I said he was crazy."

"Maybe he isn't. Did he see you the other day when you were dressed up?"

Damn it! How does she do that? I didn't say anything that would either confirm or deny what she said.

"You have two more days of school before the Spring break. Why don't you and I spend some of those two weeks and see how you look as a girl? I'll help you, then, after that, if you tell Jimmy no, we'll quit. But, if we do quit, I want you to stop playing dress up. If you say yes, then, like I said, I'll help you. You're probably just as pretty as Beth, maybe even better looking. Think about it and let me know tomorrow."

Jim and his big mouth had really put me in it, but I wasn't mad at him. Since the moment Mom had made her proposal, it was all I could think about. Having her help me would be a great, and of course, Dad wouldn't be able to say much about it, given the circumstances, Mom's help, and his prior experiences. It was really a no-brainer, since of course I was going to say yes. I think Mom knew it too, and she confirmed that on my last day of school when she told me to come straight home. Since classes let out at 10, she and I would have all day. Needless to say, I didn't mention it to Jim, just in case it all went in the dumper in a hurry or I looked as bad as I usually do.

I walked in the door and saw Mom waiting for me. I followed her to my room, where for the first time since I was a child she had me undress with her in the room. I got to my briefs and quit, but it was obvious to her that my skin was clean-shaven, smooth and hairless.

"Go take a shower, shave and wash your hair, then put these on and come to my room."

I did what she told me to do, and touched up the few spots I had missed the other day, like under my arms. My face was smooth, my skin squeaky clean and my hair limp from the lotion. I pulled the panties on, noticing that they were new, wrapped the robe around myself and went to Mom's room. She was waiting, her roller kit and several brushes nearby. I sat when she motioned, then she began to put my hair in rollers using a gel, making the rollers tight on my head. She finished quickly, then waved her hand at the cosmetics on the counter. I looked at her for a moment, then got up and went to my room to retrieve my own foundation. Mom and Beth both used a color that was to light for me. Mom didn't say a word until I began to apply it to my face.

"Just dab it on then use two fingers to pull it out evenly," she explained. "You�re not painting a house, and thickness counts against you. Just make it light, just enough to cover your face."

I tried to tell her that I had done this before, but she insisted, and I followed her instructions. Then she had me do something new. She handed me a puff full of some kind of powder and told me to pat it on wherever I used foundation. When I was done I had to wait for a few minutes, then brushing away the excess, my skin seemed to be all one color and there was no sign of my light beard! After that, she showed me how to do eyeshadow. I thought I knew how, but the way Mom did it was easier and made my eyes look ten times better. Black eyeliner, then a black pencil to outline under my eyes, peach blusher, and mascara. Then, with the rollers still in my hair, she watched as I put on the bra she had on the bed, then pantyhose. She had the slip in her hand but I stopped her again, went to my room, and retrieved my foam pads and birdseed breast forms. I slipped the breast forms in the bra, then used the foam pads to make my hips rounder. She watched as I slipped them under the panties, then I put the slip over my head and yanked it down.

After that, Mom surprised me by handing me the same short dress I had on when Jim caught me. After I slipped it on she zipped it up and I stepped into the shoes I had brought with me when I got the pads. They were my only pair. I looked in the mirror and saw a girl with a head full of rollers! Kind of like my girl, but better, prettier somehow. As if the rough edges had been sanded smooth. I did not have long to look as Mom sat me at the vanity and began to remove the rollers and brush out my hair. With just a few strokes she had created a very feminine hairstyle that was curly yet full, where my bangs touched my eyebrows and my ears were just visible. Without a word Mom removed my own earrings, replacing them with simple red and black earrings. Around my neck went a gold necklace that had a red and black pendant. I heard rather than saw the spritzer, but smelled the perfume right away.

"Do your lips then join me in the kitchen, and bring your nail kit," she said.

How does she do that?! I took the lipstick from her, saw that enigmatic little smile she has, then did my lips, went into my room, and dug out my nail kit from under the bed. I had exactly one set of nails left, and no more tape, just the glue. I looked in the mirror once again, and was still amazed at how Mom, with so little effort, had done so much better than I had. It just had to be something girls are born with, I guess. I couldn't do it--at least not by myself, anyway. I told Mom I didn't have any more tape for the nails, so she told me to go ahead and use the glue, since she knew how to dissolve it when I needed to take the nails off. One by one I fitted the nails, trimming them to fit first, then carefully used the glue to attach them to my fingers. The polish I had was a soft plum color that Mom said was very nice, and she watched as I painted each nail with two coats of polish. Mom never said a word the whole time I was doing my nails and although I ached to ask her a bunch of questions--like how come she always knows everything--I didn't. I just did what she told me to do.

"Now that we have you all dressed up, lets look in the mirror and see what kind of girl we have created," she said as she guided me down the hallway.

The two of us stood side by side in front of the hall mirror. The change was dramatic. Before, when I tried this myself, the best I could ever do was sooth my desire to dress up. Now there was a girl staring back at me from the mirror. Not a boy in a dress, but a girl with pretty hair, wonderful makeup, wide eyes with an impish grin, breasts that were not too big or small, and long silky legs in high heels. I was overwhelmed to the point of silence.

"What do you call yourself?" she asked.

"Laura". It slipped out without a thought. It was the name Jim gave me. In the past I had always thought of myself as Linda, but somehow, Laura felt as if it were the right name.

"Laura! What a lovely name! Now tell me, have you ever left the house dressed as a girl?"

"Hell--sorry Mom, no. I never looked good enough," I admitted.

"What about now? Do you look good enough to go out now?"

"Well, I�"

"I'll get you a purse," she declared before I had a chance to answer. "I think I have an old wallet around here someplace. I'll get those, you transfer your things into it, and we'll go for a ride, just to see how you do. Wait here."

Within a few minutes Mom returned, handed me the purse, an old wallet of hers, and my own wallet, plus the lipstick and some tissue. I moved everything, then followed her to the back door, where she held it open and waited for me to gather the courage to actually go outside. It took a few moments, but I finally stepped across the threshold. The sun was bright, the air warm and I was scared to death. Mom and I got in the car, then she drove out of our neighborhood and started for the expressway. I knew where we were going the minute she got on the expressway: Dad's office. There wasn't anything I could do to stop her, and yet, in a way, I didn't mind at all. If Dad doesn't burst out laughing, then maybe I have at least some chance to pull this off. I knew as well as Mom did that after we both saw my reflection in the hall mirror that I was going to be Jim's date for the ball. All I had to do was become the perfect girl in every way. Making me look like a girl was the easy part. Getting over my fear of discovery and letting Dad see me this way were going to be the hardest things for me to do.

"I didn't tell your father we were stopping by, so this is going to be a surprise," she explained. "Just act natural and you'll be fine."

"Natural? Mom, you have no idea how hard this is going to be!" I protested.

"Oh, I think I do. But this has to be what you wanted or else you would have quit this dressing up long ago. And now that we both know just how pretty you are, there is no reason for you to be afraid. Watch how you walk and so on, smile a lot, and pretty soon it will all become natural. Okay?"

"I'll try, Mom," I said uncertainly. "I don't have much choice, do I?"

"Of course you have a choice! I'll take you home right now and you can change, but if you do, this is the end of it. No more dressing up. Is that what you want? Or would you like to do this, just to see if you can?"

If I said to take me home, Mom would see to it that I would never be able to try this again. But if I said I would try it, then she would know that I liked dressing as a girl so much that I was willing to risk everything by going out in public this way. She watched the road while I paused before I slowly nodded my head. Now there was no doubt in any ones mind. I wanted to be a girl.

"Now that we have that settled let's not dwell on anything but making you into a proper young lady. We will be at your father�s office in time for lunch, so we'll make him take us to lunch. That way he will be able to see for himself just how nice looking you are."

"That'll be great, Mother," I said sarcastically.

"I knew you would agree,"she happily responded.

I�m always amazed at my mother�s ability to ignore teenage sarcasm.

As she parked the car, I looked at the tall, gleaming office building where Dad worked. Forty floors of polished glass and bright aluminum glinted in the sunlight. I would have to walk in, cross the foyer, then go up 38 floors in an elevator. Anyone could get on. Mom, either unconcerned or unaware of my uneasiness, did not hesitate. She began to cross the parking lot, stopping only once to look at me as I lagged behind her. Rather than have to face all those people alone, I caught up with her just as she opened the door to the building. The lobby was crowded with people, but they went about their business and we made it to the elevators without incident. The ride up, however, was interesting. On the sixth floor a guy about my age got on, and he kept his eyes locked on me all the way to 22 where he got off. Mom merely snickered. When we reached our floor my stomach began to do a series of flip-flops, but I followed her into the main office, then to the reception area outside Dad's private office.

"Hello Heather, is he available?" she asked the woman sitting behind the desk.

My Dad's receptionist smiled at Mom and me, then called Dad before she let us into his office. Mom went in first, then I stepped inside and Heather shut the door. Dad smiled at Mom, then, when he looked at me, his eyes narrowed before he smiled again. I was dead. I just knew it.

"Hi, Mary. Who is this?" The pleasant lilt in his voice gave away nothing.

"This is Laura. Jimmy asked her to be his date for the Induction Ball, and we thought that you should meet her since she will be staying with us for a while."

I pride myself on my ability to read people, so I could tell instantly that was when my Dad figured it out. That, and also by the way his eyes bugged out.

"I see," he said carefully, looking me over. "Care to tell me why are you doing this for, Jim? I mean, dressing as a girl? Are you sure about this? Do you know how hard that's going to be? And why did he ask you to do this? How would he know that you would even consider it?"

Dad never was one to beat around the bush.

I stood there stupidly for a moment, trying to come up with a satisfactory explanation, but none was forthcoming. Fortunately, Mom saved the day for me. "Laura has been with us for a very long time, dear. I knew about her, and that was enough. You didn't need to know, so we didn't tell you. Jimmy has been her friend almost since birth, which is why he knew that Laura might be available to do this for him. All we are here for today is to let you meet her, and take us to lunch."

All in all, he seemed to take it pretty well. "What if I say no to this nonsense?" he inquired.

"Then I will remind you that you spent several weeks as a girl, and it didn't seem to have hurt you any. As a matter of fact, I recall you telling me that you kind of liked the way the clothes felt, all that nylon and satin, I mean. Laura likes it too, and I have agreed that she can stay for a while," she responded in a tone that indicated she considered the matter closed. "Now, let�s go...I'm hungry!"

Mom had neatly set Dad back when she mentioned that even he liked to wear satin once in a while. It was clear that he was uncomfortable with me dressed as a girl, but he grudgingly accepted it. I knew that when he took my arm as we walked out of his office, and told Heather, "I'm taking Mary and our daughter to lunch. I'll be about an hour."

Daughter. He referred to me as his daughter, which I thought was great, until I realized that there was no other way. For him to say I was his son would cause him ridicule. So much for that. Lunch was pleasant, however Dad had a lot of questions for me, which I did my best to answer. When he asked me how long this had been going on, I glanced at Mom, drew in a deep breath, and told him, "Since I was little. Maybe 5 or 6, I guess." That's when he laid down the law.

"I suppose that since you�ve been doing this for this long that I can let you do this, but as soon as Jimmy is inducted, you're back in pants. Are we clear on that?"

"Yes sir. It's clear, sir," I answered quickly.

"Okay, then. Your mother will help you get whatever it is that you need, within reason of course. Two weeks as a girl isn't that long, so I suppose that we can all get through this all right."

"Honey," Mom said, "two weeks is all she has off for Spring break. The induction is a few weeks after that, so she will be with us for at least three weeks, maybe a month."

"But what about school?" he demanded. " She can't miss that much school!"

Already Dad was referring to me as "she". It was a good sign.

"Laura," Mom began, "can join Co-op. That way she will get all of her schoolwork by e-mail, which is how it will be turned in. That way she can remain with us until this is all over."

"But to join Co-op, she needs to have a job!" Dad countered.

Mom didn�t miss a beat. "Don't you do the hiring?" she asked.

Dad was clearly at a loss. If he hired me into the Co-op program, then he would be responsible for me, and it would be hard for him to simply fire me so I could go back to school as Larry. He would have to explain to his bosses why he hired such an incompetent in the first place, and that would reflect on his managerial abilities. But Mom had pushed him into a corner. His only way out was to either agree, or send me home to change.

"But that would mean at least three months!"

"Well, maybe, but then it would be over, wouldn't it? I mean, Laura will have graduated by then and it won't matter, will it?"

Dad looked at me with those steely gray eyes of his, then, with a shrug of his shoulders agreed to let me continue for as long as it took. But what Mom had done was make it so that the deadline was flexible. I could--no, make that would--become Laura for at least a month, more if I continued until school let out, just to maintain the legitimacy of Dad's hiring practices. Finally, he pulled himself upright and told me that I had until school started to get ready, because I would be working for his company starting on the third Monday, as a girl, no matter how I looked. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was better than having him make me quit altogether, so I nodded my head in agreement. Mom and I left Dad to pay the bill, and returned to the car. On the way home, she asked me what I was using for breast forms. I told her, and that made her laugh.

When we got home she told me to touch up my lipstick, then to call Jimmy. She said it would be better for everyone if he saw me now and wasn't surprised later. I made the call and got his mother, who recognized my voice and told me he was in the shower, and said I should come over to their house. I told Mom I was leaving, grabbed my purse, and left by the back door. I walked along the path to his house, then rang the bell. When his mother opened the door she looked surprised, but she's quick, and figured out who I was.

"Come in, my dear," she said pleasantly. "You must be Laura! Did you know that you're all Jimmy has talked about since he met you? Now I can see why--you're very pretty! Come join me for a soft drink while the big guy cleans up."

It wasn't the reaction I had been expecting, but accepted her offer of a soft drink and joined her on the patio.

"Jimmy tells me that you are going to be his date at the Induction Ball. Are you comfortable with that?"

"To tell you the truth, no," I admitted. "But Mom says I'll calm down in a few days, when the novelty of dressing as a girl every day wears off."

"Maybe it will wear off, but I doubt that. I knew a boy like you when we were in high school. He even went so far as to show up in school dressed as a girl. They made him change clothes, but nobody ever saw him before or after school in anything but a skirt or dress. I think he went on to become a woman. He had the surgery, I'm sure of it. For you to be here like this tells me that you love it a lot more than you're willing to admit, which is why the thrill of it won't wear off easily."

I wanted to think that she was right. I didn't want the thrill to go away, just the fear that always hung around my head like a cloud. We talked a bit more, then Jim showed up. He wore his shortest shorts, a muscle Tee and his sneakers. From a girl�s perspective, he was a real hunk. I knew that if I were with Jim, there weren't very many people that would try to hurt me.


"Jim," his mother said, "you recognize Laura, don't you?"

"Almost. The last time I saw her she didn't look half this good!"

He sat down next to me smiling, his eyes never leaving my face.

"I told you that with a little help you would look spectacular, and I was right!" he said, beaming.

"That's because you're so tall that you look right over my head," I responded playfully. "The person you're looking at is your mother, you dummy."

"Oh, she's beautiful too, but a little old for me. You, on the other hand are just right!"

"Thanks Jim...I think."

Jim�s mother looked at the two of us with a little smile on her face. "I'll leave you kids alone. Just stay on the ground floor, Jimmy."

With that, she left us alone, and for a moment I wondered why she had told us to stay downstairs. Then I realized what it was. A boy and a girl alone in a room equals trouble. But I wasn't a girl, so just how much trouble could I get into? At least, that's what I said to myself until I felt Jim's hand on my leg give me a gentle squeeze. I quickly moved across from him, but not without seeing the grin on his face.

"Did you tell your dad yet, Laura?"

"Mom and I had lunch with him, and as it turns out, I'll be working for him in Co-op, as Laura, at least until the end of the year."

Jim was visibly surprised at the news. "That's a switch! How did you manage that?"

I gave a little shrug. "Mom said I would have all Spring break to be Laura, but your Induction Ball is a few weeks after that, and rather than change back and forth, she maneuvered dad into hiring me, and that means that he can't just fire me. So it looks like I'll become Laura until school lets out, anyway."

"Did your mom tell you why she did that? I mean, she already has a daughter, so there's no real reason for her to push it, is there?"

"She didn't say and I didn't ask."

That was the end of that, but Jim had asked a very good question. Why was Mom letting me do this? I had expected her to laugh her head off, get angry, something like that, but not actually help me. Then, when she stepped in and make it possible for me to remain this way for a few months, she really threw me. I had accepted it, but Jim had raised a very good point. We sat and talked for a while longer, and about four o�clock I went home. Dad was there, but he didn't say anything but "hi," so I went in to help Mom make dinner.

Dinner was uneventful, and after the dishes were done I went to my room to change. I was washing my face when Mom came in and left a nightgown on the bed. It was one of my sister's short ones, a two piece set. I asked her to stay, then went in the bath and slipped on the very thin panties, then the top, and finally wrapped a robe around myself and sat on the bed. I had to know why Mom was leading the charge, so to speak. Why had she made it possible for me to remain as a girl?

"Mom, why are you doing this? I'll admit that I like to dress up once in a while, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect you to set it up like you did. Jim and I both want to know. I mean, this isn't like you at all."

Her face never changed as she looked at me, and I wondered if I had hit a nerve. I watched as she sat in my chair, drew herself upright, take a deep breath, then she told me.

"Your Aunt Jennifer is like you, honey. She used to be my brother Jeff. All her life she would wear my stuff, got caught a lot, and suffered when your Grandpa tried to beat it out of him. When she was 18 she moved away, and we didn't see her for almost three years. When she did come home, she was a woman, just like she should have been in the first place."

I was stunned. "Aunt Jenny used to be a man!?"

"That all happened before you were born, and there was no reason to tell anyone, especially you kids. After she got married to your Uncle Bob, they adopted your cousins. They do not know either, so I want you to keep that to yourself. When I told her about your dressing up, she and I talked about it for hours. When you were little it didn't matter, but now that you are almost grown up it does matter, a lot. She has convinced me that if this is the road for you, then you should have the chance to experience being a female and all of the ups and downs that entails. If it isn't for you, well, after school lets out you can return to being yourself and nobody will be the wiser. All I have done is give you about four months to be a girl. After that you can decide. But for now, your father and I are willing to let you explore this facet of yourself, with some restrictions, of course. You will have to live by the same rules that Beth had to live with, do the same types of chores, and also, have the same curfew. We are not going to tell you what to wear since girls your age wear almost everything, but for the first month you must wear a skirt, or dress, once in a while shorts, and that's it. Any questions?"

Of course I had some questions, but I was so shocked at what Mom had told me I just forgot them! My Aunt Jennifer is a real knockout, and there isn't even the tiniest thing about her that remotely suggests that she was ever a male! Nice boobs, wears about a size nine or ten, she even sounds like a woman! And Uncle Bob? What about him? Does he know the truth? Then there were my cousins, Kelly and Megan. They are ten and twelve now, and they always look real nice since Aunt Jennifer insists on it. Mom just sat there while I digested all of what she told me, then�

"You are wondering about your Uncle Bob. He knows, he always has, but Jenny captured his heart and the two of them never looked back when they started going together," explained Mom. Then, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Laura, honey, if you decide to remain a girl it will not change our feelings towards you, and if you meet someone that loves you more than life itself, grab him and make him yours, but never lie to him. Love him, care for him, and let him love you back. That is more important than anything else I can tell you. If you want to talk to Jenny, you can go over there in the morning and talk to her, but expect brutal honesty. She isn't going to hold anything back from you, and you should be honest with her. Okay?"

"Okay, Mom. Thanks. I'll see her in the morning."

"I'll call in the morning and let her know."

In the morning I got up early and took a shower, shaved as close as possible, then got dressed. I decided to wear a skirt and blouse with my flats, fairly plain makeup and jewelry. It took me about 45 minutes to get ready, and as I looked in the mirror I was very happy with how I looked. Foundation and powder, brown eyeliner with very light plum eye shadow, peach blusher and plum lipstick. The skirt was navy, short and pleated, one of Beth's nicest ones. The blouse was a simple white pullover top. Mom and I had breakfast with Dad, who didn't say a word. Then, after he left Mom gave me the keys to her car. It was my first time driving as Laura, but the only thing that was different was the feel of ice cold leather on my almost naked thighs.

I pulled in the driveway and saw Aunt Jenny walk out on the porch to greet me. I got out, and she saw me for the first time. We said hello, then she took me by the hand out to her patio where she had a carafe of coffee and some cups.

"I didn't recognize you, Laura! If Mary hadn't called me I would not have known! You look spectacular!"

"Thanks. Mom told me last night, and said that I should talk to you."

"Yes, I know. What I have to say isn't that complicated, Laura. I knew from a very young age that I was a girl, and spent over twenty years to make that true. If what your Mama tells me is true, then you are about to walk that same path, with one exception: you have a family that is willing to listen. I didn't have that. You also have me. Being a woman is not about what's on the outside, honey. If you know that you were meant to be a woman, then all you do is adjust the outside to match the inside. That's easy. What is harder is admitting to someone that you want to make a change in your life that is as severe as this one. Telling someone you love that you are not what they think you are can be dangerous, and unless you are honest with them almost from the beginning," she said. Then, thinking a moment, she amended, "Well, actually that can turn ugly, as well. Take Bob, for example. It took me three dates before I told him, and he quit calling me. In the end I called him. Since then we have cleared the air and now we have a wonderful family," she said wistfully. Then, looking right at me she asked, "Do you have someone?"

The question caught me off guard, but Jim's face popped into my mind. "Well, not really, but my friend Jim asked me to be his date for a big Induction Ball he has to attend, and he put his hand on my leg the other day. He hasn't tried to kiss me or anything like that though."

Jenny smiled at that, put her hand over mine and squeezed.

"It's the first sign, honey. Your friend Jim is attracted to you or he would not have asked you out!"

"Not really," I said, and told her why he asked me, Jim's shyness and all. I told her how Jim found out about me, which is why he asked me to be his date. When I was done she did not respond except to ask me what I used for boobs and hips! I told her, which made her laugh, then she told me she had done the exact same thing!

"While I was waiting for the hormones to kick in and create my boobs for me, I bought a pair of very realistic breast forms. I wore them for months before I began to develop. I have them packed away in the basement somewhere if you want them. I also have a special kind of padded panty you can have, if I can find it. Care to help me look?"

It took us about an hour to find the items she mentioned, still in the original boxes. Jenny was watching my face when I opened the first of the boxes that held the breast forms, grinning as I drew in my breath. It looked absolutely real!

"Want to try them on? They should be your size, they're a full A cup. Take off your top and let me help you."

Jenny slipped one into each cup of my bra, and when I felt them weight of them I began to grin. Then she showed me the adhesive, which had been tightly sealed long ago. She shook the bottle and told me it was still good, but I should wait and have Mom help me attach them. The panty was indeed special--if I had it on it would look as if I were a real girl!

"It's non-functional except that you can pee while wearing it," she explained. "I understand the newer ones will allow a person to have sex, but you're way to young for that right now so it doesn't matter."

I didn't put it on, but took the box with me as we went back out on the patio. Aunt Jenny was adamant that I be true to myself and not to be deterred by people that would never understand, and also, to become as feminine as possible, including the way I speak. She told me to sing along with girl singers, and try to hit their notes if I could. She also told me to pay close attention to the way I use my hands, sit, walk and so on. Then she demonstrated what I had done all morning, and the way a girl would do it. It was very revealing, especially when she told me that she could take the average guy and make him look like a knockout girl, but she couldn't make him act like a girl if he didn't want it. She and I spent almost two hours out on the patio. The entire time was spent simply teaching me how to walk, roll my hips and hold my arms in a manner that was comfortable as well as looked feminine. It was harder than I thought. Becoming a girl was starting to become hard work!

I went home a little after lunch, promising her that I would practice as often as I could. I also told her I was going to use the adhesive to fix both breast forms as well as the panty in place. "I know," was all she said, but we both knew that I wanted this more than I was saying. When Mom saw me she wanted all the details, and unable to contain myself, I told her about the panty and the breast forms. I also told her I was on my way to my room to glue them on. She wasn't having any of that, and insisted on helping me. It took about half an hour to get me all fixed up, but in the end it was worth it. Standing there naked in front of the mirror stood a girl from head to toe. Mom shook her head, but didn't say much except that it was now time for me to get my own bras and panties plus a few clothes of my own. About twenty minutes later she and I left for the mall.

"Now that you have all the right parts, it's time for you to experience buying your own bras, and making sure they fit," she said. "That's important, since wearing one 18 hours a day or more can make your shoulders ache if they don't fit properly."

What came next was a fitting by a professional, then selecting three bras that met with Mom's okay. Panties and pantyhose, two skirts and two dresses plus two pair of shoes were added to the pile by the time we were done. Once we had completed our shopping, Mom paid the bill and we went home. With every step I could feel the tug of my breasts against the shoulder straps, and quickly understood what she had meant. But I loved it. The bounce, the tug on my chest, and tightness of the bra made me feel very feminine right then. On the way out, Mom told me that on Saturday morning she and I were headed back to the salon. She was going to have my upper lip, eyebrows, arms and legs waxed.

"It will be painful to be sure, but you should have this done if you intend to remain as a girl. And given that the glue we used on you lasts two months, we might as well do it now as later. Don't shave anything but your face from now until then, Laura. It'll make it easier for everyone."

As soon as we got home I tried on one of the new dresses, and had just zipped it up when Mom called me down to say that Jim was there. The dress I had on has two straps to hold it up, my budding cleavage just visible, the hem at mid thigh on me. I put on new lipstick, a dash of perfume, and went down the stairs, turning at the bottom fast enough to cause my skirt to flare out and let Jim see my panties. Mom gave me a dirty look, but my eyes were on Jim and his reaction when he saw me. His eyes lit up and a grin split his face.

"Hi!" I said brightly.

"Hi, Laura. Listen, I was going to walk over to the park and wondered if you might want to come along. You don't have to if you don't�"

"I'd like that," I said, and opened the front door. Without a word Jim took my hand in his and we left the house. I let him take my hand because we both wanted it. I needed Jim to help me understand myself, and he needed me to be his�girlfriend, maybe. I had no idea if he was even attracted to me. We got to the park, walked around for a bit, then went on the swings. I was on the swing when I felt him push me. My skirt flared up again but my knees were locked together and he was behind me. Then I felt his hand on my butt as he pushed me really high. I went up, then down and back up. He moved in front of me, jerked the swing to a stop, and I fell into his arms. All at once his lips were on mine, then my mouth opened and my arms were around his neck. Swapping spit it�s called, and he seemed to be really good at it. His hand held me close as he kissed me, and I could feel a strange hardness on my leg! I had Jim on fire! I broke away.

"We shouldn't be doing that, Jim."

"What's the problem? Me, boy. You, girl!"

"Listen, Tarzan," I said as I moved away, "You, boy, yes. Me, girl, no. Me, boy also!"

"You look like very sexy girl to me," he said as he grabbed my hand and yanked me close to him. "You no boy. You girl that turns Tarzan on like a light bulb!"

"That's very nice, but�"

His lips on mine silenced me, and on the inside I loved the attention, but I was worried. Not worried enough to quit, just worried that I had gotten more than I bargained for. Becoming a girl in my dreams did not include Jim, yet here I was. I ran away, then began to walk back home. He caught up with me, walking me home. At my door, all he said was, "You girl now. Me your Tarzan." I went in while Jim went home. The minute I walked in the house I heard a squeal. That could only be Beth. I turned to face her, smiling my best smile.

"Holy Cow! You look great!" she exclaimed.

Mom was there, as well and stepped forward to introduce me. "Beth, this is Laura. She's the one that's been raiding your closet all those years."

Beth looked me over, saw my boobs, hips, and asked the obvious question, which was more a statement. "You�ve got tits!"

I grinned sheepishly. "Beth, I look just like you do."


"What Laura means," Mom said, "is that she could join you in the shower with all of the other girls and nobody would ever know that she is not a girl."

"What! You have a, I mean, you and whoever that was could�"

I nodded my head yes and went to the mirror. I didn't have any lipstick on now. Jim took it all. Mom didn't explain a thing and I went to my room to touch up my lipstick. Beth was right on my heels, insisting that I show her. To jerk her chain a bit, I told her we could play show me. Beth didn't hesitate. Her skirt hit the floor with her blouse right after that, so I unzipped the dress and pulled it off. Now we were back to even. Her bra came loose and as she dangled it in front of me, I saw my sister�s breasts for the first time. She had what the guys would call a nice rack. I unhooked my bra and held it out so she could see. That made her suck in her breath a bit, then she used her thumbs to yank down her pantyhose and panties with a single jerk, and not to be outdone, I did the same thing. We stood looking at each other for a moment before we both started laughing. As we got dressed Beth told me she always knew that I would end up as a girl, then she wanted to know all about Jim, especially if he was a good kisser.

As we got dressed I told her everything, and she gave me free run of her closet. She was only home for a few days, then she had to go back to the school. She also told me she was thinking of joining the Navy, but asked me to keep that secret for now. Beth and I bonded like we never had before, and I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I'm not sure why I felt that way, but Beth and I both felt as if we had been sisters all along. I could tell by the look on her face. As her "little sister," she told me she was determined to make sure I turned out a real lady. We both touched up our makeup, then went down to help Mom in the kitchen.

Dad was elated to see Beth of course, yet he gave us both a hug before we sat down to dinner. Casually, almost as an afterthought, Beth mentioned that she and I were going to go through her closet the next day, and whatever I could wear she was going to let me have. Mom probably figured that would happen, but Dad just grumped a bit until Mom mentioned the cost of a new wardrobe, which is when he said that he thought this wasn't going to last forever. However, I knew ever since I attached the breast forms and panty that I would not be able to just give this up so easily. Mom knew it, too and I�m sure Beth had figured it out. Nobody had told Dad yet because he didn't need to know just yet, but I saw Beth wink at me. Later, after we did the dishes, Beth took me to her room and gave me one of her babydoll nightgowns, the pale yellow one.

"The panty just covers the essentials, Laura, and the top is made to cover your nipples, but not much else," she said. Then, picking another out of her drawer, she added, "I'll wear the blue one."

We both changed in her room, and I have to tell you that wearing so little material for a panty was really different! Beth gave me the yellow robe to match my outfit, and the two of us went down to the family room together. Dad looked up and almost choked when he saw us standing there. As we planned it, we both went to him, each of us on one knee, and kissed him all over, leaving fresh lipstick prints all over his face.

"What's that matter, Daddy?" Beth asked in that little girl voice she uses, and we both saw Dad give up.

He looked at Beth, then at me, and did not see any difference. Unless he was blind, it was clear that I had breasts, and that my manhood was now gone. I could tell that he desperately wanted to ask, but held his tongue while Beth and I settled on the couch, holding hands. Mom didn't say a word.

In the morning Beth and I spent hours in her room as I tried on clothes. The pile for my closet grew larger as Beth handed me one thing after another until it seemed like her closet was almost empty. When I mentioned it, she told me that she had made up her mind--she was joining the Navy. Apparently they had offered to pay the rest of her way through law school for an eight-year commitment. For her, it was an easy choice. For me, I gained a wardrobe and became as close to Beth as I ever hoped to be. I had wanted to do this for years with her, but lacked the nerve to tell her how I felt. Now, well, I guess it didn't matter. Beth and I tried different hairstyles and looks on me, but the worst was when we appeared for lunch. My hair was in two small dog ear style tails, rolled over and held with a rubber band, my makeup was very bright and I wore her short bib overalls with a skimpy tee under that. I looked like a twelve-year-old. But it was a fun day and Mom just let us carry on alone.

Of course, Beth wanted to know, once again, how good a kisser Jim was, and in my limited experience, I told her he was wonderful, which was true as far as I was concerned. He had made my knees shake, after all. Beth left that afternoon, and I missed her as soon as she was gone. Mom asked me to remove my male clothes and hang up the others, which I spent most of the day doing. It was just busy-work, but I needed something to take my mind off of Beth�s leaving, and I suspect Mom knew that. Later on, Jim stopped by, but we didn't go anywhere, mostly because I wasn't sure I could trust either of us. He stayed until dinner and went home, at which point Mom told me to get up early, as my appointment was the first one.

Have you ever seen anyone skin an animal? That's what it felt like when that girl ripped that wax off my leg the first time. There wasn't much blood, just a lot of grunting from the pain. Time after time she moved up and down each leg, then each arm, and finally, she did my face. After I returned to the chair, when my fingers managed to let go of the ceiling, she put a very hot cloth on my face, legs and arms. She said it would reduce the swelling. Then came a mudpack followed by a haircut and styling, as well as having my nails done in acrylics by a pro. Lastly, someone did my makeup. Watching in the mirror I was astonished at how easy she made it look. I had never looked this good! Mom also had her hair and nails done, and after we had both finished, we went dress shopping. According to Mom, a girl�s first special event dress is special, and a hand me down simply wouldn't work. That was fine with me! However, our first stop however was not at a dress shop, but a lingerie shop. Mom said that I needed to bit of help with my waistline, and that's when I was introduced to the joys of corselets.

I am of course using the term "joy" in the most derisive manner possible, since by "joy" I actually mean "agony." The diabolical garment pulled my waist down to an unimaginable size while pushing my fat all over the place. Up to my boobs, down to my hips, and whatever was left simply pushed inside. My back was forced straighter to the point where the ability to bend over was nothing more than a happy memory. However, as both Mom and the woman in the store grinned at me, I could see for myself just how much better my shape was. All I had to do was learn how to breathe all over again. The woman said I had a 36-23-35 figure, which according to her was perfect for a girl my size. When they decided that it was the right size--a fact that I hotly contested--I headed for the booth to remove the infernal device. My elation was short-lived, however, as Mom told me to leave it on!

"Just how can we fit the dress if you don't have it on, honey?" she pointed out. "Just get dressed, then we'll finish our shopping."

That's how it was. I wore the corselet out of the store, trying to get used to the constriction. My bra was in my purse since I had no need for it now. Mom and I wandered around, looking here and there, not finding what either of us would consider the right dress, then we walked into Cindi's. All the store sold were prom and wedding dresses. We went our separate ways, each of us looking for "the dress," and I found it. The dress was floor length, empire-waisted with a square-cut neckline, and a sheer skirt of black chiffon laying over the satin under skirt. The minute I tried it on Mom and I both knew that our search was over. Dad would have a cow when he saw me anyway, but wearing this dress, well, hopefully I would leave him speechless. From the dress shop we went to find shoes, a handbag, and jewelry. It took us almost all day.

My hair had been cut shorter, blow dried and brushed to a very feminine curly style, and my makeup, done by the salon, was perfect. However, it wasn't until we got home that I was able to try on the entire outfit to see how I looked. Mom helped me get the dress on, and I slipped my feet into the shoes, added the jewelry, and stood in front of the mirror. The dress was the epitome of feminine style, and left no doubt that the person inside of it was a girl. The straps holding on the high-heeled sandal gave my feet a sexy yet demure look, and the pale pink lipstick, some perfume, small silver and black earrings--and nothing else--completed my look. To say I was shocked when I looked in the mirror would be an understatement, yet I was also excited. My breasts pushed out on the thin material while my hips gave me shape, the dress merely accenting my feminine figure.

We both heard the front door open. Dad was home.

"Shall we show him your outfit?" Mom asked coyly.

I just knew that Dad would have the big one regardless of the fact that he grudgingly bought into this. Having my hair, makeup and nails done, after he had seen me virtually naked in that skimpy yellow babydoll, and now this, well, I wasn't sure how he would react. Hell, I was still in shock that I turned out this way myself!

I walked behind Mom, carefully holding my dress up as I went down the stairs. Then, as I walked into the family room, there he was, just standing up. I made a sound, he turned around, and our eyes locked. If ever there was a moment when I wondered about Dad's acceptance of me as a girl, this had to be it. Everything else aside and regardless of what had been said, now he could see the finished product of my desire, Aunt Jennifer's and Mom's help. I was as complete a girl as I was going to get.

"What do you think?" Mom asked. "Isn't she beautiful?"

Dad's eyes, wide in surprise, looked me over carefully before he spoke. He could see the new nails, the new hairstyle, my now-hairless arms, the cleavage that threatened to overflow the dress, and my subtle smile.

"You know," he began, "when this all started it was because Jim needed a date for that dance, and I let you convince me that Larry could be his date. Given that we all knew you liked to dress up once in a while, I figured, what the hell. You could get it out of your system and things would get back to normal. Then you and Beth pulled that stunt last night, trying to provoke me with those babydoll nightgowns. Now I see that you have new nails, your hair has been cut and styled, you have more boobs than your mother, and a figure that is unbelievable on a boy. This is no lark and never has been. At first I told you that you would have new rules, just to see how you would react, but I let you and your mother go ahead. Since then, you have begun to walk, act and even sound like a girl. No boy could do that unless it was what he really wanted to. Just look at yourself! There isn't a boy your age in this city that would not be proud to have you on his arm! I agreed with those convoluted reasons of your mother�s about you needing to remain in dresses, but it wasn't for the reasons you both think. I talked to Jenny. I know that she knows what she is talking about, and according to her, Laura is here to stay regardless of what I want. She told me that since you had been dressing up from a very young age, there was probably no way to stop you. She asked me if I wanted you to run away and do this on your own, or have your mother make a lady out of you, just like she did for Beth."

He didn't move and neither did I. Mom stayed at my side as we all thought about what he had said. Then...

"So," Dad said, "since I probably can't stop you, and looking the way you do, I am going to give in to the obvious, but so are you. From now on you will be our daughter, Laura Pamela, and, after a suitable time period, we will see if you want to continue as a girl or not. If you do, then Jenny has agreed to help us--all of us--with the transition." Then, smiling, he added, "By the way, you look spectacular, Laura."

I went to him and hugged him as tight as I could, my tears making my mascara and eyeliner run down my cheeks. Dad held me close, his arms around me tight, then, as we both realized what had just happened, I kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Daddy," I said, then ran up to my room, Mom right behind me. With her help I took the clothes off, but not the corselet since she told me I should wear it to break it in. I knew that was going to be a contest--either it would break or I would. I changed into a skirt and top, helped Mom make dinner. I sat next to Dad that night, his arm around my shoulder, neither of us speaking, but I could feel his strength flowing from him to me. I loved it.

In the morning I tried to redo my hair, and I guess I managed okay. I then slipped on clean panties, a pair of shorts and a top without a bra and went to the kitchen where I got blasted by Mom. In no uncertain terms she told me to go put a bra on, and never to leave my room unless I was dressed. She didn't need to explain--I got the message, and returned in a few minutes. After some coffee and cereal, she laced me back into the corselet and I knew that I would have to endure it for as long as Mom said so. Jim stopped by, took one look at me and broke out into a wide grin. I knew what was on his evil little mind. But then, how could I not know? It was written all over his face. He and I took a walk, heading for the park again.

"I bought my dress yesterday," I told him.

"Yeah, I figured. I called and got no answer. I figured you and your Mom were out somewhere. You got your hair cut too."

I gave a little toss of my head. "Like it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I do," he said as he took my hand. I was no longer afraid of holding his hand since I was a girl after all, and who was to say otherwise? As we walked up the path to the park, a couple of girls walked ahead of us. I recognized both of them. Janet and Claire. Janet was short with brown hair, and pretty easygoing. Claire was skinny as a rail, blond, and a generally a pain in the ass. Jim and I took the trail to the left, leaving Janet and Claire as they took the path to the right. He and I went down by the lake and sat on the grass, watching the fish bob up for the occasional bug, some swimmers across the way, and a man in a canoe paddling towards the creek. I felt his hand as he rubbed my back, then he pulled me to him and he kissed me. Not gently, not a whisper of a kiss like the first time, but passionate, long, and hard. Just at that moment�


Jim and I looked up to see Claire and Janet standing there.

"It looks like you have gotten over your fear of girls, Jimmy. Who's this?" Claire asked.

We both jumped up and faced them. I hoped Jim was smart enough to be cool.

"This is Laura," he said. Then by way of introduction, he said, "Laura, Janet and Claire."

We all nodded at each other, then Claire said that she thought I looked familiar. It was all I could do to not say anything that would let them know who I really was, then I had an idea.

"I'm related to Larry and Beth, do you know them?"

"Yeah," Claire said, "I know them. How come we've never seen you before?"

"I just arrived," I responded, thinking fast. "Just last week, as a matter of fact. Jim and I met, and well, we hit it off."

"We can see that."

"Come on, Jimmy, we have to get back. I have an appointment," I said, grabbing him by the arm. Then, turning to face the girls, I added, "Nice meeting you. �Bye!"

I waved at them as Jim and I walked hand in hand back towards my house. I wasn't nervous about my ability to be a girl, not now anyway, but I worried what would happen if they found out where I live. Both Janet and Claire could add that up and come to a conclusion all on their own. But, as the fates would have it, that never happened. The Ball was just a month away now, and I found myself becoming more and more like a girl in so many subtle ways. Mom noticed that the way I was talking began to take on a slight uplift in my voice like so many girls my age, and my walk now felt natural...I didn't have to work at it to get that up and down, back and forth motion any more. (I think it was that special panty, myself.) My hand gestures became less rigid, more flexible, and for some reason I never noticed any of it. It just seemed to happen.

I spent some time with Aunt Jenny, and learned a lot more. The minute she saw me she told me she knew that my days as a boy were over. She said girl was written all over me, inside and out. Then she wanted a detailed discussion about Jim and me, including what we had done together. In other words, she wanted the dirt. According to my story there wasn�t any, but she seemed to think otherwise. Just the fact that I had kissed Jim, she said, was her best indicator that I wasn't going to be a boy anymore. Then she went on to talk about hormones, surgery and so on. It was a very interesting day, that's for sure, but I had no thought about surgery. Having my own boobs maybe, but surgery? Not yet anyway. Aunt Jenny wasn't judgmental since she had gone through the same thing not that long ago herself, but she did caution me against jumping into things quickly. It sounded reasonable to me.

Beth came home for a long weekend, which is when she finally told our parents that she had joined the Navy. Dad didn't like that one bit, but he liked to watch a show on television about Navy lawyers, and eventually gave his consent. Mom thought it was a great career move on Beth's part, while I thought that she should do what she wanted to. I showed her my dress, and with Mom we went out for the day. Beth was in a pensive mood, but got over that when she and Mom decided that I needed to get a pair of very special panties to wear with my dress. What they selected wasn't much more than a bundle of strings and a small triangle. I refused, but we agreed on a pair that weren't much larger. At least I had some material on my butt!

Jim asked me out for our first real date on Saturday, and I spent extra time getting ready. Beth and Mom thought it was funny, but I thought it was critical. I wore a skirt and blouse, my best bra, and flats. My makeup, hair and lipstick were perfect, my perfume just right. Jim was on time, and with Dad watching, I took Jim's hand and we left. He took me to the show, I can't even remember which one now, but it doesn't matter...what matters is what happened after the show. He parked his car by the lake, and nature took over. In my quest to become a girl and all the work I put towards it must have worn out my brain. After a bit of kissing, his hand fell on my leg, and I did not remove it like I was supposed to. That led him to go further, to the point that his hand touched my panties. I saw his eyes go wide just before he put my hand on his member, and in my lust, I did not take it away. For the first time in my life I was touching another man's privates, and I found that I liked it. Slowly I began to move my hand up and down, then, all at once Jim went stiff and I knew that he had made a mess. I was unsatisfied, but unwilling to do either of my two options. I made him take me home.

I lay in bed that night scared that I had done something terrible, something that would make me into what Mom called a "bad girl" or worse. I was up early, wrapped in a robe, and met Beth on the way to get some coffee. Unable to hold it in any longer I dragged her into Dad's office and let it all out. Beth listened quietly, then put her arm around my shoulder and told me that she had done that in ninth grade, and when she was my age--and more--with her boyfriend at the time!

"It doesn't make you bad, Laura, it makes you a willing partner," she counseled. Then she said, "Ask yourself this question. Is Jim handsome, and does he turn you on�yes or no?"

"Well, yes, I guess so," I admitted.

"Well, you obviously turn him on, and as long as you don't get really stupid and get pregnant�never mind that part, you know what I mean...there are a lot of ways to make your guy happy. Use one of them if you have to. It's not as bad as you might think, and keep in mind that many girls that I know take care of their guys that way. Who knows? You might like it!"

Mom poked her head inside the door. "What are you girls hiding in here for?" she asked.

"Nothing Mom, just talking, it's fine."

"Come have some breakfast," Mom said, and we went with her.

Beth left that night, and the next biggest issue for us was my joining Co-op without missing any school. Mom wanted to use subterfuge, but Dad said no. He made it clear that we were all going to the school and meet this head on. We could not change his mind, and visions of being hung in the town square floated through my mind. It did not take a genius to figure out that I had to be perfect in every way if we were going to the school, so the next morning I prepared carefully. I wore a short dress with a flaring hemline that was at mid-thigh on me. I figured that showing enough leg might help, and besides, many of the girls in school wore them. I would fit in. I had my books in a sack, my purse over one shoulder, and my nerve held in check when the three of us left for the school. In other words, I was scared to death.

Dad marched into the school like he owned the place and went straight to the office. Mrs. Benson the secretary was there, and Dad asked her about enrolling me into the Co-op program. When she asked my name, he didn't even hesitate. He gave her my male name, which stopped her in her tracks.

"I'll get Mr. Schipol, wait a moment please."

The Principal walked out, took one look at me, then looked at my parents before he spoke.

"I understand you would like to enroll your daughter in the Co-op program, but Mrs. Benson says that you gave a boy�s name. Would you like to clarify that for me, please?"

My father didn�t hesitate. "Our son told us he wanted to be a girl, and we have let him do just that. This is Laura. She will work for me, in my office, and take her coursework via e-mail, which I understand is how you do things. All we are asking is that you allow her to join the program. If she attends school I'm not sure that you can guarantee her safety, while I can do just that."

"I see," Mr. Schipol said. Then, "Well, I see your point of course, but we have very strict rules regarding the Co-op program." He turned to me and asked, "Just what is your grade point, Laura?"

"I'm second in my class, sir. My grade point is 3.98"

"In that case, and given the circumstances, I think we can allow you to join Co-op, but there is the question of your name. I can change it now if you like. If you continue as a girl, and keep up your grades, you will quite probably end up on the podium at graduation. I would hate to call you up, say your given name, and have you look like you do now. Shall we do that for you?"

"Go ahead and change her name," Dad said. "We'll take care of the legal name change later this week. That way you'll be within your rights. Okay?"

He seemed satisfied with that. "Thank you, sir, and good luck, Laura!"

As we walked out of the school I never felt better. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and after that scare I had when we walked in, it felt great. And then there was what Dad had said--he was changing my name legally! From now on I would be Laura Pamela! We took Mom home, then Dad and I went to his office. I was hired in, which took a few hours, then I was assigned as a glorified gofer in the accounting department. I worked for Bill Pomerantz, a slightly balding guy that treated everyone that worked for him as a genuine asset, and that included me. As a former Financial Planner, he had been hired away from his former company by the headhunters. He was truly a whiz at numbers, and I never saw anyone win a dispute with him. I liked him a lot.

Time seemed to fly by as I worked four hours a day, then did school work four hours a day. I also got a firsthand look at how women in general react around men when they flirt with us, as well as walking in heels hours on end, and having to meet the dress code which mandated suits, a dress with a jacket, or possibly a skirt, blouse and jacket combination. It was wonderful and tiring at the same time. Two days before the Induction Ball, Mom and I once again tried the entire outfit on. Having worn that corselet every day for almost a month now I have developed a somewhat smaller waist anyway, but could not talk Mom into not making me wear it. On the day of the Ball, she and I went to the salon and I got the works. Hair, nails, mudpack, rubdown, sauna, eyebrow trim and once again, the waxing. After having been plucked, boiled, beaten, then colored and painted, I looked in the mirror. Never had I looked this good. The artisans in the salon had turned me into a real princess! My formerly dishwater blond hair was now strawberry blond, my skin glowed and my makeup was perfect.

By the time Jim showed up to get me, Mom had helped me get dressed, and as I stood there my mind wandered back to the moment when Jim first saw me. The change was day and night. Mom handed me a small box. Opening it I found a small diamond ring!

"It's from your father and me, honey. Put it on."

The ring looked as if it were made for me!

"Have a nice time tonight, honey. You look so beautiful that I am having a hard time remembering what you looked like before!"

Mom hugged me, then told me to wait until she called me. It didn't take long. I heard my name, grabbed my handbag, and walked slowly down the stairs, just like Mom told me to do, and saw Jim and Dad standing there watching me. Both of them were smiling as I descended the stairs to end up right in front of Dad. He took pictures of course, then Jim and I were off. It was a wonderful party, and Jim was very handsome in his tuxedo. I sat next to his mother who was beaming as Jim accepted his nomination and entry. But twice I saw her looking at me, smiling both times. Later, on the way home, Jim wanted to repeat our lustful interlude, but I didn't, and managed to get him to take me home.

Jim and I dated for about two more months, then our relationship died a natural death. I graduated, and just like the Principal warned me, I stood at the podium and had to speak. I kept it short, but talked about traveling through life, accepting everything that comes our way, and also, being true to ourselves. I worked in Dad's office, was promoted twice, and now work as Bill�s's like having a pseudo-father nearby all the time. Bill watches me like a hawk, or a father, I guess. I met a guy that works on another floor, and he has asked me out. Life has turned out to be just great, and after I faced my fears, it turned out to be the best thing I ever did for myself. I'm glad Jim caught me that day, or I might still be fumbling around in a closet somewhere.


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