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Modified "Men Are From Mars..." cover

Jerry Springer's Book Club
TV Guide, February 19, 2000

Noting the increasing power of Oprah's Book Club, this humorous article explores some possibilities if Jerry Springer were to follow suit.

Guy wearing a blonde wig and baseball cap
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Baseball Tonight Ads
Entertainment Weekly, #537/8, 4/28 - 5/5/2000

A couple of advertisements for ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" show, featuring guys playing the girls' parts in a couple of famous baseball movies.

Drawing of a blonde woman

A Whole New Ball Game
1970's Oui Magazine
Contributed anonymously

So if it's a whole new ball game, what team is she playing on now?

Jim Carrey as two different characters

Jim Carrey: Multiple Maniac
Entertainment Weekly, #546, 6/23/2000

For the movie "Me, Myself and Irene", Jim Carrey plays a character with a split personality. In this picture that accompanied an Entertainment Weekly article, we see him playing several different characters...

Pat Sajak dressed like Vanna White

If Looks Could Kill
TV Guide, September 9, 2000

Here are some of what TV Guide considers to be potentially fashion moves for various television series. (Although if they're against crossdressing, why do they call themselves TV Guide? <grin>)

That's Entertoonment
TV Guide, September 23, 2000

Perhaps the most shocking (and unlikely) Springer episode of all.

Man following a blonde woman

Do blondes have more fun?
Mad Magazine July 1963, Annual 1965
Contributed by Christiane

A spoof of the old Clairol ads that features "Lady Clinic Plastic Surgeons."

Girl in baseball cap entering men's room
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Boy For A Day
Seventeen, March 2000

A short article from Seventeen magazine where a teenage girl goes undercover as a boy for a day.


Julianna Margulies dressed as a man
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My Day As A Man
Marie Claire Oct. 1998, Vol. 5 Issue 10

Juilanna Margulies (of "ER" fame) is disguised as a man to spend a day finding out what it's like to be a guy. "I'll be the only man at the bar wearing a black G-string," she observes. (I bet she'd be surprised. <grin>)

For a little male-to-female quid pro quo, you can hop on over to this page which features George Clooney's performance as a lip-synching transvestite in "The Harvest." There's a picture and even short video clip. (Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" will never seem quite the same for me.)

Woman dressed as man putting something in her pants
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My Life As A Man
GQ, August 2001

Author Elizabeth Gilbert goes undercover, discovering that "it takes a lot more than a bag of birdseed to make a man." <grin>

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