Lusiphur ("Lucy")

Poison Elves #35-39

"Lucy" having trouble with heels"Lucy" with arms foldedSome people just have no sense of humor.

Take the elf Lusiphur, for instance. Okay, he's a tough-as-nails thief and mercenary with a short fuse and an itchy trigger finger. But one little misunderstanding, and he goes and flies off the handle, killing a sorceress just because she accidentally turned him into a woman. Talk about poor coping skills.

In his defense, he had been having kind of a tough day...the entire city guard was after both Luse and his friend Jace. Cornered and trapped, they were suddenly saved by a strange sorceress who offers to help them. Luse is naturally suspicious, and declines. (It turns out he was right to be worried...she had been sent to use her feminine wiles to "tempt" him.) So, since he's reluctant to trust her, she decides to cast a love spell on him. Unfortunately, something goes awry and Luse finds himself transformed into "Lucy."

Luse has some difficulty adapting to his new situation, but Jace, ever the steadfast friend and comrade-in-arms treats the situation with complete discretion and utmost seriousness.

Oh, sure he does. <grin>


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Initial Transformation

  1. Introductions--what do you want?
  2. Luse remains skeptical
  3. The sorceress makes her move
  4. Okay...what's so funny?
  5. Jace remains quietly supportive, and Luse makes a discovery
  6. The teasing continues
  7. Changing back isn't an option
  8. Jace's commentary isn't appreciated
  9. Luse overreacts just a teensy little bit
  10. So...let's state the obvious, shall we?

Encounter at the Choking Goat Inn

  1. Assessing the situation
  2. Luse gets some unwanted attention
  3. "Lucy's" admirer gets more bold
  4. You know, he is cute when he's mad
  5. Confrontation with an idiot
  6. This guy's a real winner
  7. Lucy makes an intriguing proposal
  8. Starting to see where this is going?
  9. can't be dangerous and cute?
  10. Confident, poised and forceful...
  11. ...for few steps, anyway.
  12. Pondering the deeper mysteries
  13. Even more good news

The Adventures of the Purple Marauder

  1. Looking for an escape route
  2. Luse gets to thinking
  3. An unexpected development
  4. I guess Midol hadn't been invented yet
  5. Just call Jace "Mr. Sympathy"
  6. Encountering some old friends
  7. Not the most observant bunch, are they?
  8. The Purple Marauder arrives...hide your daughters
  9. Isn't he a charmer?
  10. As much as this pains me...
  11. Marauder picked the wrong time of the month to mess with Luse
  12. I'll bet he's got that "not so fresh" feeling, too
  13. Impulse control isn't the Marauder's vocabulary
  14. A little beauty sleep
  15. Sleeping beauty awakes
  16. Luse looks for revenge
  17. The Purple Marauder becomes black and blue as well
  18. Oops.

Escape From Mandratha

  1. Lucy uses her feminine wiles
  2. Vamping it up
  3. A fight breaks out
  4. Chaos reigns
  5. The spell is lifted
  6. Aftermath
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