Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen #67, 84, 95, 159; Bah, Hembeck! #4, Real Girl #6

Jimmy dressed as a girl putting on lipstickPop quiz time. Which of the following phrases can be used to describe Jimmy Olsen, the long-time supporting character from the Superman comics?

a. Ace photographer for the Daily Planet
b. Master of disguise
c. Superman's pal
d. Closet crossdresser
e. All of the above

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm biased. He's certainly had quite a few adventures over the years, (both with and without the big guy in the cape), and given his "master of disguise" talents, I suppose it was inevitable that he'd masqerade as a girl a time or two. On the other hand, he's done it more than a few times, he keeps a stash of women's clothes with a few different outfits, and he passes as a girl so well that he gets hit on by guys. DC Comics might disagree with me, but if the high heel fits...

Labels aside, however, Jimmy has had a few adventures in skirts. Presented here are four complete stories from the Jimmy Olsen comic featuring the young photographer showing his feminine side.

Jimmy throws his wig on Perry's deskLeslie Lowe, Girl Reporter!
Jimmy Olsen #67, March 1963

After quitting his job at the Daily Planet, Jimmy enters the job market to discover that the only positions he can find are for girls. He disguises himself as "Leslie Lowe" and returns to the Planet, planning to screw things up so badly that Perry White will jump at the chance to hire him back as Jimmy. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned...

  1. Flirting with the enemy?
  2. Looks like the Hamburglar ditched Ronald and opened up his own restaurant
  3. "Don't call me 'chief!' You know I prefer 'my liege!'"
  4. Dustin Hoffman would get the same idea 20 years later
  5. Jimmy unveils his plan for getting re-hired
  6. Jimmy must be wearing his lucky panties or something...
  7. Interesting how Lois and Jimmy wear the same size dress
  8. "Gee, Jimmy, we just figured you liked dressing that way..."
  9. At least he learned an important lesson

A familiar redheaded girl being gawked at by boysJimmy Olsen's Female Fan!
Jimmy Olsen #84, April 1965

Yes, it's true...Jimmy Olsen has a fan club. (I guess this is for the guys who couldn't make it into the Superman fan club.) Anyway, after the current president of the club moves away, a contest is held to replace him. But in the meantime, the members are faced with the most alien and terrifying thing they've ever encountered´┐Ża girl!

  1. It's like a 21 gun salute for geeks...
  2. I'm getting the impression that these guys don't get out very much
  3. "I also learned that snakes and lizards are attracted by Thin Mint cookies."
  4. "You know, these pictures of Superman and Clark look awfully similar..."
  5. It must be the real watch...nobody could fake that inscription!
  6. I wonder if Bizarro Jimmy wears dresses...
  7. "Jimmy also likes to wear dresses, so you have to start wearing them, too!"
  8. Sadly, they run into the Lex Luthor fan club and get beaten up...

Jimmy in a dress getting noticed by guysMiss Jimmy Olsen!
Jimmy Olsen #95, September 1966

Jimmy goes undercover as a showgirl to track down some stolen jewels. Unfortunately, his disguise is too good, as "Julie" catches the eye of one of the gangsters...

(Note that this comic was already on the site under the "Other Heroines" section, but I've also included it here for completeness.)

  1. Work it, Jimmy!
  2. "This is strictly a brainstorm..." Oh, who are you trying to kid? <grin>
  3. He does have cute legs...
  4. Who's up for monkey in the middle?
  5. "And while she's asleep, I can also try on that cute outfit of hers..."
  6. Jimmy's got a BOY-friend! Jimmy's got a...
  7. Oh, sure...get the monkey all worked up, why don't you?
  8. "It's not an adam's apple...I just swallowed a golf ball."
  9. Not only is Jimmy wearing heels around the apartment, but he also wears the dress to work...

Jimmy getting dressed as a girlThe Day They Unmasked Mr. Action
Jimmy Olsen #159, August 1973

Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Jimmy finds himself on the run from the law, searching for the one-armed man who... Oh, wait, sorry. This one just has him dressing up like a girl to avoid the cops. <grin>

  1. What the heck kind of line-up is that?
  2. These unsubstantiated rumors are good enough for me!
  3. Those white boots are going to be tough to clean...
  4. Attaboy, Jimmy! Hit 'em with your purse!
  5. Rookie mistake, Olsen! Your belt didn't match your shoes!
  6. "And by the way, Olsen, you owe me for that window you broke."
  7. Actually, that would be Ms. Action...

Black and white drawing of Jimmy getting dressedSuperman's Favorite Transvestite, Jimmy Olsen
Bah, Hembeck! #4
Submitted by Bunnyman

Here's an amusing little find. Apparently, Fred Hembeck had also noticed Jimmy's predisposition for dressing up, and put together a few pages highlighting the photographer's adventures in drag. The stories are all presented above, but the commentary makes this a fun read.

  1. Jimmy may be funnier than Jerry Lewis, but he's not as popular in France
  2. Personally, I would have liked to have seen the "casting couch dalliance"
  3. The courtship ritual begins
  4. Pucker up, buttercup
  5. Maybe it was just a casual Friday
  6. Later, he'll sing a few bars of "I Enjoy Being A Girl"
  7. Not exactly a strenuous job interview
  8. Good thing he didn't decide to take a shower
  9. Does this mean you won't be dressing like this from now on?

Cover of Real Girl #6Stupergal's Slave, Jimmy Ogler
Real Girl #6

In this short parody piece, we discover that while "Stupergal" is away on a mission, Jimmy proceeds on a mission of his own involving her costume...

  1. Careful, Jimmy....those uniforms are marked "dry clean only"
  2. I wonder if Steve Trevor ever did this with Wonder Woman's uniforms
  3. Caught in the act!
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