Knights of the Dinner Table

Bob explains his new characterIf you've ever done any roleplaying, then you're probably already familiar with the popular "Knights of the Dinner Table" comic. For those of you who aren't yet familiar with the phrase, "fireballs coming on-line!" (or for those of you who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about), the comic depicts a gaming group sitting around a table playing their favorite "Hackmaster" characters.

Trust me, this is funnier than it sounds. <grin>

Here we have two different perspectives on one of the Knights' adventures. In one, the gaming group is coerced by Sarah�the only woman in the group�into playing female characters when she runs the game for an evening. Things go predictably badly as the feminine roles do nothing do diminish the hack-and-slash mentality of the group. (Although one of the members does become quite attached to his new character, much to the discomfort of his fellow gamers.)

Bobarello makes her appearanceThe second story is a different take on the same tale, but this time told from the perspective of the characters being played by the Knights. This story, inspired in large part by the one above, kicks things off with a magical gender change when the female member of the group transforms her comrades after being continually slighted by their sexist comments. Needless to say, the guys don't appreciate this too much...nor do they seem inclined to learn anything from the experience. (Although, as in the story above, one of the characters does take a liking to her new situation...)

Let the GM Be a Lady Tonight!
Knights of the Dinner Table #10
Reprinted in Knights of the Dinner Table "Bundle of Trouble" Vol. 4

  1. The guys show a little reluctance to playing their new characters
  2. They're so cute when they play hard to get
  3. A disturbing new perspective on the oldest profession
  4. The subtle art of feminine seduction
  5. Nudging the group back on track (I guess...)
  6. Some good ideas, some bad ideas, some really bad ideas...
  7. Hey...let's not be too hasty...

Takin' Out Bobarello

Knights of the Dinner Table #12
Reprinted in Knights of the Dinner Table "Bundle of Trouble" Vol. 4

  1. Bobarello must die!
  2. Bob gets a little carried away

KoDT Illustrated #8 CoverThe illustrated story
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated #8

  1. Battle lines are drawn in the battle of the sexes
  2. What's good for the goose...
  3. The guys don't take it too well
  4. Female trouble?
  5. Some new career possibilities
  6. Knuckles starts getting a little too much into character
  7. They may be women...but they're definitely not ladies
  8. No, you don't want to know
  9. She's so easy
  10. Hell hath no fury...
  11. Pucker up!
  12. Finally, a good idea (they were bound to have one eventually!)
  13. The most shocking part is she wants to be called "Bobarello" <grin>
  14. A great evil has been unleashed
  15. She certainly knows how to make an entrance
  16. Zayre gets pushed too far
  17. Don't worry...I'm sure they'll resurrect him
  18. Not exactly a happy ending
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