Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive

Welcome to the archive! Over the years I've managed to collect a number of books, comics and media relating to transformation and gender change, so I figured it would be nice to provide a forum where others can enjoy them as well. (Just think of it as a library without the musty smell.)

Many thanks go to Paul Pichette for putting together the Gender Change Fiction List which gave me leads on many of the things on display here. (Thanks also to eBay for providing a mechanism to actually acquire a lot of them.)

But for now, sit back, relax, and browse the archive. And please, let me know what you think!


- Jenny North

Comic Books
Images of transgender heroines from the comics

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Comic strips and illustrations with TG themes

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Characters, items and adventures

Books & Magazines
Images from books, magazines and other media

TG stories taken from various media sources

Miscellaneous images and items that don't fit into the other categories

Modified Images
Comics, magazines and pictures which I've modified to give a TG spin

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A listing of the updates and modifications to the site

Last Update: 3/28/2016

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