Boys Will Be Girls, or

A Cheerleading Challenge

by Janet L. Stickney

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This story was inspired by the fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, are without a doubt some of the best I have seen, as she brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives. Jenny North's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all you want, but please, hope you don't end up on one of her magazine covers. This story was inspired by her cover entitled "Boys Will Be Girls."

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Boys Will Be Girls
A Cheerleading Challenge

I was ready, nobody was at home. I had spent the better part of two hours getting ready, and I took one last look in the mirror. The blue and white sweater hugged my body, accenting the perky boobs I had created with birdseed, the short royal blue skirt barely hiding the white Lycra panties. The pantyhose had turned my legs a tan color, then white gym shoes sparkled. My hair was pulled back with a headband, the blue and white earrings dangled from my earlobes while the bright red lipstick outlined my smile. I grabbed the black purse, made sure I had everything, then walked out of the house and straight to my car. It wasn't a very long drive, and I was soon at the school. I was dressed exactly like a cheerleader for a reason. There were tryouts today, and I trying out for the squad to be close to my girlfriend Valerie. I didn't plan on being accepted, I just wanted to try out to impress Valerie, which is why I am dressed this way. I parked the car and made my way to the gym, then stood in line to add my name to the list. Almost every girl was dressed like I was, meaning a short skirt and sweater. I wore my sister's old outfit. When it was my turn, I gave my name as Rachel and was assigned a number.

Since I'm only 5'6" tall and not that husky, I fit into my sisters outfit pretty good, and my long hair fell into a flip without a lot of struggle. I heard my name called along with several others, and went through a series of moves that I thought were quite easy, including doing a cartwheel. Smile a lot and do what they wanted, that was my motto, then, when it was over, I sat in the stands with the girls to hear the names of those chosen. There would be 12 in all. Since I did not want to be picked, I really didn't care about that, all I wanted to do was impress my girlfriend Valerie with my devotion to her. This was all a charade for me. Then I heard my name being called! The girls on each side of me hugged me, and I had to walk down the aisle and stand there with the other girls that had been picked. I was now a cheerleader, and unless I did something, I would be committed! I didn't know what to do, because I had no plan for this happening, so I stood there as a pin was attached to my sweater by the coach. I did see her wink at me. When all of the others had left, the twelve of us sat on the lowest bench while the coach handed out papers that detailed our schedule for the next year. It included all games for Basketball and Football, then, as I read through it, I saw that I would be required to attend three Balls, with escort, hosted by the school just for the cheerleaders! This was going from bad to worse, and I was desperate to get out of it. I almost jumped up and quit right on the spot, then the coach dismissed everyone except me!

"I selected you for the squad before I was sure, but now I am. You're a boy, aren't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am. But I only did it to be with Valerie when she goes to the cheerleading camp."

"You realize that some deserving girl has been cut because of this stunt?"

"Yes, Ma'am, and I am ready to quit right now."

"I'm sure. But I don't like quitters, and I'm sure that you don't either, so where does that leave us?"

"One short?"

My attempt at levity was all wrong. I should have kept my mouth shut.

"I don't think so. You tried out as a cheerleader and were good enough to make the squad, so I think I'll just keep you."

"But Ma'am! How can I attend school and be a cheerleader? There won't be enough time for me to change, and then you have those Balls scheduled, and they require an escort! I can't do that!"

"You can if you become a full time girl."

"Oh, no!"

"Oh, yes. I'll make the arrangements with the office. The cheerleading camp, which starts a month before school starts, is two weeks away, so you have that long to tell your parents, make whatever other arrangements you need, then report to the office for enrollment as Rachel."

"I can't! My parents!"

"I'll be calling your mother tomorrow. I'm going to tell her that this stunt of yours has deprived a girl of a chance to become a cheerleader, and it's only fair that since you won the spot, that you fulfill your obligation. I'm sure she'll understand, don't you?"

By the time I left the gym I wanted to cry. 16 years old and dumber than a post. The guys will not understand this at all, and I'll be lucky if I don't get my butt pounded into the sidewalk a few times. About the only thing I have going for me is that I don't look very much like a boy right now, and it's the middle of the summer. Maybe, everyone will forget about me if I simply appeared as Rachel. If I'm real lucky, I might be able to make it for a few days before everyone figures out that I'm not a girl. I can hardly wait to see what my parents will do. Mom will agree with the coach, while Dad will tell me that I'm the one that stuck my neck out and I have to live with the consequences. Dad's real big on right and wrong, honoring your word and commitments. Since this took longer than I planned, I did not make it home before my folks, which means that they'll see me this way. Damn! All I wanted to do was be with Valerie!

I opened the back door and walked in, but there was no way past the family room. All I could do was face them, and with the threat from the coach, I might as well tell them myself. I drew myself up straight, and walked right in on them, only to see our neighbors sitting there with them! We traded stares for what seemed like an eternity, then�

"You look very nice dear, but why are you wearing Carol's cheerleading outfit?"

"I tried out for the cheerleading squad and was accepted, Mom."

My Dad choked on his drink while our neighbors smiled. Mom didn't miss a beat.

"That's very nice, dear! Congratulations!"

"You don't understand! I did it so that I could be with Valerie while she was at the camp this summer. I thought that she would be happy that I would go so far to be with her! I never planned on being accepted, but I was. The coach told me she knew I wasn't a girl, but she insisted that I won the spot fairly, and I now have to be there for the camp, then, when school starts, all the games and so on."

There was a sort of long pause, then the lady from next door spoke up.

"I was a cheerleader at your school, and if they still do the same thing, there are a couple of huge dances for the cheerleaders. Ball gowns and so on. Do they still do that?"

I nodded my head yes, and caught Dad smiling, but Mom spoke next.

"But that means that you'll have to become a girl all the time! All that travel, the games, this camp you mentioned and so on, and with the number of games you'll have to be at, that can only mean that you'll have to attend both the camp and attend school as a girl!"

"That's what the coach said, but I was hoping you would say no, then she can select the next girl to fill my spot."

The baritone of my Father cut through my mind like a knife when I heard what he said.

"No. You agreed to try out, even though it was some kind of infatuation for Valerie, without one thought that some girl might not make it because of you. Myself, I don't particularly like the thought of my son dressing as a girl, but I like it less that you would do something like this without the slightest thought of the impact it might have on someone else. No�you tried out for the spot and won it, and as much as I might not like it, I'm going to insist that you do your best as a cheerleader, and if you have to attend school as a girl, then you will just have to do your best. By the time this is over you will have learned a valuable lesson. By the way, did Valerie make it?"

"No. She washed out, which makes this a�a�"

"This means that you did this for nothing, and now you're stuck with it. If we let you duck out on this, what else would you try and duck out on? How many times have I told you to keep your word? And how many times have I told you that we always have to face the result of our actions?"

"All the time, Dad, all the time."

Not only were my parents backing up the coach, both of them as much as told me I would be attending school as a girl if that was what I had to do to meet my obligations to the squad!

"I think you're very cute! What name did you use tonight?"

Our neighbor has a big mouth.

"Rachel. I signed the sheet Rachel Lynn."

"We'll just go home now. It looks like you have a lot to talk about."

I shut the door after the neighbors had left, then once again pleaded my case, and once again lost. My Father was adamant about this, again telling me what I had done was wrong, and almost quoted the coach when he told me I would learn a valuable lesson from this. I'm a Junior this year, which means that if I do become a girl this year, what about the next? How could I just drop out of sight now, then reappear as a girl, and reverse it next year? I went up to my room to change, but when I was down to the bra and panties Mom came in and shut the door. She didn't say much, but she told me that in the morning she and I would have an intensive talk, then she would turn me into a girl. She also mentioned that we still have all of Carol's clothes, which I could use if they fit me. Carol ran off right after she graduated, and we have not heard from her in almost two years. Using her clothes might be different if she had died, but since she didn't, Mom thought it would be okay. She left the nightgown on the bed when she left, and I just knew that I had screwed up big time.

Right after breakfast, true to her word, Mom and I were in Carol's room, the door shut.

"You can make this easy on yourself, or you can make your own life miserable. If you act like a boy in a dress, everyone will know the truth, then what? You might be beaten up, or worse. But if you put everything into becoming a girl, acting like one, talking and walking like one, then nobody will know, and you'll just be another girl. It's up to you. I'll show you how to dress, teach you how to do makeup and hair, but the rest is up to you. Where is this camp by the way?"

"At State. All schools participate in one huge training session. The coach told me we would stay in the dorms. Why?"

"Now then, just sit here and let�s talk."

I sat on the bed while Mom perched on the chair at the vanity.

"I know that you think this is stupid, and maybe it is, but you heard your father, and I can't find a reason to disagree with him. He and I talked last night, and we want you to understand that this is not a punishment. This is a way for you to learn what the term commitment means. You committed yourself when you won the spot on the squad, and all we are doing is helping you honor that commitment. If you decide to be just a boy in a dress, well, that's your decision. If you decide to make the best of it and act like the girl you are supposed to be, we are certain you will learn a lot from the experience, but you have a bigger problem, don't you?"


"Think about it a moment. You'll be staying in a dorm with what? 200 hundred girls? Sharing a room? Showers, changing clothes and so on all require nudity, and I'm sure that boys will not be allowed, and when you were found out, then what? Would you be arrested? Tossed out of school or worse, prosecuted for peeping or something like that? Then there is all that bouncing, jumping, and cartwheels you'll be doing, I don't think it'll go over real well if one of those birdseed specials you have in your bra falls out, do you?"

I had not thought of any of that! Maybe I could get out of it now! I mean, how do you hide maleness? As small as I am, I still have the ultimate symbol of a male between my legs!

"When your Grandmother had that Cancer, she went to a clinic not far from here. I'm sure that they can help you, so let's get you dressed and ready to go."

"Do I have to do this, Mother?"

"You heard what your father said, and you know how he feels about it, so the answer is yes."

I knew that I didn't have a choice. Dad removed that option last night, just as the coach had. With a sigh, I pulled the nightgown off and stood there, waiting. Mom did not hesitate, and I was soon covered in a hair cream that removed hair. After a bubble bath and a short shower, I stepped out of the bath, my now silky smooth skin chilly in the air. With no body hair to keep me warm, and without the thin layer of fat women have under their skin, I was cold enough to raise goose bumps. The shivering was from the thought that when I emerged from this room, I would look like I was going to look, for whole year. Mom handed me the panties, then something new Mom called a waist nipper and a bra which I filled with the birdseed-filled nylons. Then she sat me at the vanity and I got my first lesson on makeup application. It took me three tries before she was satisfied, but while I had been trying to do my makeup, she had been busy putting my hair into rollers. By the time I was done, she had also finished. With a head full of rollers, my makeup on, and my small breasts poking out, I was almost afraid to see what the results would be. Last night not one girl looked at me strangely, so I had managed to be good enough then, but today, it would be better, and I knew it. Mom handed me a padded pantybrief that Carol had used before she filled out, then I sat on the bed and pulled the pantyhose on. A short white slip was handed to me, and I stepped into it, followed by a short, pink and white skirt followed by a white blouse. Mom pointed at the white high-heeled shoes, and after I stepped into them she moved me to the mirror. I had the right curves in the right proportions--the hem of the skirt exposed a lot of leg, while the round neckline of the blouse while not showing anything, still hugged me pretty tightly, and left no doubt about my shape.

Pink and white earrings, a gold strap watch, a pair of rings, some perfume, then Mom took out the rollers and brushed out my hair. As I watched, she created a very feminine style that left me wondering how she did it. A reddish-pink lipstick, and Mom said she was done. I looked in the mirror again and almost choked. The girl that she had turned me into was more than cute, and I had a knockout figure! I knew that I looked pretty good last night, but this girl would have made me seem like a boy in a dress last night, and it had taken less than two hours. If that amount of time held true, I would be getting up at four just to be on time at school!

The doorbell rang, and Mom told me I could not stay in my room all day, and took my hand as she walked into the foyer. There stood Valerie and two of her friends! They looked at me, not with eyes wide in disbelief, but wide, as in "Who is this hot chick"? My father walked out just then, and invited them to join us in the family room. Once everyone was seated, I was afraid he was going to tell them who I really was.

"Is Adam here? I need to tell him something."

"I'm sorry, Valerie, but Adam made a serious mistake last night, and as a result of that mistake, and his punishment, he will be gone for quite a while. By the way, this is Rachel. She'll be staying here with us for a while."

I felt three pair of eyes on me. All I could do was smile and act demure, then hope they did not see through this charade, but how stupid could they be? As a boy, I disappear, then a new girl named Rachel shows up? In the same house? Even I could figure it out. But then, I'm the one in the dress.

"By the way, I'm sure that you know that Rachel made the cheerleading squad last night. Did you make it?"

"No, I fell twice and washed out. But I saw Rachel last night, and she's really good."

"I'm sorry Adam isn't here to see you, but he might not be back for quite a while."

Valerie and her friends gave me one last look, then left. I walked them to the door, then shut it before I heaved a heavy sigh of relief. I was pretty sure none of them saw through the make up and found a boy, but that was a guess. They would not have said anything with my parents sitting there anyway, so all I could do was hope for the best. As soon as they left, Mom told me to sit, then they faced me, a grim look on their faces.

"Your mother told you about the clinic Grandma went to, so you know what they do there. In case you forgot, they do breast implants on women and girls that need them, for whatever reason. Now, we are not going to make you do anything. If you decide to attend this camp, just as you are, we're going to let you do just that. But, when, not if, you get caught, as a boy in a dorm full of girls, you'll just have to take their punishment. You will attend this camp, and be a cheerleader, that much I can decide, the rest is up to you."

"You mean I have to have breast implants?!"

"No, of course not. Like I said, you can go just as you are, however, since you will be going, and that much is set, I'm sure that you don't want to face 2 or 3 hundred angry girls, their coaches and parents, or the you?"

"But I don't want to have ti�boobs!"

"Then don't agree."

We were at a standoff. I didn't want boobs, and they weren't telling me I had to have them. All they told me was I would be attending both the camp, and the school as a girl. Then they left it up to me! This was terrible! If I said yes, then they could always say it was my decision, and if I said no, I would have to face the music when I got caught. I had read in the paper and seen on television where they had thrown a few guys in prison for peeping, and I didn't want to go there, that was for sure!

"I met the doctor that does this, and I'm sure that she can help you in other ways as well, Rachel."

More staring, then, when I knew I had no choice, I finally said yes, but I asked one very important question.

"Can she take them out later?"

"Of course, if that's what you want."

Mom told me to get the white purse, and to put my wallet in it as well as my lipstick. As Dad watched, she and I left the house.

I had a suspicion about what she meant when she said the doctor could help me in other ways, but all I could do was ride along as she took us across town, then parked in front of a small building. As we walked in I could smell the distinctive aroma of a doctors office, and began to worry, but Mom merely patted my leg and told me not relax. About twenty minutes later a woman in a white coat walked out, greeted us by name, and took us into a small examining room. I was told to undress. I did not take as long to get out of everything, and I was handed one of those thin gowns doctors use. The woman examined my chest and genitals carefully, then she stuck me with a needle.

"You'll be awake, Rachel, this just relaxes your muscles so that I can get a good tone measurement."

She used a caliper of sorts on my male boobs, then I saw the scalpel in her hand! I tried to move, but couldn't, and she made a very small slit on the right nipple, then used a tool to stretch my skin a bit. I watched her as she opened a package, took out a clear blob, and I knew that I was getting breast implants! She did one side, then the other, stitched the wound closed, then moved to my groin. Having seen the scalpel, I was very worried, but she used a bag of ice and her hands instead of a knife, then a packet of some sort of glue. She was done with the whole thing in two hours, then, when I was able to sit up, the first thing I did was feel my groin. As I expected, I did not feel the familiar lump, but a thin slit. A thin slit like a girl has. I was tender and sore as Mom helped me get dressed again, then we went home where I lay on my bed just resting, tears in my eyes as I saw the twin mounds that now defined the new me.

Wearing a dress, as hard as it might have been, might have been possible--and I did have a small chance of pulling it off--but Mom did have a point about living in a dorm full of girls. As I lay there, I wondered if my parents had some ulterior motive to do this to me, then I realized that they were simply trying to make it easier for me to pretend to be a girl. I could now shower with the girls, undress with them and so on, all without being discovered. The big question was what would happen when they took the implants out? Mom came in and helped me take the bra off, then she cleaned and changed the bandages.

"I know that you think badly of me, but it's the only way to protect you, Rachel. With your own breasts and no male equipment, how could anyone consider that you are a male? This is the only way. Later, after this is all over, if you want, we can have them taken out."

"What do you mean if I want to? Of course I do!"

"Right now that's true, but a year, maybe two as a girl? Maybe you'll get to like being a girl and want to keep them."

"No way, Mom!"

"We'll see. But then you'll still have that round little bottom and narrow waist. Some girls like that in a man."

"My butt isn't round!"

"It is now, Rachel. You just don't remember it because you fell asleep, but the doctor took a little fat from your waist and added it to your hips so that you don't have to wear a padded girdle all the time. She didn't do much, just enough. Now go to sleep. I'll check on you later."

Hips, boobs, and a vagina! Other than having to shave, my parents had turned me into a girl in one day, told me it's for my own protection, then reminded me it was my decision! What a deal that was! Now where would I run? Anywhere I went I would still have the boobs and so on!

I must have fallen asleep, because it was dark when Mom helped me get to the bathroom, and I discovered how girls do it. Then, after that embarrassment, she wrapped a robe around me and walked me to the kitchen and I had a light dinner. Dad was there, but he didn't say a word about my new chest or anything. He just asked me how I felt, and that's when I unloaded on them.

"Dammit, it was just a way for me to stay with Valerie! I don't want to be a girl and don't know a damn thing about being one, yet you pay big bucks to have breast implants put in, my hips made bigger and I no longer have any male equipment! Other than a beard, I look like a girl! This is so unfair that I can't believe you did this to me!"

I started crying, and Mom put her arm around me.

"We know that�s how you think that right now, but later, after you have gotten used to it, having breasts will become normal and you'll forget all about them. Everything we did was to make it easier for you to fit in as a cheerleader, and make no mistake about it, Rachel, you were going to fill that slot for the entire year whether you liked it or not. You were the one that came home and dressed up, then tried out for the squad. Nobody made you do it. When we saw you that night we both knew that you were pretty enough, and could do this if you felt safe enough, so we arranged for you to feel safe. Like I said before, if you want to give it up later, you can, that's up to you. Enforcing our morals is our job, and we are simply making you honor your word. Now quit crying, and sit up straight."

I did what Mom told me, ate a bit, then went back to bed. I let my hand find the slit, then I rubbed it a bit. Nothing. I fell asleep, but didn't toss and turn because my boobs hurt. In the morning Mom once again changed the bandages, then helped me put on a special bra and watched as I pulled on clean panties (that now fit me perfectly), a pair of lemon yellow shorts, and a white pullover top. I slipped my feet into my gym shoes, brushed out my messed up hair, then went to get a bite to eat.

"After breakfast I'll help you get your makeup on and brush out your hair. You'll feel a lot better then."


But she was right. I did my makeup, just foundation, powder, and lipstick, then she braided my hair into a single tail that had a yellow ribbon woven in. I looked better, and did feel better. That bra took the weight on my breasts, but was also soft on the few stitches. Mom and I went grocery shopping, then, at the drugstore, she bought me a regular girls� wallet and some makeup of my own. I knew that the shorts I had on fit me tightly, and of course, no trace of a boy was evident. The gentle tapering from my waist and thighs defined a girl as well as any I had ever seen, and the white shell I had on did nothing to hide the way my breasts bounced or moved as the material hugged me closely, like many girls I had seen on television. Even my navel was showing. It was just my luck to meet the women's coach, the woman that had started all this, in the aisle where feminine products were shelved.

"Hello! You look very nice, Rachel. Are you ready for camp?"

"Umm, yes, I think so."

"Good! I'm looking forward to getting the squad in shape. I think we have a good shot at making the regional finals this year, which will give you girls a lot of exposure!"


Right then Mom walked up, and told me not to forget the sanitary pads. She had told me I would have to wear one every day for a week, once a month. For the life of me I could not figure out why. Both the coach and Mom watched as I grabbed the package and tossed it into the basket.

"I'm looking forward to having Rachel on the squad this year. She's very talented, you know."

"Her father and I have to figure out a way to get her enrolled first."

"Didn't she tell you? I made all of the arrangements. All she has to do is sign in at the office and she will be given her class schedule."

"She must have forgotten in all of the excitement."

"I'm sure. Well, see you in school, Rachel. Bye!"

All day long I kept bumping my boobs, and twice more I used the bathroom. I was beginning to hate being a girl already. Every time I went to use the toilet I almost had to undress! The next day I had the stitches taken out and was able to wear a normal bra. I wore a size 36 A. Over the next few days Mom and I eased into a sort of compromise. I quit complaining about dressing this way, having boobs and so on, and she quit nagging me about being a lady. She did tell me that the way I sat down was like watching a sack of wet cement hit the chair, and I had to endure an hour of rising, then sitting, until she said I had it right. I got used to the heft of my breasts and the way they pulled at my skin when I walked, and I understood why girls need to wear a bra. I started to be able to do my own makeup without help, and I hate to say this, but I got used to sitting down to use the bathroom. Then, on Thursday morning, Mom and I went shopping and she told me to pick out a swimsuit I liked. I had to try on several before she agreed on one. She and I also bought several new bras and packages of panties. Then she took me to her salon and my hair was styled, set on a soft perm and I had my nails done.

As I watched the woman work on my hair I realized that I did look good. Better in fact than some of the girls I knew at school. I think that's when I simply accepted the way things are. My hair was dyed blonde, and a soft curl was set into it so it would almost always fall into place, yet I could brush it out in any of several different styles. My eyebrows were plucked just a bit to thin them out, and at my request, I had my ears pierced. I was still in the chair when I saw Valerie and her mother walk in. Of course, she saw me and immediately walked over and asked me if she could come over to my house later. I said yes. I had nothing to lose now, I was Rachel, and could prove it.

Mom and I left the salon, and as we walked along and I saw my reflection in the various windows and mirrors, I was constantly amazed at the way I looked. Not bad at all! My back went straight, my boobs stuck out, and I was smiling for the first time in a long time. I saw some boys from school watching me, and to tease them, began to sway my backside a bit more, just to see what would happen.

Of course, what happened is that Mom asked me if I was a tramp. When I sheepishly said no, she told me to quit walking like one. But for that brief moment I had tasted the thrill of having someone look at me with lust rather than distaste. It was an entirely new experience, and I loved it.

The minute we got home I went to my room and changed into the new suit. The dark green bikini bottoms fit perfectly, and the top, while covering me completely, left no doubt that I was a girl from head to toe. That's when I began to wonder about my thin beard. I still shaved, but only twice a week, which was still more than any girl I knew. But I didn't know how to get rid of a beard.

I still had the suit on when Valerie stopped by, so when Mom called me, I slipped on my gym shoes and walked down the stairs wearing it. For whatever reason, Valerie stared at me, then she and I walked out on the patio.

"I thought sure that you were my boyfriend, Adam! But I can see that you're not! He could never look like you do!"

Boy did I ever want to tell her how wrong she was, but that was impossible, and how could I prove it? No matter what I said, all she had to do was look at me and she would never believe me.

"Coach called me and told me that Heather fell and broke her arm in three places, and asked me to take her place! Isn't that great? We'll be going to camp together!"

"That's nice, Valerie."

Just then Dad walked out on the patio, and saw me in the bikini for the first time. Up to now, he had never seen my breasts or any sign of my new groin, and I heard him suck in his breath, but he recovered quickly, and told me to change, we were going out for dinner. I let Valerie out, then went to my room to change. Hanging on the door was a brand new dress and a pair of shoes on the floor. I took them all into my room, opened the bag, and saw the dress. It took me an hour to get ready, what with the shower, the close shave, then makeup, and then getting dressed. When I was done, I looked in the mirror and while one part of me wanted to cry, the rest was smiling. The light purple dress was what I now know as an Empire style, meaning that it had a round neck, a fitted bodice to just under my boobs, and hung straight down to my knees. The shoes were dyed to match, and the outfit also included earrings and a necklace of small pearls. Because of the perm, my hair popped right into place. I did my lips in a plum color, then used the new perfume on my dresser.

By now I wasn't the least bit worried at home, but I was still nervous outside the house. As I walked into the family room, I saw my parents, neighbors, and Valerie all sitting there!

"Since you and Valerie will be on the squad together, we thought it might be fun for you two girls to get to know each other better, and invited her to join us for dinner! And of course, you�ve met the Benson's."

So there I was, all dressed up, and the girl I did this for was sitting right there, smiling at me. She didn't seem to have a clue, but I could tell she was excited to make a new friend, me. I did my very best to smile, then got in the car next to Valerie. Dad drove with Mom beside him and our neighbors following along. Valerie was fairly quiet on the way over to the country club. Then, as we walked in, she became excited and pointed at a table.

"See those guys over there? I think the one with the blond hair is so cute! I've been trying to get his attention for a long time! Maybe he'll notice me tonight!"

She smiled at me, then pointed out that there was a boy there for me as well. This was just swell. Now my girlfriend was trying to set me up with a guy I've known all my life! My second thought was less friendly. If she had been trying to get Ben to take her out, where did that leave me? And why did I ever try out for the cheerleaders if she was going to dump me for him? I was dumber than I thought, but what could I do about it? I had a whole year--maybe more--yet to go as a girl--a cheerleader! If I were a girl, and Valerie was a girl, what could we have except similar likes? If I wasn't around as Adam, there wasn't any reason for her to stay true to me, and it didn't sound like she had planned to be true anyway. I was angry at both myself and her, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it, except�

Dinner was a pleasant affair, and both the Benson's and my parents always referred to me in a way that made it seem as if I had always been a girl, which Valerie seemed to accept. After dinner when the music started, Valerie excused herself to go to the restroom, but I noticed that she went via the table with the boys, and was swaying like an old car as she walked by them, obviously hoping to get their attention.

I remained at the table, and while she was gone, Ben--the guy she was after--walked over and asked me to dance! Not having ever danced with a boy, I was reluctant, but Mom told me to go ahead and go, so I let him take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. By the time Valerie returned, she had seen us dancing, and by the look on her face, she was furious. That's when I knew how to get back at her for wanting to dump me. I waited until I was sure she was looking, and when Ben pulled me closer to him, I let it happen. I played it up for Valerie�s benefit, but as I danced more closely with Ben, I noticed that he actually smelled pretty good. Even in heels he was taller than I was, and from my new vantage point, I realized he was kind of cute. As I felt his hand on my back pulling me closer, it also made me realize how very vulnerable I felt.

Gary, the other guy, had apparently asked Valerie to dance, and when I looked again, I saw that she was across the room from Ben and me. A bit later, Ben asked me if he could take me home, and I glanced over at Valerie.

"Gary drove his own car here. He lives in the wrong direction from me."

I was about to leap off a bridge, and I knew it, but also knew how much it would drive Valerie crazy.

"I'll have to ask. You�d better come, too."

Well, I asked, and Ben got that look all boys get when they want to take a daughter away from her parents. However, Dad finally said yes, telling me to be home no later than midnight, giving us about an hour and a half. That's a long time and everyone knew it. Ben and I danced a little bit more, then I grabbed my purse and we left. As expected, he stopped the car under a big tree by the fourth hole, and pulled me over and kissed me. When that happened I felt a shiver go down my back�was it fear or something else? He kissed me again, then again and again. By then I had simply given up and had lain back in the seat. That's when his hand found my breast. It never felt like that when I touched myself! Suddenly, I quickly pushed him away and told him to take me home. He clearly wasn�t happy with the idea, but I managed to get home without incident.

Neither Mom nor Dad asked me how I liked having a boy pay attention to me, but I had to admit that I kind of liked it. Fortunately, they were content to let the matter rest, and I didn�t bring it up.

During that next week, Mom and I went shopping several times so that I had everything I would need at the cheerleading camp. Sweats, shorts, more panties and two more bras, three nice skirts and blouses to match, a dress for church, and shoes. I also packed the sanitary pads as she instructed.

Mom and Dad both came along as I was assigned a room, and made sure I was settled in. It turned out that I was rooming with three other girls from our squad, although I didn�t know them very well before that day. We had our own bathroom, but there was a communal shower just down the hall.

After we were all situated, we met in a large auditorium and learned the rules. First, there were absolutely NO boys allowed in the dorms at any time. The second was the same as the first. There were others, but they made sure to emphasize the "no boys" rule, which I could tell didn�t sit too well with some of my fellow cheerleaders.

That night, two of my roommates stripped naked right in front of me, then grabbed a towel and sauntered over to the showers! I had always dreamed of seeing a bunch of naked girls in one place, but now I found the reality to be somewhat less exciting than the dream itself. Joining my roommates, I also stripped and walked naked to the shower. My eyes took in the variety of girls there. Boobs big and small, butts big and small, some round and some flat, others had trimmed their groins into shapes, like hearts or triangles. Twenty-two of everything, not including my own. Not one girl gave me a second look, including Valerie. She had an okay body I guess, but was something of a dud compared to some of the others. I showered carefully, half expecting the glue the doctor used on me to break away, but nothing happened at all.

We all wore shorts and tees the next day, as our training started. Our coach knew the truth about me, and also knew that I was stronger than most of the girls, so I was the one to flip the girls as they took a running jump. All day, every day, we practiced, and I began to see how snippy the girls really were. They talked about the other girls in ways I never imagined, and the four of us began to shower together, eat together, and--once--did even more. I was in my bed in the room I shared with Beth, when I felt her slip into my bed! I lay there wondering what she was up to when her hand fell on my breast. I lay perfectly still as her lips fell upon my nipple, then her tongue began to caress it. I was going crazy with all of the new sensations, and reached out for her breast. With almost no effort she pushed me down, then lowered her head between my legs, and started to kiss me there. When I touched myself it was like nothing at all, but when Beth kissed me, I felt my back arching, hoping to make her continue. Then, when it was my turn, I returned the favor. I never knew girls could do that! In the morning Beth got up and went to the shower as if nothing had happened at all! I brushed my teeth really well that day, then dressed in a short skirt and a tee, ready to start the practice.

I grew to believe that Valerie suspected something, but I was taking showers and so on with the other girls, which doubtless allayed her suspicions. Surely if I had been a male, they would have come and gotten me by now!

Every Saturday night they took us all out to eat at some fancy place, and let us loose for a few hours. I carefully watched and tried to mimic the other girls, so by the time camp was over, my mannerisms had developed to the point that there was no way anyone could ever say I was a boy.

When camp was over, the coach said she was very pleased with our efforts, and would see us all in school. Ben was with my parents when they came to get me. I was delighted to see him, and kissed him in broad daylight, right there in front of my parents and everybody. That garnered a few catcalls from the other girls, but I held on to Ben's hand to show everyone that he was mine.

My first day at school was easier, since every girl on the squad now knew me well, and they all knew that I was had a boyfriend. I had thought about that after Ben had kissed me that first night at the club. I looked like a girl, felt like a girl, acted like a girl, and to my great surprise, found that I liked being a girl. After two weeks of seeing naked girls every day, it no longer bothered me, and I started to want to be able to be exactly like them. I wanted to have periods and be able to have sex if I wanted to, with a boy, not a girl. That thing with Beth was very nice, and I would do it again, but she's a girl, and well, I wanted to be a real girl, with a real boy.

As always in a high school, we started pairing off right away, and of course, it was Ben and me. Gary and Valerie were still going out, but he was second on her list, but of course he didn�t know that.

Dad knew when I returned from camp that something had changed, and it had. I no longer felt awkward and unable to compete with the other girls. Initially he had thought of this as the honorable thing to do, but it had become far more than that�it was exactly the right thing for me. After seven weeks as a girl I liked it more than I ever imagined possible, and of course, having my own boobs, and what looked like a vagina, I was in effect a girl. Even the other girls had no clue to my real identity, and they could attest to the fact that I was as female as they were.

The coach never said much about it, even when she saw me naked that one time, but I knew that what my parents had made me do was beyond what she thought would happen. She probably thought I might try and fake it and end up getting caught, but that never happened. I was just another cheerleader on the squad.

Ben and I started going out after school, then he asked me out to a show. Dad almost swallowed his tongue when Ben showed up and took my hand as we left. Mom was grinning from ear to ear. We went out every weekend for about two months, then, once, when I was dressed for a game, we parked out by the lake. When his hand touched my breast I thought I would faint from the pleasure. His hand on my leg was moving north, and I let it. Then, he touched me and I exploded inside. I quickly moved away and he took me to the game. Afterwards, he and I went for a burger and a drink, then once again he took me to the lake. It was a passionate time as he managed to get his hand under my sweater, then under my bra, and cupped my right breast in his hand. I had never felt this way, and as he used his fingers on me, his other hand slipped between my legs.

I knew he was excited, and moved his hand out of the forbidden zone, and touched him. My feelings had all come to a point, and I had touched another boy, in lust. Quicker than a wink, he had his tool out, and my hand was wrapped around it. As he lay back, I stroked him. Then, in a fit of need, I bent over and kissed it. My lips just caressed the tip when my tongue flicked out. Ben was moaning, and I knew what I was going to do. Velvet over hardness, so familiar, yet so different, I let my lips surround him. Now there was no going back. I wouldn't even if I could anyway, and didn't feel bad that I had done that for Ben. Besides, I know of three other girls on the squad that have done the same thing for their guys. By the time he took me home, I was on cloud nine, and didn't care who knew it.

I told Mom the next day that I was not returning to my manhood. All she did was smile and tell me she knew that already! She also told me that Dad had finally figured it out when he saw Ben and I kissing on the front porch. And that was that.

I stayed on the squad until the end of the year, and Ben and I attended all of the fancy dinners they held. Then, when the Prom came along, I got a new dress of my own. The coach invited me to stay on and I accepted. That was last year. Now, as a Senior, I have a lot more latitude, and I am now the squad Captain. Ben and I still see each other, but he is going into the service when we graduate, so I'm sure that will fade away. All I know is that I love everything about being a girl, and cannot imagine my life any other way now. A prank? Maybe, but I love the punch line. Don't you?


� 2000

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