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Okay, here's something a little different. Here we have a series of stories written by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D. (a.k.a. "Dr. Psycho"), inspired by the story from Superman #349 in which Mr. Mxyzptlk imprisons Superman on an alternate Earth where everyone is of the opposite gender. This parallel world was never given a name in the comic, but in honor of the issue number (and no doubt with a nod to the old Earth-2 stories in the Silver Age DC comics), the good Doctor has christened this version "Earth-349."

As the disclaimers state, the stories are inspired by the original Superman story, but not limited by it, so you may notice some interesting twists on the heroes in addition to the gender switch. (And for that matter, a few appearances by some Marvel heroes, too.) So if you're heavily into character and story continuity this may not be for you. But if you're intersted in seeing some fun (and occasionally racy) pre-Crisis gender-switched DC heroines, look no further. <grin>

The Artwork

While I'm on the subject of giving credit, I also wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Adam Walters for allowing me to use his artwork on a number of these images. The pictures themselves were created by me from by blending artwork from a variety of comics, but Adam's artwork filled in for many "missing" heroines, such as the Atom, the Spectre, the Human Torch and Aquawoman. (I also co-opted the image of the Flash in the JLA image from the work of Jeff Whiting, another terrific artist.)


Earth-349: Batwoman
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

In this story, we're introduced to Batwoman, the dark defender of Gotham City on Earth-349. (And yes, in answer to your next question, Robin is still male. But look on the bright side: this way, having a male teenage sidekick isn't quite so unintentionally funny.) <grin>

The Atom

Earth-349: The Atom
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

Here we discover the Atom in trouble again, but Ray Palmer was never in a situation like this...

Fantastic Four

Earth-349: The Fantastic Four
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

Is this the end of the Fantastic Four?

The Flash Earth-349: The Flash
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

Caught by her enemy the Mirror Master, the Flash discovers that having a reputation for being a fast woman isn't necessarily the best thing in the world. <grin>
Green Lantern

Earth-349: Green Lantern
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

Trapped under the mental thrall of the evil Hector Hammond, the Emerald Warrior of Earth-349 has nobody to turn to...but what is Star Sapphire up to?

Crisis on Earth-348

Earth-349: Crisis on Earth-348
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

On their way to Coast City, Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans are waylaid by the Spectre, who has a new destination in mind for the young heroes.


Earth-349: Zatanna
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

When the magician Zatara crosses wands with another visiting sorcerer, he soon finds some changes taking place.


Earth-349: Catwoman
Submitted by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.

Here, we find Catwoman and Batwoman at odds again. However, this time when Batwoman gets the upper hand, she decides to take more drastic methods to set Catwoman on the straight and narrow path...

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