Brigade #27 (Planned, never released)
Chapel #4
Glory #8, 13, 14
Knightmare #7 (Planned, never released)
Newmen #20
Prophet Babewatch Special #1
Supreme #36 (Brief, at end), 37
Youngblood #3

In late 1995, Image comics decided to really cash in on the whole "bad girl" trend in comics (more so than usual, anyway) by briefly turning many of their male heroes into women. Called "Extreme Babewatch," this event was kicked off in Youngblood, where Glory's nemesis Diablolique takes revenge on Glory (and men in general) by turning every man Glory had ever met into a woman. (At the very least I imagine this would make it more difficult for Glory to get a date on Friday night.)

The event only lasted the one month so there weren't many lasting effects, but it ran through many of the Image titles, significantly raising their cheesecake quota for the month. (No mean feat for Image comics, believe me.)

Babewatch Covers

NewMen - Reign
NewMen - Team
Youngblood - Cougar
Youngblood - Knightsabre
Youngblood - Shaft
Youngblood - Team
Glory #8 Cover
Glory #8

Babewatch Images

Youngblood Images

  1. The team gets transformed
  2. Setting priorities
  3. Brahma and Cougar change
  4. Diablolique knows how to make her own fun
  5. The effects of the spell are widespread
  6. The Youngblood "girls" have trouble adapting
  7. No good news

Supreme Images

  1. Supreme and Kid Supreme change
  2. Kid Supreme checks himself out
  3. Supreme and Kid Supreme, still in shock
  4. Kid Supreme's got his priorities straight
  5. Supreme overreacts
  6. Confusion reigns
  7. Charlie got transformed, too
  8. Supreme adopts a new outfit awfully quickly
  9. Kid Supreme is so cute when she's confused
  10. The identity crisis is solved
  11. Turns out "Lady Supreme" was a woman all along

Other Images

  1. Knightmare
  2. NewMen team shot
  3. Prophet
  4. Prophet, surfing the timestream

Babewatch Aftershocks

  1. Babewatch fallout - Task becomes a woman again
  2. Task explains what happened
  3. Diablolique isn't to blame this time
  4. Task checks in with the team
  5. A royal command
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