Thor, Goddess of Thunder

Loki pointing and laughing at the female ThorIt must be the hair.

I mean, when you consider comic book characters to potentially transform into women, the Norse god of thunder isn't one that generally leaps to mind. However, considering that Thor likes to wear his blond hair as long and loose as your average shampoo model´┐Żearning him the nickname "Goldilocks" from his teammates´┐ŻI guess he was kind of asking for it.

Thor as a womanIn this roundup of images featuring the Asgardian amazon, the majority come from an ongoing series of books told in an alternate future of the Marvel universe dubbed "Earth X." It's an epic story being told in three series of books (each about 12-15 books long): Earth X (now in trade paperback form), Universe X (ongoing), and the upcoming Paradise X. When the story started, Thor had already been transformed into a woman, the victim of his crafty brother Loki's schemes...apparently Loki managed to convince Odin that Thor needed another lesson in humility, and turning him into a woman would do the trick. (Little brothers are such a pain.) Unfortunately, since the epic spans the entire Marvel universe, Thor is something of a bit player, and only pops up from time to time.

The other two stories are taken from Marvel's "What If" books, suggesting alternatives if either Jane Foster (the girlfriend of Thor's human alter ego, Don Blake) or Rogue (late of the X-Men) had inherited the powers of the god of thunder. In these instances, Thor becomes a woman because his "host body" (for lack of a better term) is female. However, since the womens' personalities remain in control, they don't see anything wrong with that, but it does make for a few interesting moments when the "son of Odin" drops in on Asgard...

Thor flying with the young Captain Mar-vellEarth X
Earth X #1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 (All collected in Earth X trade paperback)
Earth X Special Edition (Shipped with Wizard #77)
Universe X #0, 5-11, X
Universe X: Beasts
Universe X: Cap
Universe X Omnibus
Universe X Sketchbook
Paradise X Preview

Covers and Posters

Earth X TPB Cover
Earth X TPB
Earth X Poster 1
Earth X Poster
(Classic Heroes
Earth X Poster 2
Earth X Poster
(Earth X Heroes)
Earth X #5 Cover
Earth X #5
Universe X #7 Cover
Universe X #7

Earth X Images

  1. Character design for "Thor, Goddess of Thunder"
  2. Alternate character sketch (and one by the author's mom!)
  3. Goldilocks seems a more appropriate nickname these days
  4. Loki has some fun at Thor's expense
  5. Thor and the Hulk go on a dangerous mission
  6. Our heroine charges into action
  7. Thor and the Hulk are back, and they aren't happy
  8. Confrontation with a traitor

Universe X Images

  1. Sketch drawing
  2. Cryptic story foreshadowing on the moon
  3. Saying goodbye to an old friend
  4. At Cap's funeral
  5. The voice of reason
  6. Loki needs a hug
  7. Raiders of the lost ark?
  8. Thor calls down some lightning
  9. Conversation on the moon
  10. "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  11. An offer to help
  12. Can a goddess lose her faith?
  13. Thor by candlelight?
  14. A conversation with the Supreme Intelligence
  15. More fun on the moon
  16. New gender, new vocabulary
  17. Back in the big apple in time to face trouble again
  18. Thor has some issues with Loki
  19. Rescuing Mar-vell
  20. Can't blame Loki for everything, I guess
  21. Happy ending? That depends on your definition...

Paradise X Images

  1. Looks like things will be getting back to normal...

What If #10 Cover ImageWhat If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer of Thor?
What If? Vol.1 #10

  1. A heroine is born
  2. What kind of conditioner do you use?
  3. Girl power?
  4. Loki (in disguise) meets his new sister
  5. Sibling rivalry
  6. Later, Loki tries to sneak a peek into his sister's diary
  7. Welcome to Asgard
  8. Daddy isn't happy
  9. Thor, you look great! Whatcha doing Friday night?
  10. ...and stay out!
  11. A new twist on a familiar scene
  12. So, if Thor were a woman, pretty much nothing would be different...
  13. Meanwhile, Lady Sif goes looking for her lost love
  14. Thordis in action (and no helmet hair, either!)
  15. "Thanks for saving all of creation. Now give me the hammer."
  16. Odin makes a move on a woman he used to think was his son. Next on Springer...
  17. Happy endings

What If #66 Cover ImageWhat If Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor?

What If? Vol. 2 #66

Okay, this one needs a little setup. This particular "What If" scenario takes place back when Rogue was one of the bad guys, hanging out with Mystique and the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. At the time, Rogue was heading over to help break out her comrades, but ran into some trouble on the way...

  1. Rogue's on a rampage
  2. Delusions of grandeur?
  3. Rogue's feeling much better now
  4. Soooo...she must be Thor, right?
  5. Yep, that's what we figured
  6. Getting hit on by the Blob...that's every woman's dream
  7. ...with predictable results
  8. The family reunions must be a hoot
  9. Under Loki's spell, Rogue kicks some Asgardian butt
  10. I can't kill him...he looks like Santa!
  11. Be Thor? Well, okay...
  12. Can you say "mismatch?"
  13. Odin's just a big softie at heart
  14. What do you suppose it costs to engrave uru?
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